Sulemani Hakik

Sulemani Hakik comes in bi-colors. Hakik, also known as Agate is a stone used to get the blessings of both Rahu and Ketu. The stone protects the person from evil eye and black magic which is why people in ancient times used to wear it as a talisman. There are many healing properties of Sulemani Hakik. The stone will make the person more active, increasing their energy and maintaining their blood circulation. The stone will strengthen the health of your vital organs. Sulemani Hakik stone is mostly used for protection, healing, and grounding.

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Sulemani Hakik

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Everything About Sulemani Hakik Gemstone

Precious stones called gemstones encourage your body's chi, or flow of energy. Sulemani Hakik is one such gem.

Agate, also known as Sulemani hakik, is a semi-precious opaque gemstone that is used as a curing or healing stone. It is used as a stone of prognosis in astrology. This stone bestows satisfaction and good vibes on the user. The Greek river Achates flows across Sicily, giving rise to the word "agate." It was discovered three centuries ago by Greek thinkers. It was referred to as the soldier's stone in past times and was also used in Egyptian talismans.

There are many hues of Sulemani Hakik available, including red, black, milky, grey, blue, pink, green, and brown. The hakik's size, weight, and color determine its standard. Sulemani with vivid or many colors is of the highest caliber. In order to combat stress, this stone gives the person internal calmness and power. It aids in maintaining spiritual awareness and arousing celestial energy.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Sulemani Hakik Stone?

Sulemani Hakik stone, also known as Black Agate, is a precious gemstone that is believed to have various benefits in different areas of life, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing Sulemani Hakik Agate stone:

  • It enhances the atmosphere's pleasant vibe and harmonizes the yin and yang, or positive and negative energy.
  • Self-confidence is increased just by having it around or wearing it.
  • Creates a body balance that is especially advantageous for elderly persons.
  • Removes bad luck and brings success.
  • There is a decrease in Plant Saturn's negative impact. The negative impacts of the planets can be neutralized by donning its associated hue.
  • Promotes sleep and combats insomnia and nightmares.
  • Digestive assistance and metabolism enhancement.
  • It relieves joint, muscular, and lymphatic discomfort.
  • Increases sexual prowess.
  • Reduces marital conflict and eases sexual tension.
  • The foundation chakra, located at the base of the spine, is cleansed by it.
  • Hakik's warm energy aids in pregnancy and cancer treatment.
  • In women, it aids in reproduction.
  • It enhances performance and concentration. The wearer develops a commitment to the objective and is prepared to achieve it.
  • The heartbeat is synchronized.
  • It is a powerful healer and best for health issues, as is already clear.
  • It regulates blood flow and additionally treats skin issues.
  • Shields the bearer against dark magic and the evil eye brings inner calm and power to the user.
  • Helpful in combating stress.
  • Helps to keep spiritual awareness alive and to stay in touch with the divine.
  • Yin and yang, or positive and negative energy, are balanced.
  • Increases one's confidence.
  • Creates a body balance that is especially advantageous for elderly persons.
  • Removes ill luck and brings good luck.
  • Heals lymphatic, muscular, and joint aches.
  • Helps with breast cancer and pregnancy.