November Birthstone Topaz and Citrine Stone

Citrine & Topaz are the two gemstones for November borns. Both of these gemstones are known to have calming energies and soothing vibes. They bring prosperity, fortune, and warmth to the people who wear them. You can choose one of the gemstones to wear. The gemstones will bring happiness and joy into your life. It will remove negativity as well as protect you from negative energies like evil spirits and black magic. The two stones will not only soothe you but also make you look attractive.
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November Birthstone

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About's November Birthstones

Topaz and Citrine gemstones are two beautiful and powerful gemstones that are the birthstones for November. Both stones are known for their distinct properties but one thing that they have in common is that topaz and citrine, both have calming effects on their wearer.

It is believed that November-born people are more emotional, they are confident and always positive by nature, but their sentiments for their loved ones are always at their peak. Sometimes they need more calm and composed behavior to get control over their emotions, where their birthstones will help you. The warming energies of the November birthstones bring them fortune and healing, both physical and emotional healing.

The citrine gemstone with its yellow color, bright shine, and warm hue looks stunning. The gem brings its wearer confidence and creativity and enhances logical thinking above emotions.

Topaz gemstone comes in various hues like White, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, red, orange, and green. You can wear any topaz gemstone as per your need, preference, and suitability with your birth chart or kundli. Original topaz gemstone will increase the self-confidence and self-belief of the person who wears it, and help them fulfill their heart’s desires. The stone is known to help the user manifest their dreams or goals. It promotes fortune and good luck in the life of the user and enhances good health as well.

If you are born in November, then both of these gemstones will be very beneficial for you to wear. You should consult with an astrologer to ensure which stone is suitable for you to wear. The stone that you are wearing should be friendly with your birth chart, and one of the November birthstones will be lucky for you.

Benefits of November Birthstones

The November birthstones will give you many benefits and improve the quality of your life. Gemstones have the powers of their ruling planet and its blessings, they bring soothing energies and powerful vibrations to the wearer and give them many advantages.

Benefits of Topaz Gemstone

The benefits of the topaz gemstone are as follows:-

  • Topaz gemstone increases your inner creativity, it will enhance your expressing abilities and imaginativeness.
  • The stone will help you connect to the divine powers. You will feel more synchronized in your life and will find your life path. This will make you feel more aligned with your life’s dreams and goals.
  • The soothing energies that the topaz will bring you will make you feel more calm. Your soul and mind will be more at ease, you will have inner peace.
  • Natural topaz is a very lucky gemstone and is believed to bring fortune as well as love to its users.
  • Topaz gemstone increases the attraction and charm of the wearer and boosts their communication skills as well, which helps build their personality.
  • Self-realization and self-control, the topaz stone will increase in you. It will help you keep control of your emotions and aid in making better judgments.
Benefits of Citrine Stone

The Yellow citrine gemstone will give you the following benefits:-

  • An original citrine gemstone will bring you warm feelings. It will make you feel secure and safe. The energies of the stone will help you face your fears and phobias and make you more confident.
  • The gemstone will bring soothing vibes which will give you happiness and warmth. It will remove all the negative emotions, aid with depression, anxiety, and stress, and will keep you more relaxed and serene.
  • The citrine gemstone will help you with your financial situation. It will facilitate growth and help you manage your financial conditions.
  • Citrine gemstone, also known as Sunela, is also believed to bring positivity to relationships. The energies of the stone remove the conflicts or unsolved issues and will bring love, trust, and deep understanding to your bonds.
  • The gem will make you more clear about your purpose, it will clear your head and remove the confusion or fogginess from your mind, giving you mental clarity.

Healing Properties of November Birthstones

All gemstones have distinct and dynamic powers that have the ability to heal a person physically and emotionally, including the November birthstones. Know all the health benefits of November birthstones:-

Health Benefits of Topaz Stones

Topaz gemstones are most known to bring calming vibes to the person which relaxes their mind and helps them emotionally heal. It helps them overcome trauma or any emotional dilemma. Other healing properties of the topaz stone are:-

  • The topaz stone will cure any problems related to the stomach and digestion system and aid with better digestion.
  • Topaz combats eating disorders like anorexia.
  • The gem will provide relief for any nerve-related pain.
  • It stimulates the metabolism and strengthens your immune system.
  • Any problems related to the liver or endocrine glands will be cured.
  • The stone will recharge you, that is, will increase the levels of your energy.
  • The soothing energies of the gem will calm your nerves and release your stress.
  • Topaz will provide you relief from headaches and migraines.
  • The gemstone will also cure a sore throat or any related problems.
Health Benefits of Citrine Gemstones

A natural citrine gemstone will purify your aura, its energies will match the frequency of your body and will help you heal.

