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  1. Red Garnet Cts 7.45 Ratti 8.2

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  2. Red Garnet Cts 8.48 Ratti 9.33

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  3. Red Garnet Cts 8.21 Ratti 9.03

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  4. Red Garnet Cts 7.39 Ratti 8.13

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  5. Red Garnet Cts 7.61 Ratti 8.37

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  6. Red Garnet Cts 6.65 Ratti 7.32

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  7. Red Garnet Cts 8.22 Ratti 9.04

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  8. Red Garnet Cts 7.8 Ratti 8.58

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  9. Red Garnet Cts 5.79 Ratti 6.37

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  10. Red Garnet Cts 7.61 Ratti 8.37

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  11. Red Garnet Cts 7.75 Ratti 8.53

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  12. Red Garnet Cts 7.44 Ratti 8.18

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  13. Red Garnet Cts 7.09 Ratti 7.8

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  14. Red Garnet Cts 7.45 Ratti 8.2

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  15. Red Garnet Cts 9.96 Ratti 10.96

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  16. Red Garnet Cts 8.54 Ratti 9.39

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  17. Red Garnet Cts 8.91 Ratti 9.8

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  18. Red Garnet Cts 10.36 Ratti 11.4

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  19. Red Garnet Cts 10.33 Ratti 11.36

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  20. Red Garnet Cts 10.14 Ratti 11.15

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  21. Red Garnet Cts 11.9 Ratti 13.09

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  22. Red Garnet Cts 9.95 Ratti 10.95

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  23. Red Garnet Cts 10.49 Ratti 11.54

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  24. Red Garnet Cts 7.37 Ratti 8.11

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  25. Red Garnet Cts 9.22 Ratti 10.14

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  26. Red Garnet Cts 7.3 Ratti 8.03

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  27. Red Garnet Cts 10.25 Ratti 11.28

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  28. Red Garnet Cts 6.47 Ratti 7.12

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Invite Success & Fortune with the Enchanting Garnet Stone, Benefits, Price & Wearing Process

What is Garnet Stone?

From bright sparkling reds and greenish yellows to cherished oranges and many more other charismatic shades, the garnet gemstone is the one that is found in almost every beautiful color! It is a very popular semi-precious gem that is known for its amazing shades, vitreous lustre and significant benefits. The amazing garnet stone properties are popular all over the world and make for the strong reason behind the constant demand and love for this enchanting gemstone. Ruled by the planet Mars, this gem is also known for its ability to neutralize the malefic effects of Rahu planet.

The stunning garnet gem is a birthstone of January month and is found in abundance. The chief sources for the gem include Australia, India, USA and China. India hits the top place when it comes to finding the most beautiful red garnets in profusion.

Garnets that have minimum inclusions, great clarity and even color tone demand maximum price. Though, the shape, cut and polishing enhance the rich appearance of this gem and attract great value in the jewelry world, the garnet stones that have even color and good clarity are considered highly valuable in the world of astrology.

Why Garnet Gemstone is So Important?

This gem is considered very valuable and significant both for its unrivalled beauty and incredible healing effects and benefits. It is known for attracting success and good luck in the wearer’s life and is also known for negating the affect of the ghouls and evils. The curative attributes like the ability to reduce and remove the skin ailments, providing relief in blood related disorders and other such therapeutic properties further contribute to the popularity of garnets.

Interesting Facts about Garnet gemstone

• The name garnet has its origin in a Greek romantic tale wherein Hades (Greek God of Underworld) presented beautiful seeds of pomegranate, known as “garantus” to the Greek Goddess of Sunshine names Persephone. This gift was presented to the Goddess when she was separating from Hades and coming back to Earth. Thus, garnets are often described as gems that symbolize robust emotional connection.

• Garnets are often recommended to businessmen or finance professionals who seek success ad great fortune in their lives.

• These gemstones are in use since the ancient times. Evidences indicate that soldiers used to carry these gems in the old times to stay protected from various harms.

• It is strongly believed that garnets help heal and treat disorders that are related to impure blood.

• The stones are also used for warding off the harms caused by evil spirits.

• One can enjoy all the benefits of this stone by carrying it or by wearing it in form of engrossing jewelry.

