About Gemstone Names

The origin of most gemstone names is fascinating. They often come from Latin or Greek words that describe some quality of the gems. Sometimes, they are named after the location where they were found or the person who first recognized them.

We have compiled an extensive list of crystals and gemstones in alphabetical order. You can click on the images of gemstones to learn more about them and see their amazing collection. Our catalog includes pictures of each gemstone from different perspectives and a high-definition video of the front and back to give you a realistic shopping experience.

Different Types of Gemstones List

Gemstones are classified into different groups, varieties, and species based on their makeup, value, use, and cut. Here you can see a simple classification of different kinds of gemstones that we offer on our website. At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, we have a quality collection of the most common to the rarest gemstones to cater to different customer needs.

List of Gemstones by Species

This list sorts gemstones by what they are made of.

Organic Gemstones - These gems are made of fossilized living things or organic material that came from a living body. Pearl, Red Coral, Amber, and White Coral are the most popular organic gemstones.

Minerals - These are lovely crystals that are not made of living things. They are shaped and shined to make different kinds of gems. They are known for their chemical makeup, unique color, shine, hardness, and special marks and lines (inclusions) inside them. E.g. – Sapphire, Emerald, etc.

Rocks - Some rare and pretty rocks are also seen as gemstones even though they are not minerals. People shape and refine these stones to create sparkling crystals and soothing pebbles that can be used for healing purposes, crafting ornaments, or keeping them as collections. For example, Obsidian, Bloodstone, and so on.

List of Gemstones by Value

Precious - Precious stones are gemstones that have a high value and beauty because they are very rare and unique. There are only four kinds of precious gemstones - Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond. You can find out more about their quality, meanings, and price here.

Semi-precious - All the other kinds of gemstones are called semi-precious gemstones. This does not mean that they are cheap gemstones. It is because they are more common in nature.

List of Gemstone based on Cut

Faceted gemstones - These are the kinds of gems that have cuts or facets on their surface to make them more shiny and bright. The gemstones that have good transparency and clarity are usually cut to make faceted gems.

Cabochon gemstones - A cabochon (also called a ‘Cab’) is a gem with a smooth and polished round or oval top and a flat or slightly curved base. Gemstones that are opaque or semi-translucent are often shaped as cabochons.

Calibrated gemstones - These are the kinds of gemstones that are cut to a standard size to fit the needs of the commercial jewelry industry.

List of Gemstones by Purpose

Gemstones have different uses and meanings for different people. Some people use gemstones to show their love, while others use them to deal with the problems of life. Some people find gemstones a good way to invest. Here, we have classified various kinds of stones and gems based on their use or purpose.

Astrological Gemstones - Gemstones have a lot of importance in Indian astrology and are related to different planets. Wearing a gemstone can help to get the benefits of the specific planet that it represents. For example, Ruby is linked to the planet Sun.

Healing gemstones - Many gemstones and crystals are believed to have the power to heal the wearer’s body, mind, and soul. These stones and crystals can have positive effects when placed in the right chakra. For example, Spinel, Moldavite, and so on.

Jewellery Gemstones - These are the colorful gems that are mainly used to make ornaments more beautiful. While any gem can adorn an object, Jewellery Gemstones are ordinary gems that are exclusively used for crafting jewelry. For example, Morganite, Kunzite, Tsavorite, and so on.

Collection gemstone - Sometimes, customers (gem lovers or collectors) ask for rare and unusual gems. Our gemologists take special care of such requests and do not hesitate in exploring the world’s difficult places to find an amazing collection of rare and unique gemstones for collection purposes like the No No oil Emerald, Kashmir Blue Sapphires, Pigeon Blood Burmese Rubies, and so on.

List of Gemstones by Colors

The chemical and crystal makeup of a gem determines its hue. Each gem has a unique amount of trace elements that give it a distinctive shade. The range of colors in different gems is so vast that no single word can describe every nuance. At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, you can find authentic gems in more than 500 different color variations, mixes, and tints.

We have made a gem chart based on their color groups for your convenience.

Red Gemstones - Ruby, Garnet, Red Hessonite, Red Coral etc.

Blue Gemstones - Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Kyanite, Blue Zircon, Blue Moonstone, Lapiz Luzuli, Iolite, etc.

Green Gemstones - Emerald, Peridot, Jadeite Jade, Malachite, Green Onyx, Green Sapphire, etc.

Yellow Gemstones - Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Topaz, etc.

Brown Gemstones - Hessonite, Sun Stone, Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz, etc.

Black gemstones - Black onyx

White Gemstone - Opal, Pearl, Moonstone, White Coral, etc.

Colourless Gemstones - White Sapphire, White Zircon White Topaz, etc.

Bicolour or Multicoloured Gemstones - Pitambari Sapphire, Sulemani Hakik, Ametrine, etc.