June Birthstone

Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone are three June Birthstones. June-born people are humble, generous, and adaptable. The birthstones for June bring good luck into the life of the wearer. The gems positively influence the person and remove negativity from life. You can wear one of these gemstones as per your preference and astrologer’s advice. All three June birthstones are beautiful and have their distinct abilities to heal a person emotionally and physically. Also, you will also get spiritual growth through the positive energies of the stones.
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About's June Birthstone

If you were born in June, you are fortunate to have three birthstones. June is one of just three months (the others being August and December) with three birthstones, providing you with a wide range of stunning birthstone options.

The June birthstones include pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Individuals born in June may choose a birthstone that matches their mood or budget, thanks to the variety of hues and price ranges available.

Benefits of June Birthstone

June birthstones are the most beneficial for people who are born in this month. People born in June are adaptable, they are versatile and face the challenges of life with courage. The June birthstones will help the people of June by bringing them more positive vibes. These birthstones are protective gemstones with many benefits.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl June Birthstone

  • Pearl is associated with the moon, it protects against the moon's negative effects.
  • Wearing pearls amplifies the moon's beneficial influence and provides the benefits of a stable mind, family joy, and mild conduct.
  • It relaxes those with aggressive personalities and assists them in combating hostility.
  • It may help ladies accept and improve their face beauty.
  • Pearl is all about auspiciousness, thus it attracts the glory of prosperity into your life.
  • It conveys all of your life's optimistic aspects.
  • If you suffer from sadness or anxiety, wearing pearls might make you feel better.
  • It is a lucrative gemstone that may help couples improve their relationship.
  • Pearl also draws fame, fortune, and respect while providing comfort in your life.
Benefits of Alexandrite June Birthstone

Channelizes Positive Energy: Alexandrite, a birthstone, promotes good energy and protects against negativity. It increases self-esteem, gives good luck, and is said to be a very fortunate omen. It has a strong and protective charm that shields the wearer from harm and bad energy.

Enhances creativity and intellectual abilities: Many Astrologers thought that the Alexandrite gemstone was controlled by Mercury due to its lovely blue-green tint. This appealing gemstone counteracts the negative effects of Mercury and enables the wearer to cope with perplexity, creative obstacles, and bad judgment. Alexandrite stone helps by improving the wearer's intellectual ability, encouraging them to make sound and successful judgments in life.

Promotes professional success: One of the most important advantages of Alexandrite is its ability to succeed in business and profession. It helps the user overcome career instability and the quest for recognition. Wearing this unique diamond is said to bring fame, good luck, and fortune.

Moonstone Benefits - The June Birthstone

  • Moonstone also boosts self-confidence and decision-making skills in the user. Wearing a Moonstone might also benefit your job and company.
  • Wearing this gemstone improves a person's love life and resolves all romantic relationship issues. Moonstone also increases your inventiveness.
  • This stone promotes luck, cleanses bad energy, and spreads happiness around you.
  • The Moonstone, with its tranquility of the moon, helps the user gain control. The dullness or tensions of your life find an exit, and tranquility enters.
  • This gemstone is known as Chandra Mani, and wearing it relaxes one's mind. The moonstone's brightness impacts our emotions in the same way as the moonlight does. It will give you hope and inspiration.
  • Wearing a moonstone might boost your intuition.
  • Moonstone protects against the evil eye and prevents illnesses and ailments.
  • Moonstone improves memory and performance in art-related disciplines.
  • Moonstone promotes love and passion in one's life. It is a stone of desire that may provide newness and enthusiasm to your relationship.

Healing Properties of June Birthstone

The June birthstones are all very powerful gemstones, their influence will also be on your well-being. The stone’s energies will keep your emotional and physical health intact and help you heal fast.

Health Benefits of Pearl June Birthstone

Pearls may also aid with sleep issues as well as eye and throat problems. The gemstone will boost the strength of your heart and cure any related diseases. It lowers cholesterol levels, boosts the health of your digestive system, and increases your vitality. Pearl aka Moti stone will also detoxify your body, help with weight loss, and boost your energy.

