Pachu Stone

Pachu stone is another name for the popular Emerald gem. Green Emeralds are one of the most influential and dynamically powerful gemstones of all time. In different regions, the emeralds are known by different names. Like in India, in the Hindi language, they are known as the Panna Ratna or Panna Stone. Other names by which the gem is known are Markat Mani Stone, Marakatam, Marakatha Stone, and Haritmani.

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Pachu Gemstone

The Emerald stone or Pachu stone has immense significance. The stone is durable as well as has many astonishing properties. The hardness of Pachu stone is around 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s scale which makes it a pretty hard-wearing gemstone. Along with it, the stone looks beautiful. It comes in hues of dark green and have a transparency with shimmer which makes it a perfectly beautiful gem. Because of the alluring look of the Pachu stone, this stone is often seen worn by celebrities and influential people in the form of jewelry.

Although, the original Pachu Stone's meaning lies in the astrological significance and metaphysical properties of the stone. The stone is known as a Navratan. Since ancient times, it is believed the Navratans (the nine gems) are the most powerful gemstones with extremely positive energies that benefit the wearers in many ways.

Pachu gemstone is known as the gem of growth, renewal, royalty, and communication. Panna or Pachu rashi ratan enhances creativity and concentration powers in the user as well. The ruling planet of the Pachu stone is Mercury which is the planet of communication and intellect. When a person wears the gem Pachu, they will get the blessings of Mercury and so they will get the positive traits of Mercury. This includes bringing linguistic skills and imaginative powers to the person.

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The Pachu stones are found all over the world and once they are mined, they are treated and cut. You can choose a gemstone according to its origin, cut, clarity, and carat (weight). Origins of Pachu stones are Columbia, Russia, Zambia, Scotland, Pakistan, etc. The best or premium quality of Pachu stones are the ones which are found in Columbia.

Benefits Of Wearing Pachu Stone

Wearing a Pachu Stone will give you many advanatges. The stone is in association with the planet Mercury. The energies of the gemstone will bring you many dynamics, filling your life with positivity and increasing your standards of living.

Know all the Benefits of Pachu Stone here:

  • The self-confidence of the wearer will enhance. The gem will assist the person believe in themself and be more expressionable.
  • Pachu stone will instill hope and liveliness in the wearer’s life.
  • With the blessings of Mercury, the stone is known to enhance the communication skills of the individuals who wear it.
  • It will fill your life with prosperity and success. The energies of the Pachu stone will help you achieve your goals.
  • Increasing the focus of the person is another benefit of wearing a Pachu stone.
  • The gem is very beneficial for people like researchers and writers since the Pachu stone will increase the memory of the individuals. It will also increase intellect, knowledge, and wisdom.
  • Pachu stone brings love and warmth to the close relationships of the wearer. It promotes loyalty. Alongside, the gem is known to bring love to the user.
  • Pachu gemstones or emeralds are also known to activate the heart chakra energy center in the wearer. This chakra when aligned will open your feelings of love, forgiveness, compassion, and warmth.

Healing Properties of a Pachu Stone

Pachu stone benefits also include healing the person emotionally and physically. The gemstone brings soothing and healing vibes to the person. When a person is constantly within the positive aura of the emerald, the energies will affect the person’s well-being, aiding the person to heal faster.

Emotional Health Benefits of the Pachu Stone

  • Helps to sleep better.
  • Heals any accident injury
  • Assists in overcoming traumas
  • Decreases Negative or overthinking
  • Reduces confusion and stress
  • Increases self-reliant behaviour

Physical Health Benefits of the Pachu Stone

  • Cures lung-related diseases.
  • Strengthens the heart and treats any related ailments.
  • Provides relief from skin allergies.
  • Aids ears and eyes problems.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Treat any problems related to internal organs like the liver, kidney, and gallbladder.

As per ancient beliefs, the Pachu stone is also very beneficial for pregnant women. The stone protects the mother and the child as well as helps the women with labor.

Who Should Wear Pachu Stone?

Pachu gemstone is a stone that should not be worn without proper knowledge or consultation. The gem has energies which can be harmful for some people because their birth chart will not support the gemstone. If the gem is not suitable for you to wear as per your Kundli then you should avoid wearing it.

But Who can use Pachu stone?

A natural Pachu stone is in association with the Mercury planet aka Buddh Grah. As per the astrological experts or Pandits, people who have the planet Mercury in a negative position in their birth chart should wear the Pachu Stone. Wearing a genuine Panna or Pachu will remove the negative effects of Mercury planet and bring its blessings. Individuals who want to gain the characteristics as the blessings of the Mercury should wear a natural Pachu stone with proper ritual or Vedic pooja procedure.

