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Wear the Mesmerizing Turquoise for Wealth, Success & Confidence

Turquoise stone/firoza stone – An Intro

Ask anyone about the oldest gemstones of the world and most of them will answer ‘Turquoise’! Yes! The turquoise stone is in use since ancient times. Explore any culture around the globe and you will find the use and purpose of the beautiful blue-colored Turquoise in them! From aristocrats to travellers and from common men to the priests, everyone has used the feroza stone for some purpose or the other. However, it was mainly worn for getting protection from injuries and evils. You can find numerous talismans and amulets having turquoise in them.

The Turquoise gemstone gets its name from the French term ‘pierre turquoise’ which means the Turkish stone. The turquoise stone is considered as the birthstone of Sagittarians and is recommended for those born in December. The stone is found in lovely blue shades and is opaque in appearance. The supreme healing properties and other properties of this gemstone are admired globally.

The main sources of Turquoise stone include Persia, USA, Iran and few more locations around the world. It is important to mention that the firoza stones from Iran & Persia demand highest cost. On the other hand, the firoza stones from Tibet are cheap in price when compared to other turquoise stones. This is because of the matrix present in the Tibet firoza stones.

Turquoise stone Healing Properties/Metaphysical Properties

Knowing about the turquoise stone healing properties will double your joy of wearing this beautiful stone. Hence, let us now talk about the turquoise healing properties.

* The turquoise metaphysical properties are known for instilling and augmenting confidence in its wearer. Also, the stone is known to safeguard its wearer from any harmful spirit, evils and enemies. By wearing this beautiful blue-colored stone, one can improve his or her relationship as the stone is known for inviting love, happiness and success in life of its wearer.

* The turquoise stone properties also include attracting wealth, lessening tension, improving immunity, enhancing the power of expression, promoting love and strengthening various relations.

* People who feel that they often face mood swings and emotional disbalance can also wear the smooth turquoise gemstone which is known for providing the right emotional balance and calmness to its wearer.

* Apart from the physical and emotional benefits, the firoza or the turquoise stone is also known for providing great help and support in meditation and spiritualism. It helps you connect in a better way with the spiritual world. You can also do better meditation with the help of this astonishingly lovely gemstone.

What are the benefits of Turquoise stone / firoza stone?

* The chief turquoise benefits that are quite popular across the globe comprise attracting opulence, success and luxury in life.

* The physical benefits of turquoise stone include improved health conditions from ailments like hypertension, breathing issues, liver diseases and more.

* The stone is also known for providing help in case of getting rid of addiction.

* Married couples who wish to get love and strength in their relations can also enjoy the feroza stone benefits. In such a case, both the partners need to wear the firoza stone. Similarly, the turquoise gemstone benefits also include providing the right soulmate for anyone who wear this stone!

* One of the chief turquoise stone benefits of wearing it is that it enhances self-confidence and wisdom power. The stone is also known to augment optimism in its wearer.

* The other benefits of wearing turquoise include getting protection from evils and demonic spirits.

Who can wear Turquoise stone/firoza stone?

The Indian astrologists recommend wearing the Turquoise stone or firoza to the Sagittarians. It is also considered as the birthstone of Sagittarians in the western astrology. The stone can also be worn by others on the recommendations of accomplished and knowledgeable astrologists. As per the Indian astrology, the exquisite Turquoise stone is connected with Jupiter. It is known to fortify the Jupiter in anyone’s horoscope.

Where to buy real Turquoise stone/firoza stone?

Turquoise is famous globally for its amazing properties. However, one should understand that the advantages and healing properties of Turquoise can be enjoyed only when you wear the original Turquoise or Firoza. At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, you can stay absolutely assured to get the original and 100 % natural Turquoise stone as well as other gemstones. We provide only the natural, authentic and government certified gemstones.

What is the original price of Turquoise stone per carat?

Let us now discuss the price of turquoise stone. The feroza stone price depends on few factors that include the weight or size of the stone, its origin and the overall quality. You can find the variations in turquoise price at many places around the world due to these factors. Though, in India, the Turquoise stone per carat price is 300 INR to 1200 INR.

How to wear Turquoise stone (Method of wearing firoza stone)?

Choose a clear and light blue colored Turquoise stone for wearing. Silver is considered as the best metal for wearing this stone and thus, you can get to wear your turquoise in form of a beautiful silver pendant or an enchanting ring. The stone should be worn on Thursday (Brihspatiwaar) in the early morning hours. One should wear it in right hand’s ring/index finger. Also, ensure purifying your Turquoise stone and following the correct puja process (as given below) for wearing this superb gemstone.

What is the puja procedure for Turquoise stone before wearing it?

Before you wear the Turquoise, you need to purify and activate it. Take a deep bowl (made of metal) and keep your turquoise accessory into it. Add some holy water of Ganga, fresh Basil leaves, raw milk (cow), honey and lastly, the ghee into the bowl in which you have kept your turquoise pendant or ring. Let your turquoise ring or pendant rest in this bowl of ingredients for around five minutes. Now take it out and wash with clean water.

Next, you need to recite the mantra ‘Ohm gram grim grum saaha gurve namaah’. Ensure reciting this mantra for one hundred eight times. The turquoise stone is now ready to be worn.

Buy the original Turquoise at Rashi Ratan Bhagya and get all the confidence and wealth that you wish to get in your life!