Diamond (Heera Stone)

Diamond is the most expensive gemstones in the world because of its sparkle, beauty, and hardness. It is also the hardest material on Earth with a hardness of 10 on Moh’s scale. It has astrological significance as well since it is one of the Navratans. All of these factors make it highly valuable. The stone is known to be linked with the planet Venus, a planet of beauty, charm, and romance. Hence, this gem is also seen as a symbol of love. Diamond engagement rings are very popular worldwide, they are luxurious in look as well as in their properties. It attracts comfort, luck, and romance in the life of the wearer as well as has many healing benefits.

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Diamond (Heera)
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Everything About Diamond Gemstone

Diamonds are the most beautiful, valuable, and hardest gemstones in the world. They are one of the most expensive ones as well because of several factors. Diamonds are crystals of carbon atoms tightly packed in a solid structure. The hardness of a diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale which makes it the hardest material on Earth.

The astrological sciences also see diamonds as stones with great powers. Diamonds are an important part of a Navratan ring or jewelry, it is one of the stones used to form Navratans. Astrology considers Navratans as nine gemstones with the most power and potent. Diamond being one of them clearly states the influential energy it contains. This gemstone is mostly worn to show love since its ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, and charm.

The gemstones are also believed to increase the lifespan of the person who wears the stone. Many people wear a diamond or gift it to their loved ones because of these many transforming properties that can alter the life of the person. Indeed, the stone is highly beautiful which will efficiently add elegance to your looks. Even many celebrities are seen very often wearing diamond jewelry.

The transparency of the stone, and the shine it has attracts the eye easily. When light passes through a diamond, rainbow colors are seen reflecting from the surface. History has shown how much value diamond jewels hold since there were wars held for these gemstones. You must definitely have heard about the Kohinoor, one of the largest cut and the most beautiful diamond in the world. There is much confusion about the history of Kohinoor, but most people believe that this beautiful gemstone was found in India and was taken from here. Also, all the best quality gemstones are dated to be from India, and India was the largest producer of finest diamonds back in the day. However, now India has run out of their supply of diamonds and these days Russia is the largest producer and exporter of diamond gemstones in today’s market.

However, Jwaneng diamond mines located in Botswana are the world’s richest diamond mines.

Benefits of the Diamond Gemstone

Natural diamonds are stone of romance and charm, it helps you with your sexual stamina as well. Astrology believes in the powers of the gemstones according to the ruling planet of the diamond. Venus, the feminine energy, is the ruling planet of a diamond. Also known as the Sukra Grah, Shukra means bright. When Venus blesses you, it will provide you with brightness, purity, beauty, and love.

Read all the diamond gemstone benefits here:-

  • Enhances Creativity:- The diamond gemstone expands the level of creativity in the person. It opens the mind of the wearer, gives them new ideas and the mind to think better. If you are a writer, painter, or artist who is facing a block in your art, a diamond is a gem for you.
  • Boosts Love Life:- Venus is the planet of pleasurable nights and romance, hence, obviously, the diamond will give a boost to your love life. The stone will increase attraction between you and your partner, and help you be more romanticizing in your bond. It will also increase your sexual prowess.
  • Helps with Finances and Success:- Original diamonds are believed to attract wealth immensely. The Shukr Grah is also known to be a planet of fame and fortune. People who will wear the stone will attract luxury, success, and career growth. The stone will also help them overcome any financial problems and get stability.
  • Conjures Emotions:- The mesmerizing diamonds will also affect you emotionally. The stone will strengthen your emotional control, it will evoke your feelings of being optimistic but also give you the courage to face your fears and negative thoughts.
  • Brings Positivity:- Our thoughts often attract similar energies, which is why it is essential to be positive. The diamond will increase your positiveness and will bring positive energies to you. This will also make you think happy thoughts.
  • Enlighten Spiritually:- The gem awakens the sense of spirituality in the person. It helps the person connect with the divine powers and assists them with overcoming their uncertainties, blessing them with bliss.
  • Increases Life Span:- Diamonds are believed to increase the life of the person who wears it. There is no particular proof that it happens but the powers of the stone are said to help the person live more happily and lively.
  • Gives Peace:- Diamonds bring soothing and calming energies to the person. This aura will give you inner peace. It will calm your mind and heart.
  • Overcome Inferiority Complex:- Inferiority Complex can make you question your existence, it can make you feel less important and diamonds will help you overcome it. It will attract love in your life and make you feel loved.