Pachu Stone For Which Rashi?

The gem is suitable for some zodiac signs because of their birth time since zodiac signs are as per the birth timing. As per the astrology, Mercury will be positioned in a positive way for the sun signs Virgo and Gemini, and hence, Pachu stone will be a lucky gemstone for these zodiacs.

How To Wear A Pachu Stone Properly?

How do you wear Pachu Stone will affect the energies you will get from this gemstone. The stone have immense energies but the energies should be redirected towards you with proper rituals. Performing the complete process of activating the Pachu stone will remove the negative energies that the stone might be containing, earlier before it reached you. Also, you will get the maximum benefits of Pachu stone when you wear it after purification and energization.

Green Natural Pachu gemstones are astrological powerful gemstones. Therefore, it is essential that you consult with an astrologer to ensure the stone is suitable for you to wear. You should also ask the expert astrologer or Pandits the weight of the stone you should wear and the form you should wear the gem in.

Which Form Can I Wear the Pachu Stone In?

You should wear the gem in such a way that the gem is always in contact with you so that its energies keep flowing through you. You can wear a Pachu stone bracelet or a Pachu Stone ring. You can also wear the stone in the form of a pendant.

Metal to Wear the Pahcu Stone In?

The Pachu stone should be worn in Gold or Silver. You can also wear it in Pachdhatu (5 Metal Alloy).

Best Day & Time to Wear a Pachu Gemstone

The best day to wear a Pachu stone is a Wednesday. The best time to wear the gem is early morning hours.

Which Finger to Wear a Pachu Stone In?

If you are wearing a Pachu stone in the form of a ring then you should wear it in the little finger of your working hand.

Purification Method for Pachu Stone

To purify or cleanse the Pachu stone or jewelry, take a metal bowl and keep you gem in it. Now add the following ingredients one by one into the bowl and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Ghee
  • Honey
  • Raw Milk
  • Tulsi
  • Gangajal

Now, take your stone and rinse it with clean water, pat it dry with clean cloth.

Vedic Pooja Process for Pachu Stone

To activate your Pachu stone, first purify the gem by the procedure mentioned above. Then to energize your pachu stone, chant the mantra of the Pachu stone 108 times, and while you are reciting the mantra for the last time, take your stone and wear it.

Emerald Gemstone Mantra


“Om Bum Budhay Namah”

What Is The Original Pachu Stone Price?

Pachu or Emerald gems are expensive gemstones because of their astrological significance and beauty. There is always a demand for Pachu stone in the market. But the price of the pachu stone depends on a number of factors.

Mostly, the price of Pachu stone per carat in dollars ranges between $51.35 - $868.14. Although, you should know the factors that can change the Pachu gem price.

The aspects that vary the cost of the Pachu Stone are as follows:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat
  • Origin
  • Quality

All these factors will change the price range of the Pachu stone.

The stone is available in different cuts and cutting the stone needs years of practice and precision, hence the more precise and fine a cut of Pachu stone will be, the more it will cost.

The Pachu stone naturally comes with inclusions and so rare Pachu gems are clearer. Hence, the price of Pachu stone with more clarity will be higher.

The color of the Pachu stone is deep green, so when a stone has a lighter hue, the value of Pachu stone decreases.

Pachu Stone weight is measured in Carats and Ratti, the more weight the higher the price.

But the one factor that matters the most is the quality of the Pachu stone. And the origin is one of the measures of how quality is measured. Pachu stones from the Columbia origin are known for their premium quality. And so their amount is mostly the highest.

Pachu stone price in India per ratti ranges between Rs. 3,950.00 - Rs. 66,780.00. The Colombian emerald price in India starts from a good amount of INR 5000 and goes up to INR 40,000 per carat.

People also ask:

Que. Does Pachu means Panna Stone? Or Is Panna and Pachu same?

Ans. Yes. Pachu is another name for the Panna stone.

Que. Which planet is Pachu for?

Ans. The ruling planet for the Pachu gemstone is Mercury, also known as Buddha Grah.

Que. Is Pachu stone expensive?

Ans. The Pachu stone of the best quality will be expensive. But the stone can be found in pretty moderate amounts as well.

Que. What is the Pachu stone called in English?

Ans. The Pachu stone is called the Emerald stone in English.

Que. Where can I Buy Pachu stone online at the best price?

Ans. You should buy Pachu gemstones from a reliable and trustworthy source like Rashi Ratan Bhagya, where you will get original Pachu stones of the best quality with lab certification, online at the best price.