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What is Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Malas are sacred necklaces that are highly valued in Hinduism and around the world for their soothing effect and spiritual guidance. They can help you achieve peace of mind, body, and soul, deep meditation, or devotion to spirituality, with the help of the original rudraksha mala. There are many other advantages of wearing the original rudraksha beads mala that we will talk about later, here only!

Rudraksha beads are the seeds of the fruits that grow on the rudraksha trees (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus). These seeds have distinctive patterns and different numbers of grooves on them. The seeds are said to be filled with spiritual power. The grooves are carefully examined to classify the beads as 1 Mukhi (face), 5 Mukhi rudraksha, etc. So, Rudraksha beads can have different faces. The 5-faced or Panch Mukhi ones are the most common ones, while the 1-4 and 15 and more face ones are considered as the rare rudraksha beads.

The natural rudraksha beads mala, also known as the ‘rudraksha ki mala’ in Hindi, is made of original and natural rudraksha beads. There are different kinds of rudraksha males, such as Panchmukhi rudraksha mala, ek mukhi rudraksha mala, silver rudraksha mala, panch mukhi rudraksha mala, silver capping rudraksha mala and more. When buying rudraksha mala online, one should make sure to buy only the certified rudraksha beads mala.

If you want to buy certified rudraksha beads mala online, buy rudraksha malas, here, at Rashi Ratan Bhagya! You get 100% pure rudraksha beads malas here! Remember, only when you buy original rudraksha mala can you enjoy the benefits of rudraksha!

What are the benefits of wearing rudraksha mala?

Wearing the Rudraksha Mala has many benefits such as long life, good health, better focus, more self-confidence, protection from addiction & negativity, deep meditation, spiritual support, and many more! The rudraksha malas are also said to activate, cleanse and stimulate all chakras in the body. The rudraksha mala in silver gives you the benefits of both rudraksha and silver. The 1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha mala benefits as well as other kinds of rudraksha mala benefits can only be enjoyed by wearing original and genuine beads.

The rudraksha malas are also widely believed to help in the professional world. One can get better job opportunities by wearing these lucky beads called rudraksha. The beads are also thought to give more energy to the body of the wearer. One can also get rid of various kinds of physical problems by wearing these sacred beads. You can also wear them for more and stronger immunity power in your body.

These Malas can even be used by students as they are believed to help with good concentration power, memory, and wisdom.

What are the guidelines for rudraksha mala?

When talking about the rules for rudraksha mala, it is important to mention the most interesting and wonderful fact about these beads and malas! Well, a rudraksha mala can be worn by anyone no matter what age, religion, or gender they are! These amazing beads have no negative effect on anyone! However, it is important to note that every kind of rudraksha (according to its number of faces) or rudraksha mala is linked to a specific planet with particular benefits. So, it is best to follow the suggestion of an expert astrologer while wearing a rudraksha mala. Also, make sure that your mala or beads do not drop on the ground.

What is the original rudraksha mala price?

The cost of a rudraksha mala can vary from one item to another depending on some key factors like the number of faces (much), size of the bead, the source of the bead the use of other metal in the mala (string/garland). Based on these factors, one can find an original & certified rudraksha mala cost from 750 INR to 5000 INR. The range can go higher when the rare Mukh rudraksha beads are included. So, you can see the cost difference in 5 mukhi rudraksha mala cost, pure silver rudraksha mala cost, rudraksha mala in silver cost, and other kinds of rudraksha mala. Recently, a ‘Nakshatra Mala’ has been created using various Mukhi rudraksha seeds (from 1 to 27 faces). This priceless necklace surely has a huge cost tag of 35 crores Rs!

Whether you want a better career, more self-confidence, stronger determination, or improved immunity, the truth is that wearing rudraksha malas will give you amazing and significant benefits! To get the best benefits from the rudraksha malas, buy the original rudraksha malas today!

How to find a genuine rudraksha mala?

To find genuine rudraksha mala, you can do several tests at your end. The easiest one is to dip the bead into milk or water. If it sinks, your bead/mala is original. To skip the tests, you can buy rudraksha malas & beads from the best online destination – Rashi Ratan Bhagya!