Healing Properties of a Diamond Stone

The diamond gemstone has the power to heal the physical body of the person who comes in contact with its energies. The stone’s aura will affect the heart and the brain, strengthening them. Purifying and detoxifying the body and all its systems, diamonds will help regulate your metabolism and boost its powers.

Diamonds and other natural gemstones are not a substitute or alternative to medical treatments but their energies can act as a catalyst in your healing.

The vitality of the gemstone can increase your stamina and strength. If you often suffer from allergies, diamond stones can be helpful. They will treat all the allergic conditions.

It is also known that the health benefits of diamonds include curing chronic diseases. It also treats eye diseases and helps with good eyesight. The belief also says that diamonds can counteract poisoning.

Indeed, if you suffer from anxieties and nightmares, the stone will remove all this negativity from your life giving you the strength to fight bad dreams and depression.

The health of your nervous system and sensory organs will also improve. The stone will also maintain the natural energy flow of your body so that your body organs work just fine. From your blood cells to your blood flow, the gemstone energies will take care of everything. It is also believed that diamonds can increase fertility in women and help in conception.

Who Should Wear Diamond Stone?

As per Vedic astrology, Venus is the ruling planet of a diamond gemstone and hence people who have this planet in a negative position in their birth chart should wear the diamond gemstone.

When Venus is in a negative position in your Kundli, it can cause harm to you. So, astrologers recommend wearing an original diamond gemstone. Diamond will remove all the negativity and adverse effects of Venus, leaving only optimistic energies in your life.

The stone of balance and clarity, the diamond is the birthstone for people born in the month of April. So, if you are April born you can wear this stone, it will be lucky for you.

Also, as per astrologers, people born under the zodiac signs Virgo (Kanya Rashi) and Libra (Tula Rashi) can also wear diamond gems. However, we would highly advise you to consult with an expert astrologer (Pandit) before wearing a Diamond. You should get your birth chart checked and ensure that wearing a diamond is suitable for your horoscope.

There are certain conditions according to which a person can wear a particular gemstone. A Pundit will check your birth chart and according to the position of planets in your Kundli, they will tell you if you can wear a diamond or not.

How to Wear a Diamond Gemstone?

Diamond gemstones with their astrological importance are known to have powers that can be both influential in the right way or wrong way. Astrologers says that wearing a diamond with proper cleansing, purifying, and activating procedure is essential. Otherwise, the energies that come to you can be negative. If you want to gain the positive energies of the diamond, wear it after the proper Vedic Pooja Process.

What is the Puja Procedure for Diamond Stone Before Wearing it?

A real Heera gemstone has to be purified first before performing the pooja. This is so that the stone will get clear of all the energies it has absorbed before it gets to you. Otherwise, if it has any negative energy from before, it might affect you badly. So, below we have mentioned every informative and essential detail that you must know before you wear a diamond. Along with this, we have mentioned the proper procedure for you if you want to do the Vedic Pooja at home by yourself.

How to Cleanse/Purify the Diamond Gemstone?

To purify your gemstone, take a bowl and keep your stone in it. Now wash your gemstone with Panchamrit. Panchamrit is a mixture of five things which are Curd, Raw Milk, Honey, Sugar, and Ghee (Purified Butter). Leave your stone for 10-15 minutes in the Panchamrit, then take it out and rinse it with Gangajal (The Holy water of River Ganga).

When To Wear Diamond Gemstone? ( What is the Best Time/ Day to Wear a Diamond Stone?)

Experts suggest that the best time to wear a diamond is right after Sunrise, which is also called the Brahm Muhrat. And since the diamonds are in association with the Venus, and the day in connection to Venus is Friday, the best day to wear a diamond gemstone is Friday. You can wear a diamond stone on a Friday of Shukla Paksha month. Also, you can wear the diamond at the sunset hours as well between 05:00 to 07:00 P.M. since Venus is an evening star.