Let us now discuss garnet stone benefits in detail.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Garnet Gemstone?

• It is important to mention that there are different types of garnets that are recommended and used for different purposes. These enchanting gems are believed to stimulate various body chakras or energy points. However, each variety of garnet works on specific chakras.

• Those who wish to get good financial results and success in their business are strongly advised to wear or carry garnet. For the same reason, you must have noticed this gem in the treasure boxes or lockers of businessmen!

• Garnets are considered as superb stones that help increase confidence in its wearers.

• One of the most important garnet stone uses include eliminating negative vibes around its wearer.

• Say goodbye to depression, anxiety and negative thoughts by wearing this beautiful gem.

• Wearing garnets help achieve balance in emotions, decisions and thought procedure.

• Stay protected from various risks and harms during travel by wearing this gem.

• Planning to start a new venture or business in life? If so, carry or wear garnet stone as it is believed to invite good luck and success!

• If you want to achieve serenity and kindness in your life, you can trust this gem for the same!

• Strengthen your relationship by augmenting loyalty and compassion with the help of garnet.

• The gem is also considered helpful for keeping tension away. It also provides significant healing and recovery results in issues related to blood, wounds, heart and lungs.

What is the Original Price of Garnet Gemstone?

One of the best parts of buying garnet in India is that the garnet stone price in India is quite reasonable. Though, one should make sure to buy the gemstones only from authentic and trusted online destinations like Rashi Ratan Bhagya where you get only the govt. certified and 100% natural gemstones.

The natural garnet stone price in India or anywhere else mainly depends on few factors like the weight, cut, color and clarity of the stone. However, in India, the garnet stone price per carat can lie between the range of 150 Rupees per carat to 300 Rupees per carat on an average. The garnet stone price can also go higher than this.

Who Should Wear GarnetGemstone?

Garnet is the birthstone of January month. It is often recommended for the Aquarius sign. It is also advised to be worn by those who want to achieve success in their professions like share brokers and dealers, businessmen, finance professionals and the beauty and acting professionals as well. Those who are born in kaanni,kumbham, mithunaam, maakaran, thuualam and edvam lagan can also wear the enchanting garnet and enjoy the associated benefits.

Where to Buy Garnet Gemstone?

Rashi Ratan Bhagya (RRB) is the finest online destination for buying 100 % original and natural gemstones. Whether you wish to buy natural garnet or any other gemstone, our stock of original and government certified natural gemstones will delight you with the best quality natural gems online.

How to Charge Garnet Stone?

One should cleanse and charge the garnet gemstone by dipping it in a bowl of Ganga Jal (Holy Ganga water) for few minutes and then drying off with a clean and soft cloth. We recommend using a professional jewelry cloth for cleaning so that there are no chances of scratches or damage to the stone.

How to Wear Garnet Gemstone (Method of Wearing Garnet Stone)

Garnet can be worn in form of rings and pendants. The ideal metal for wearing this gem is silver. Though, one can also wear it in panchdhatu and gold. Saturday and early morning hour after sunrise are considered the most appropriate day and time respectively for wearing this beautiful gemstone. The experts often recommend to wear it on the middle or ring finger of the working hand. It is also strongly recommended that the gem should be cleansed and charged well before wearing it.

What is the Puja Procedure for Garnet Gemstone Before Wearing it?

The puja must be performed by an experienced and knowledgeable astrological expert. Though, in case, you can’t arrange for the same, you can perform the puja yourself on the appropriate day and time as mentioned above. You need a clean silk cloth of red color. Choose a neat and peaceful place and spread the cloth on the floor. Next, put some wheat grains on the same. Also, you must keep your garnet ring or pendant ready by cleaning and rinsing it with Ganga Jal. Once the ring is cleansed, you should apply Kumkum and sandalwood paste on it and keep it on the wheat grains above the cloth. Also light up incense sticks around and start reciting the Surya Mantra (Om Gruni Suryaya Namaha). The mantra should be chanted for 108 times and then the garnet jewel should be worn.

Buy original & natural garnet gemstone at Rashi Ratan Bhagya to invite good luck & triumph in your life!