Amethyst (Kathela)

Amethyst (Kathela)

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  1. Natural Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.12 Ratti 6.73

    SKU: AME11238612


  2. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 10.96 Ratti 12.06

    SKU: AME110351096


  3. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 12.17 Ratti 13.39

    SKU: AME110321217


  4. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 10.16 Ratti 11.18

    SKU: AME110311016


  5. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 17.1 Ratti 18.81

    SKU: AME110301710


  6. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 12.62 Ratti 13.88

    SKU: AME110291262


  7. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 13.6 Ratti 14.96

    SKU: AME110281360


  8. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 17.64 Ratti 19.4

    SKU: AME110271764


  9. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 13.77 Ratti 15.15

    SKU: AME110251377


  10. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 13.59 Ratti 14.95

    SKU: AME110241359


  11. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 16.37 Ratti 18.01

    SKU: AME110231637


  12. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 11.98 Ratti 13.18

    SKU: AME110221198


  13. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.62 Ratti 16.08

    SKU: AME110211462


  14. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.27 Ratti 15.7

    SKU: AME110201427


  15. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 11.27 Ratti 12.4

    SKU: AME110191127


  16. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.56 Ratti 16.02

    SKU: AME110181456


  17. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 12.24 Ratti 13.46

    SKU: AME110171224


  18. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 11.38 Ratti 12.52

    SKU: AME110161138


  19. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 17.85 Ratti 19.64

    SKU: AME110151785


  20. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 13.82 Ratti 15.2

    SKU: AME110141382


  21. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 8.75 Ratti 9.63

    SKU: AME11013875


  22. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.52 Ratti 15.97

    SKU: AME110121452


  23. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 15.39 Ratti 16.93

    SKU: AME110111539


  24. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.34 Ratti 15.77

    SKU: AME110101434


  25. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 11.38 Ratti 12.52

    SKU: AME110091138


  26. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 15.32 Ratti 16.85

    SKU: AME110081532


  27. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.06 Ratti 15.47

    SKU: AME110071406


  28. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 14.21 Ratti 15.63

    SKU: AME110061421


  29. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 11.88 Ratti 13.07

    SKU: AME110051188


  30. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 13.76 Ratti 15.14

    SKU: AME110041376


  31. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 13.75 Ratti 15.13

    SKU: AME110031375


  32. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 12.12 Ratti 13.33

    SKU: AME110021212


  33. Amethyst (Kathela) Africa Cts 12.35 Ratti 13.59

    SKU: AME110011235


  34. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 4.2 Ratti 4.62

    SKU: AME10120420


  35. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 3.92 Ratti 4.31

    SKU: AME10119392


  36. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.66 Ratti 7.33

    SKU: AME10118666


  37. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 4.02 Ratti 4.42

    SKU: AME10111402


  38. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 3.95 Ratti 4.35

    SKU: AME10108395


  39. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 4.31 Ratti 4.74

    SKU: AME10102431


  40. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 3.49 Ratti 3.84

    SKU: AME10101349


  41. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.19 Ratti 6.81

    SKU: AME10100619


  42. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 4.25 Ratti 4.68

    SKU: AME10099425


  43. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.08 Ratti 6.69

    SKU: AME10097608


  44. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.44 Ratti 7.08

    SKU: AME10090644


  45. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.16 Ratti 6.78

    SKU: AME10084616


  46. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.57 Ratti 7.23

    SKU: AME10079657


  47. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.23 Ratti 6.85

    SKU: AME10068623


  48. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.54 Ratti 7.19

    SKU: AME10064654


  49. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.7 Ratti 7.37

    SKU: AME10063670


  50. Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 6.34 Ratti 6.97

    SKU: AME10059634


  51. Natural Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 12.2 Ratti 13.42

    SKU: AME90791220


  52. Natural Amethyst (Kathela) Cts 10.64 Ratti 11.7

    SKU: AME90751064


Items 1-56 of 100

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Amethyst Stone – Benefits, Price & Process of Wearing

What is Amethyst (Kathela)?

Do you wonder about it? Amethyst is one of the popular semi-precious gemstones with a vibrant violet color. It belongs to the Quartz mineral family. Did you know Amethyst acts as the astrological alternative to Blue Sapphire? Amethyst is believed to combat financial difficulties, bad addictions, and professional hardships.

Amethyst possesses the hardness of “7” when it is measured in the Moh’s Scale of hardness. Kathela is found in the mines of India, Australia, Brazil, South America, Africa, Uruguay, and Sri Lanka.

Amethyst is revered worldwide for its vibrant color, which represents royalty. However, the best aspect of this gemstone is its price tag, which is quite budget-friendly. Did you know Kathela is considered the most valuable variation of quartz in the globe?

How to wear Amethyst (with Puja Process)?