Which Metal to Wear the Diamond Stone In?

The best metal to wear a diamond stone is Silver. Although, you can also wear diamond stones in white gold or platinum.

Diamond Stone Is Worn In Which Finger?

The Diamond gemstone is to be worn on the Middle finger of the working hand of the person. Mostly, it is suggested that men wear the diamond in the middle finger of their right hand while women can wear them in either of their hands.

Vedic Pooja Process of the Diamond Gemstone

To perform the Vedic pooja process, between the auspicious time of wearing a diamond stone as stated above, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Now take your diamond stone and purify it. After purification, sit in your temple, pray to Lord Shukr (Venus), and chant the mantra of the diamond gemstone for 108 times. When you are chanting the mantra for the last time, take your stone and wear it.

Diamond Gemstone Mantra

“ Om Sha Shukraye Namah “

|| ॐ शं शुक्राय नम: ||


“ Om Shukr Devay Namah “

|| ॐ शुक्र देवाय नम ||

Price of Diamond Gemstones

Diamonds are the most expensive gemstones in the world because of their many physical and metaphysical properties. The diamonds have a hardness of 10, which makes them highly durable. Also, they have many benefits, astrological, physical and emotional. This makes diamonds demandable. Hence, the cost of a diamond is not cheap at all.

There are also other factors that affect the price of a diamond. This includes the market supply, origin, quality, and the 4Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat (weight). In India, the weight is measured in Ratti, 1 Ratti is approximately 0.91 Carats.

According to the weight of the stone, the price changes. Mostly, the larger diamonds cost more.

The price of a diamond per Ratti in India is around INR 2,50,000. While the price of diamonds in dollars on a per-carat basis ranges between $1000 to $9000.

Now, the quality of diamonds mostly depends on their cut and clarity, and how it is treated and polished. It is the hardest to cut a diamond since it is the hardest material on Earth. It takes expertise of years to cut a diamond gemstone and so as per the cut of the stone, the diamond stone price can change highly.

Plus, the clarity of diamonds is pretty good naturally. There are very few inclusions in a diamond. But mostly, the diamonds with inclusions or abrasives are of less value. The number of inclusions in the diamond, the position where they are, and how much bigger in size the inclusion is - all of this will also affect the value. If the inclusions/blemishes in the diamond are more and are larger in size, it can even have no value at all.

Some inclusions are present but they are not visible to the naked eye and only the experts can see them in the labs. Since they are not visible, sometimes, they do not affect the price that much. And so, clearer diamond stones with pure clarity are more expensive.

Diamonds are mostly transparent and have amazing shine and luster. When a light shines through the diamond’s surface, the reflection comes as rainbow colors, which makes diamonds very fascinating and alluring. Hence, the diamonds with transparency are the most loved ones. However, these stones are found in other colors as well like pink, brown, yellow, blue, orange, black, purple, etc. The natural colors that look beautiful in diamonds will have more value than the ones that are colored synthetically in laboratories.

Price of Diamonds according to Colors:-

  • Pink Diamonds Price - Over 110,000 dollars per carat
  • Red Diamond Price - Around 1 Million dollars per carat
  • Price of Yellow Diamonds - Around 5,000 dollars per carat
  • Blue Diamond Stone Price - Starts from 1,80,000 dollars per carat
  • Price of Green Diamond Gemstones - Above 50,000 dollars per carat
  • Black Diamond Price - Starts from 2,000 dollars per carat
  • Brown Diamond Price Range - Starts from 3,000 dollars per carat
  • Purple Diamonds Price - Above 10,000 dollars per carat
  • Orange Diamond Stone Price - Over 7,000 dollars per carat

Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest natural material on Earth. But they are not indestructible. They are highly durable and are hard in nature but they can break under extreme pressure and can get scratched by other diamonds.

Diamonds are the only gemstones on Earth made of only one element, they are formed by the solid crystal structure of carbon atoms.

