Rudraksha Siddha Mala

Rudraksha Siddha Mala

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Rudraksha Siddha Mala – Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

Rudraksha Siddha Mala

Before we know what is Japa mala, it is important to understand what japa itself is! Well, japa is the focused repetition of specific mantras. Mala is the string of beads that is used for counting the number of repetitions. However, it is important to mention that japa malas are made for better focus and recitation of mantras rather than to keep just a count of repetition of mantras. Japa malas can be made of various types of beads. A siddha mala is also a type of japa mala and is one of the most sought after japa mala among various other options. You can also use a rudraksha japa mala but the rudraksha siddha mala is surely considered as the best available option. A rudraksha siddha mala is the mala made of rudraksha beads of various mukhis strung together. The siddha mala can be found broadly in 3 categories including 2-14 mukhi ones known as the siddha mala, 2-16 mukhi ones known as sarva siddha mala and 2-18 mukhi ones known as supreme sarva siddha malas. Wearing a natural rudraksha siddha mala has amazing benefits and thus, one should always buy certified rudraksha siddha mala. You can buy original rudraksha siddha mala at Rashi Ratan Bhagya!

What are the benefits of wearing Rudraksha Siddha Mala?

The main siddha mala benefits include the wonderful healing powers. One can enjoy the healing effects and other siddha mala rudraksha benefits in form of a controlled and healed body, mind and soul. While the rudraksha siddha malas are considered as the best healing tools, they are also coveted for their amazing divine powers. It is also said that a wearer of different mukhi rudraksha beads becomes an incarnate of Lord Shiva. The other significant benefits of siddha rudraksha mala includes healing of all chakras, stimulation of all body chakras, deep meditation and inner transformation. It is also widely believed that the benefits of jaap rudraksha mala help ambitious people to move correctly towards their path of success. Be it about the chakra balancing or the healing of mind, body or soul, the japa mala benefits gained through rudraksha siddha mala are simply amazing and life-changing!

Why are there 108 beads in Japa mala?

Japa malas have 108 + 1 beads. The one bead at the bottom of the mala symbolizes the ‘Guru’ (mentor) and is known as sumeru, stupa and bindu also. Each bead is counted with the repetition of the mantra 108 times that helps one to focus on sound, meditation and vibration. While there are several reasons as to why there are 108 beads in the mala or why the mantra is recited 108 times, the most important ones say that every Sanskrit alphabet has masculine & feminine powers (the Shiva & Shakti). The total number of Sanskrit alphabets are 54 and with dual power inhibited in each, the number comes down as 108, that is, 54*2. Another reason is that there exists total 108 lines of energy that converge together to form the heart chakra.

Types of japa mala beads

The Japa Mala can be found in various beads. However, it is an interesting and satisfying effort to search a mala according to your own needs. The popular japa mala beads include jasper beads mala for balance, turquoise beads mala for protection/healing, rose quartz beads mala for love, hematitie beads mala for optimism and clear quartz mala for lucidity. Nevertheless, the traditional japa mala beads are the rudraksha beads and they always remain number one when it comes to best japa practices and benefits of beads used in japa.

How to use japa mala?

Take the japa mala in your right hand and let the whole mala drape gently on your fingers. Start chanting your mantra on each bead in a relaxed manner. When a mantra gets completely recited on one bead, pull the gently towards yourself. Complete the mantra recitation 108 times with full focus. Remember, you can chant or recite the mantra using japa mala while being in a standing position but the ideal position is the sitting position.

What do you pray or chant using japa mala?

Various types of mantras and various types of japa malas are used for chanting to bring a balance in doshas. Even the mantras are supposed to have different natures like the masculine nature, feminine nature and neutral nature. Based on these natures, various types of japa malas are used. For example, the shakti mantra is feminine and dedicated to Goddesses (like Lakshimi, Saraswati, etc.) while the Shiva mantra is masculine. While the expert astrologer will advise you best on which mantra to chant according to your own personal problem or concern, there are few basic mantras like the ‘Om Namah Shivay’ mantra that can be chanted on the japa mala by anyone.

How to use japa mala beads for meditation?

The process of japa mala meditation involves the following steps:

Find a quiet place.

Sit in a comfortable position on the ground with legs crossed.

Take the japa mala in your hand, holding one bead with the help of your thumb and middle finger.

You can keep your eyes gently closed.

You can also keep your eyes open with relaxed gaze.

Starting with one bead at a time, just inhale and exhale deeply. This one cycle should be done on each bead.

Complete the inhale-exhale process on each bead.

Stay focused on what you are doing and try to keep your mind free of thoughts.

Which mala to use for japa?

As mentioned earlier, you can find different types of japa malas made of various kinds of beads. However, when it comes to the best option for japa mala, the rudraksha siddha mala is considered as one of the best options. Being made of different types of rudraksha beads, this mala helps you avail multiple benefits including better meditation, better focus, better health, better activation of chakras and much more!

Where to buy rudraksha siddha mala?

Buy original rudraksha siddha mala at Rashi Ratan Bhagya! When you buy rudraksha japa mala online with us, you get original rudraksha japa mala as we deal only in authentic and 100% natural rudraksha beads. Explore the mesmerizing collection of rudraksha beads, japa mala and more on Rashi Ratan Bhagya and buy japa mala online in the most reliable way with us.

What is the original price of rudraksha siddha mala?

The average range of rudraksha siddha mala price lies between 11000 INR to 100000 INR and even more! The price mainly depends on the number of beads used, the inclusion of other metal (like silver, etc.) in the mala and the type of rudraksha bead (1 mukhi, 14 mukhi, etc.) used in the mala. No matter what rudraksha japa mala price you pay for your japa mala but one thing is for sure – this mala is much more beyond the price boundaries! You are going to love it for its immense positive effects!