Did you know Amethyst can act as an alternative to the popular and costly Blue Sapphire gemstone? However, when it comes to wearing Amethyst, you need to follow a few steps. In other words, you have to prepare the gemstone and activate it to get the optimum benefits it offers:

You can wear Kathela as either a pendant or a ring. The most suitable metal for Amethyst is only silver. Moreover, you must wear the ring on your right hand’s middle finger. Choose a Saturday evening, but it has to be Krishna Paksha or descending moon.

Next, it is time to prepare your Amethyst pendant or ring for wearing and receiving positive results. Take a metal bowl and place the pendant or ring at the bottom of the bowl. Keep adding Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves, unboiled cow’s milk, honey, and ghee.

Next, you need to chant a mantra 108 times to activate the ring. The mantra is “Om Sham ShanishcharayeNamah.”

You need to take the pendant or ring out of the bowl as soon as you recite the mantra 108 times. It is time to clean your pendant or ring with water. Next, wear it as per the instructions above.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the people, who were born in February. Furthermore, Kathela is preferred in the jewelry industry due to its magnificent color. However, you need to be extra careful when it comes to opting for the original Amethyst gemstone, as fraudulent dealers can trick you with fake ones. That is why you must opt for only a reliable store in the industry like Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

What are the benefits of wearing Amethyst Gemstone?

Do you want to know the Amethyst (Kathela) properties healing? In short, Kathela is a powerful gemstone, which helps to protect the wearer. Did you know Amethyst can prevent psychic attacks of the wearer? In other words, Amethyst can safeguard the wearer against all sorts of harm by transforming energy into higher vibrations (love).

Some people experience pressure, strain, anxiety, and stress in their lives, and Amethyst can do wonders for them. It is because Amethyst acts as a natural tranquilizer, which can keep stress and anxiety at bay, relieve fear, anger, and anxiety, and control mood swings.

What about other Amethyst (Kathela) benefits? Amethyst can taper down grief and sadness and help the wearer to remain optimistic. Moreover, Kathela can induce spiritual awareness, boost psychic abilities, and improve intuition power. The cleansing and healing powers of Amethyst are mind-blowing. That is why Amethyst (Kathela) uses and benefits are so widespread in the world.

Wearing Amethyst can make the wearer more productive by improving concentration, increasing memory, and boosting motivation. In addition, Kathela helps to remember and decode dreams. Moreover, it can also help to keep insomnia at bay. Amethyst wearers can attain spiritual wisdom and start a new chapter in their lives.

Kathela also helps to relieve many physiological ailments, such as encouraging hormone production, improving metabolism, cleansing the blood, and so on. In short, Amethyst is one of the best gifts from Mother Nature due to its enormous benefits.

Amethyst Quality

The key aspect to judge the quality of Amethyst is its color. However, other factors, such as origin and clarity also play crucial roles. You need to take care of all of these aspects to choose the best Amethyst gemstone for you.

Rashi Ratan Bhagya comes with a huge range of authentic gemstones to ensure maximum benefits for customers. Moreover, they offer 100% natural gemstones, so you do not need to worry about the quality. Amethyst price in india depends on the quality of this gemstone.

What is the original price of Amethyst gemstone?

Natural Amethyst stone price in india depends on various factors. Moreover, you need to choose a high-quality Amethyst stone to get the optimum results out of it. Amethyst cost per carat indiaoften starts from ₹ 150 and reaches up to ₹ 400. Moreover, the price range (per carat) of Brazilian Amethyst falls between ₹ 300 to ₹ 400. You should check the Amethyst price tag carefully to choose your best option. On the other hand, African Amethyst also comes with a hefty price tag, but it can vary from stone to stone. Note that the price tag of Amethyst is almost completely determined by its color.

Amethyst price per carat may also depend on clarity and cut & shape. Now, you are familiar with Amethyst cost per carat india, so it is time to consult an expert to know about your suitability with Amethyst.

Amethyst- Origin

Superior quality Amethyst gemstones are available in Uruguay, Siberia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the Far East.

Amethyst- Care & Cleaning

Take warm soapy water to clean your Amethyst gemstone without causing any harm to it. Note that ultrasonic cleaners are often safe, but you need to ensure their safety before using them for Kathela. Do not opt for steam cleaning in this regard. Moreover, you should never expose Amethyst to heat.


Which is the best source for Amethyst in terms of Astrological Purposes?

When it comes to Astrological purposes, African Amethyst secures the highest rank. The credit goes to its intense purple color. On the other hand, Siberian and Brazilian Amethyst are also better options in this regard.

Can Amethyst work as an alternative to Blue Sapphire?

Amethyst can work as a replacement for Blue Sapphire, but it may not cater to the expectations of the wearer (when compared to the results of Blue Sapphire).