Not all diamond gemstones are fluorescent in nature. Only 25 - 35% of the natural diamond gemstones show fluorescence under long-wave UV light.

Diamonds are rare but not that rare, the value of diamonds in today's market is influenced by a number of factors which also include the marketing strategy and supply chain dynamic.

Larger diamonds will have more value but not if they have blemishes and are of low - quality.

Some people still believe that diamonds only come as transparent naturally. But natural diamonds are also found in different colors like white, yellow, brown, pink, etc. You can find diamonds in all-natural rainbow colors.

It’s a myth that diamonds are good for investments. The price of diamonds can change highly as per the worldwide conditions.

Diamonds were started to be formed in laboratories in the 1950s.

It is mostly thought or misinformed that diamonds can go forever. They do have long-lasting properties, but they will eventually lose their spark but it will take millions of years and hence the life span of diamonds is more than our life span.

Diamonds are formed hundreds of miles below the ground, they mostly come to the surface when some natural turbulence occurs like volcanic eruptions.

These beautiful gemstones are connected with Venus which is the planet of love and romance, hence many people use diamonds as engagement rings. Diamond engagement rings are also seen worn by celebrities and influential people.

As per history, Diamonds were first discovered in India and found in the rivers Krishna and Godavari. Ancient history says India was the biggest producer of diamonds in the world in the 4th century B.C.

Importance of Diamonds

Heera or diamonds hold importance in our world because of their beauty and benefits. The shimmer of the stone with exceptional loveliness and liveliness, makes it a popular choice for making jewelry.

The stone is specially worn by people to gain its many metaphysical advantages. It increases the inventiveness, imagination, originality, and sharpness of the person. Also, the gem is of fortitude and is often seen as a sign of commitment, love, and loyalty.

Diamond gemstones are also very beneficial if you want to get spiritual enlightenment. This gemstone is in association with the crown chakra also known as the Sahasrara chakra, located at the top of our head. This chakra is responsible for our connection with the powers of the divine. When the crown chakra is activated, it connects your soul to the god or higher power. The stone will open your mind and will increase your concentration powers which will assist you in being more mindful while you are practicing spirituality. It will also strengthen your nervous system and give you physical strength.

The stone will also help you manifest your desires. It increases your manifestation powers and boosts your energy levels. Reducing your emotional and mental pain and trauma, diamonds will also help you get calmer and more mentally clear in life.

Answers to all doubts related to Diamond Heera Stone:

Ques. Which Rashi should wear a diamond?

Ans. People born under Kanya and Tula Rashi can wear diamond gemstones. However, do consult with an astrologer before wearing the gem.

Ques. What are the rules for wearing diamonds?

Ans. You should wear the diamond with proper Vedic pooja procedure. It is important to purify the gemstone and chant the mantra of the diamond 108 times.

Ques. Who should not wear a diamond?

Ans. People with the zodiac signs Aries, Pisces, and Scorpio should not wear a diamond gemstone.

Ques. What are the side effects of diamonds?

Ans. If a diamond won’t suit you, it can cause trouble for you financially, and physically. It can bring you misfortune, your health can deteriorate and you can lose your money.

Ques. How would I know if a diamond suits me?

Ans. The stone’s energies will make you feel calm and peaceful. If you feel negative energies come your way, the diamond is not suiting you. You will feel uneasy, unpeaceful, and tired all the time.

Ques. How to know if my diamond is real or not?

Ans. The best way to know if your diamond is real is to get it checked in a lab.

Ques. Is it safe to wear a diamond?

Ans. Technically, the diamonds are a safe material to be worn. But astrologically, people should wear a diamond only after confirming its suitability with their horoscope. If it is not suitable for your natal chart, wearing a diamond can be harmful.

Ques. Where can I buy an original diamond gemstone?

Ans. If you want to buy an original diamond stone, you should buy it from a trustworthy source like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They have been a reputable seller of loose gemstones since 1985. With their large collection of gems, you can get gemstones of every color, cut, and size of the best quality. Also, all the gems are authentic and lab-certified.