Various myths and facts about rudraksha mala

  • Women should not wear Rudraksha.
  • One should avoid alcohol, non-veg food, and sexual activity when wearing Rudraksha.
  • The fake Rudraksha floats in the water while the real one sinks.
  • The real Rudraksha does not break when boiled but the fake one does.
  • Every year, three round 1-faced Rudrakshas are produced in Nepal.
  • The real Rudraksha has a Shiva lingam, Trishul & Om shape on it.
  • Only the Rudrakshas from Nepal are real and effective, the others from different countries are fake and useless.
  • Rudrakshas given by Sadhus, saints, ashrams, vendors from Nepal & vendors giving guarantee certificates are real.
  • Rudraksha should be worn according to astrology.
  • Rudraksha can have harmful effects if one does not follow the rules and restrictions while wearing it.
  • Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb is the scientific name for the Rudraksha tree.
  • More than 300 species of Rudraksha trees have been found in different parts of the world, including Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Northern Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, and Taiwan.
  • The Rudraksha tree may grow to be 10 to 30 meters tall. The colors of trees, foliage, and flowers are grey, green, or white.
  • Rudraksha leaves looks similar to mango leaves. And have anti-bacterial properties making them beneficial for treating wounds, headaches, mental disorders, migraine, and epilepsy.

How to wear rudraksha mala?

The basic method of wearing rudraksha mala involves energizing the beads or malas. This is done with the help of a Brahmin Pandit of a Shiv temple. A special ‘Pran Pratishtha’ puja is organized for the same. One has to choose a positive day for the same. The complete procedure for wearing rudraksha mala should be discussed with an expert. The main rules for wearing rudraksha mala involve that a person should not eat non-vegetarian. The consumption of alcohol or any kind of drug is also strongly prohibited. The beads and malas should be kept carefully and with respect, they should not fall on the ground.

Why rudraksha mala is so important?

Every holy particle has its own set of dos and don'ts that must be followed to avoid backbiting. But, if you follow all of the rules and start taking care of it exactly as mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas, you will be pleasantly surprised by the enormous benefits of these formidable Rudraksha beads. So here's all you need to know about the Rudraksha Mala:

  • You must guarantee that no other metal comes into contact with your Rudraksha and keep other metals such as gold, silver, glass, and so on away from this sacred reach. However, if it unintentionally contacts the Rudraksha, repeat deep conditioning and then wear this mala with a pure heart.
  • Conditioning the Rudraksha should be done at least once every six months from the day you wear it.
  • Anyonefromhas reached the age of 14 can wear the Panchmukhi Rudraksha.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que. Does Rudraksha mala work?

Ans. This rudraksha makes the person who wears it think clearly and become powerful enough to fulfill their life goals. The person gains the ability to make good decisions and develop a strong sense of intuition. This sacred bead is very powerful because it came from Lord Shiva’s third eye, according to the scriptures. It also helps with speech problems and cures diseases like memory loss, bladder diseases, and eye and spine problems. It stops disasters, increases wealth, and brings peace to homes. It is good for people who do risky business, exports, and imports. It reduces the negative effects of Saturn.

Que. What are the rules after wearing the Rudraksha mala?

Ans. If you want to wear the Rudraksha, you should do it in the morning after taking a bath. You should also recite the mantra while putting on the Rudraksha or the necklace. You should worship it and offer it incense and a lamp with ghee. You should not touch the Rudraksha with unclean hands or put it on before bathing.

Que. Who should not wear Rudraksha

Ans. People who eat meat and drink alcohol should avoid wearing Rudraksha. Astrologers say that Rudraksha becomes tainted by non-vegetarian food and smoking. This can make it lose its purity and bring you all kinds of troubles.

Que. Why Rudraksha is so costly?

Ans. Rudraksha is a very sacred bead that has divine healing powers. It is said that only those who have Shiva’s grace can wear it. The term "Rudraksha" refers to Rudra's (Shiva's) eyes and tears (Aksha). The legend of how this spiritual bead came into existence explains why it is considered to be Shiva’s gift.