Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari Sapphire is a unique gemstone found in bi-colors - yellow and blue. Hence, the stone is known to Pitambari Neelam be a mix of blue sapphire and yellow sapphire gemstones. This attractive stone hence has the blessings of both Saturn and Jupiter. Pitambari Neelam's benefits include improving your confidence, attracting prosperity, and bringing stability to your life. Energies of an original Pitambari Sapphire will also heal the person mentally and physically. This yellow-blue sapphire will control blood pressure and diabetes, provide relief from joint pain, help you control your emotions, and assist in overcoming emotional traumas. It's a lucky stone that you can wear for its beauty and benefits.

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Pitambari Sapphire

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About Pitambari Gemstone

Pitambari Neelam or Pitambari Sapphire is a bi-color sapphire. The bi-color sapphires are the ones that have two colors in them. The existence of two colors provides exceptional beauty and attraction to the gemstones. The bi-color sapphires are extremely magnificent in looks and demand much more price that the single-colored sapphire gemstones. The pitambari stone is the sapphire which contains a lovely combo of yellow and blue wherein the proportion of yellow color is more. You can also observe a tinge of blue shade in this gemstone.

  • It is a bi-color sapphire from the Corundum mineral family, reflecting yellow and blue hues in varying quantities.
  • According to Vedic astrology, combining Pukhraj (yellow sapphire) and Neelam (blue sapphire) is highly recommended for financial success, elevated social position, good fortune, and well-being.
  • It is sometimes seen in a mixture of yellow, white, and blue colors.
  • The Pitambari stone, ruled by the mighty planets Saturn and Jupiter, gives its users significant financial and health advantages.
  • The best quality Pitambari Neelam stones come from Sri Lanka. The perfect color and lucidity of Sri Lankan Pitambari Sapphire make it the most expensive Pitambari gemstone. If you want to buy a more affordable Pitambari Neelam, you can buy the Pitambari sapphire stone of Myanmar (earlier called Burma).

What are the Benefits of Pitambari Stone?

Once you know the benefits of Pitambari Neelam, you will surely love owning these beautiful gemstones! One of the most important pitambari Neelam benefits is that you get protection from the evil effects of Saturn & Jupiter. Moreover, when you wear the Pitambari Neelam, you get to avail yourself only of the positive impact of both planets.

Pitambari stone benefits also include happiness, good luck, and growth in life. You can also keep negativity and despair at bay by wearing the pitambari sapphire gemstones. Use this gemstone to enhance confidence and optimism in your life.

This bi-color sapphire, known as the pitambari sapphire, is also a great option for getting positive results in financial investments. It is recommended to people who want to see their careers grow. The stone is considered best for administration, communication, and authoritative professionals.

Astrological Benefits of Pitambari Neelam

  • Pitambari Pukhraj boosts the wearer's capacity to make good judgments and fosters a consistent attitude to life.
  • Pitambari Neelam gemstone provides enormous financial wealth, good fortune, and renown during the wearer's Guru-Shani yog.
  • If your company is experiencing financial stagnation and losses, you may want to wear this gemstone to reap its full advantages.
  • Saturn's significant impact on the wearer's horoscope may be neutralized by wearing the Pitambari stone.
  • When worn as indicated by a skilled astrologer, this gemstone increases the wearer's profits on investment.
  • Pitambari gemstone aids in gaining control over challenging conditions in the wearer's life and provides strength to deal with them.

Who Can Wear Pitambari Gemstone:

  • Pitambari Neelam is the birthstone of September Born.
  • People born under the signs of Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Pisces might benefit from the Pitambari Sapphire stone.
  • Neelambari stones are potent and should only be worn after a professional Astro consultation. This gemstone may only be worn after thoroughly examining the planetary placements in the native's birth chart.
  • This stunning gemstone is a magnificent blend of Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire that represents the planets Jupiter and Saturn.
  • People who want to build their name and earn fame, name, & money can wear Pitambari Neelam stones.
  • One who suffers from Sade Sathi also wears pitambari sapphire gemstone

What is the puja procedure for Pitambari Sapphire gemstone before wearing it?

The puja process for pitambari sapphire gemstone begins with the step of purification. To purify the pitambari sapphire, take a bowl and add holy Ganga water, basil (tulsi) leaves, clarified butter (ghee), honey, and raw milk of cow to it. Gently put your pitambari sapphire gemstone ring or pendant into the bowl of ingredients. Let it sit there for 2-3 minutes. Take it out and clean your pitambari sapphire jewel with a clean and soft cloth. Keep it in a separate bowl. Make sure the bowl is clean. Start activating your pitambari sapphire by chanting the “Om-bream-brrihaspataaye-namaah”. Recite this mantra for 108 times. Once you have finished chanting the mantra for 108 times, take out the pitambari sapphire and rinse it with clean water. It is recommended to wash this gemstone with holy Ganga water or distilled water. Your pitambari sapphire is now ready to wear! Make sure to wear this gemstone on the index finger of your working hand. You can also wear the pitambari sapphire on ring finger if your index finger is already occupied with another ring.

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What is the original Price of Pitambari Stone?

The pitambari Neelam cost depends on quality, Origin, color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The original Pitambari stone price per carat starts from ₹5500 to ₹50000 per carat in India. It can even be more than that, depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the gemstone. Pitambari Neelam gemstones that show clear and bright shades of yellow and blue are considered the best and, therefore, demand high prices. Also, the Pitambari Neelam price is quite expensive when the gemstone shows zero or minimum inclusions. Origin also plays a great role in the price of this beautiful gemstone, the pitambari sapphire. The price of Pitambari Neelam depends on Origin, treatment, and 4C’s.

Where to buy Pitambari Sapphire Gemstone?

Rashi Ratan Bhagya is the most trusted online destination to buy Pitambari Sapphire stones. We deal in 100% natural, authentic, and government-certified gemstones including Pitambari Neelam. Explore our beautiful range of gemstones, rudraksha malas, navratan jewelry, and more. Buy natural and original pitambari sapphire stone at Rashi Ratan Baghya.

Interesting Facts about Pitambari Sapphire Gemstone

  1. This exquisite gemstone also known as Ganga-Jamuna is the two auspicious rivers in India.
  2. Pitambari sapphire is a very rare and unique bi-polar sapphire that has the presence of two shades (maximum yellow and a dash of blue) in a single gemstone.
  3. This gemstone is the one that should be worn only after a thorough discussion with an accomplished astrologist.
  4. This gemstone is considered to invite good luck, happiness, and hope in its wearer’s life. Pitambari Sapphire is used to cure ailments related to kidneys and nerves.
  5. The Pitambari sapphire gemstone is also recommended to people who are not organized in their lives. wearing the pitambari sapphire gemstone helps one to get organized and systematic in life.