  • Any ailments related to the kidney and liver will be cured through citrine energies.
  • The gem will cure any Pancreas and spleen-related problems.
  • The gem will strengthen your nervous system and digestion system.
  • Your immune system will also become stronger through the positive energies of citrine stone.
  • Citrine will maintain your blood circulation and remove toxic substances from the body.
  • It will increase the strength of your metabolism.
  • Any eye-related problems and skin diseases will heal.
  • The gemstone will provide you relief from any nerve pain.
  • The gem will balance your hormones and regulate your mood swings.
  • This gemstone will also provide relief from cramps during the menstrual cycle in women.

Who Should Wear November Birthstones?

The November birthstones, both topaz and citrine are powerful stones with energies that can affect you both positively and negatively. These stones rarely have side effects but to avoid any risk and not get any harmful effects of gemstones, it is essential that you wear November birthstones with proper consultation. An expert astrologer or Pandit will check your birth chart or Kundli, and ensure if a stone you want to wear is suitable for you to wear. As per your zodiac, you can see if a November birthstone is friendly for you to wear to gain its benefits.

Who can wear topaz gemstone?

Topaz gemstones are found in different hues, and every stone has its own ruling planet.

White topaz gemstone is ruled by the planet Venus and so should be worn by those who have Venus in a negative position in their birth chart. Aries, Taurus, and Sagittarius zodiac signs can wear an original white topaz gemstone. The yellow topaz gemstone is ruled by the planet Jupiter, if you want to remove the negative effects of Jupiter, wear this stone. People of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs can wear a natural yellow topaz gemstone.

Blue topaz gemstone is the stone of the planet Saturn. People of the Aquarius zodiac sign can wear this gemstone.

Who can wear citrine gemstones?

The ruling planet of the citrine gemstone is the planet Jupiter, commonly known as Guru Grah in India, the planet of prosperity, intellect, and knowledge. People who have Jupiter positioned in a negative place in their birth chart should wear this gemstone to remove its adverse effects.

As per the expert astrologer, people who belong to the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces can wear the citrine stone. Also, people born under Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio can also wear this gem.

How to Wear November Birthstone?

The birthstones for November or any gemstone, for that matter, need purification and energization. Everything has both positive and negative energies, including the gemstones. Before you wear a gemstone you should purify it so that any negative energy it might be containing removed. And then you need to energize it so that the energies of the stone align with you and bring all the positive energies of the gem to you.

How to purify your November birthstone?

To purify your November birthstone, on an auspicious day, in the early morning, take your gemstone, and put the gem in a metal bowl. Add the following ingredients one by one -

Pure Raw milk, Ghee, Curd, Sugar, Honey, and Tulsi leaves.

Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes and then wash the gem with clean water, preferably, Gangajal.

How to energize your November birthstone?

To energize your birthstone of November, on the auspicious day which is related to the ruling planet of the stone (For example, the ruling planet of the citrine stone is Jupiter and the day related to Jupiter is Thursday.), wake up early on the morning, take a bath and wear new clothes. Sit with your stone in your temple. Chant the mantra of the stone 108 times and while you are reciting the mantra for the last time, wear your gemstone.

Wear the stone in such a way that the gem is always in contact with you like in the form of a ring, bracelet, or pendant. The ring should be worn on the proper finger and in suitable metal.

November Birthstone Price

The price of November birthstones range starts from Rs.1,500 to 2500 per Carat. The cost of the November birthstones - citrine and topaz are based on a number of factors. The aspects that determine the value are cut, clarity, color, weight, origin, and quality.

Some origins produce good quality gemstones and their source can affect the price. Mostly the quality of the stone affects the November stone prices. Good quality gemstones always cost more. The cut also affects the price of the birthstone in November since it takes a lot of practice and precision to make a particular cut.

The citrine stone price ranges between INR 2000 to 3000 per Ratti. The cost will increase when the weight of the stone increases. So it can go up to thousands, even sometimes up to lakhs of rupees.

The topaz gemstone price will also vary based on all the factors mentioned above, though normally the price starts around Rs. 1000 per Ratti. Mostly blue topaz and yellow topaz cost more because they are more in demand. The price of blue topaz stone is around Rs. 3,352.00 - Rs. 7,767.00. And the yellow topaz stone price is Rs. 4,508.00 - Rs. 9,203.00.

FAQs About November Birthstone

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the November birthstones:-

Ques. What is the November birthstone good for?

Ans. The November birthstones are good for making your life positive, confident, and soothing with their energies. These gems will not only add elegance to your look with their beauty but heal you and make your life better with their dynamic energies.

Ques. Which color topaz should I wear as a November birthstone?

Ans. You should consult with an astrologer to know which color topaz November birthstone you should wear or you can choose a color as per your preference.

Ques. In how much time will the November birthstone work?

Ans. There is no fixed time in which a stone can work for a person can be defined. For different people, the stones work in different time frames. Sometimes, it takes only a few days while for some people it takes many weeks.

Ques. What is November birthstone meaning?

Ans. The November birthstone means the gems that are lucky for the people born in this month. The gems will bring you happiness, joy, and abundance.