They also have a calming effect on the body, allowing you to sleep well, calm hyperactive adrenal glands, and relieve hypertension and headaches. They are also thought to be good for pregnant women and new moms due to their incredible feminine energy.

Healing Properties of Alexandrite - The June Birthstone

Physical Benefits: It is very good for patients who suffer from nervous system and reproductive organ problems. This gemstone regenerates neurological tissue and reduces inflammation in neck muscles. It reduces the symptoms of leukemia and strengthens the pineal and pituitary glands. Real Alexandrite's potent detoxifying activity stimulates the liver, allowing it to function at full efficiency. According to qualified gem healers, Alexandrite promotes nerve cell regeneration and may treat ailments such as leukemia, pancreas, and spleen.

Emotional benefits: Natural alexandrite promotes emotional healing by encouraging self-awareness and maturity. It boosts willpower and encourages the user to embrace change and the emotional consequences that come with it.

Healing Properties of Moonstone - June Birthstone

The moonstone has a profound effect on the reproductive organs, bringing your body back into its natural rhythm. It increases the fertility in both men and women. The stone enhances the power of the digestion system and keeps your digestion better. It removes toxins from your body and bloodstream. It cures any ailments related to the pineal gland and basic organs.

The Moonstone assists you in processing and accepting via the harmony of its inherent therapeutic properties. It balances the hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle in women.

Who Should Wear June Birthstone?

Anyone who wants to wear a June birthstone should first consult with an expert astrologer to make sure that the gem is suitable for the person to wear and that it is friendly with your birth chart.

Who Should Wear Pearl Gemstone?

Indian or Vedic astrology prescribes pearl stones for the Cancer zodiac sign. This astrological gemstone is also suitable for Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendants.

Who Should Wear the Alexandrite June Birthstone?

Persons born under the sign of Cancer might wear the gemstone for its mystical characteristics or just for fashion. Furthermore, persons born under the signs of Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Leo may wear Alexandrite.

Who Should Wear the Moonstone Gem?

People born under the zodiac sign Cancer, Libra, or Scorpio, can wear an original Moonstone gemstone. Also, people who have the Moon in a negative position in their birth chart should wear this stone to remove the negativity.

How to Wear June Birthstones?

Here is a step-by-step Vedic Pooja process for wearing June birth gemstones: On the auspicious day, wear your June birthstone by following the Vedic pooja process mentioned below.

Cleansing the gemstone: Combine uncooked cow's milk, Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves, honey, and ghee (clarified butter) in a small container. Now, gently slide the gemstone into the liquids in the container.

Rinse the gemstone: After 10 to 20 minutes, remove the gemstone from the container, wash it with a clean cloth, and rinse it with water (preferably Ganga Jal). Place the gemstone in a new dish at this stage.

For Pooja, sit with your gemstone in your temple and light incense, as well as offer fresh flowers.

Chanting Mantras: After the pooja, repeat the suggested mantra for the gems 108 times. Now, as suggested by the priest or astrologer, place the gemstone on the appropriate finger or around your neck (if you bought a necklace).

June Birthstones




Ruling Planet




Auspicious Day to Wear March Birthstone


Wednesday or Thursday


Best time to wear March Birthstone

Morning, between 5 and 7 a.m.

Early Morning Hours

Morning Early Hours or at night during the waxing moon.

Metal to Wear March Birthstone 


Platinum or White Gold metal

Silver, Gold or Panchdhatu

Which Finger to wear in?

Right Hand’s Little Finger

Little or ring finger

Little finger

Chanting Mantra 

Om Chandraya Naham

Om Bum Budhaya Namah

Om Chandraya Namah

Price Of June Birthstone

The gemstone is a very significant part of a person's life. It's very uncommon and important to us. That is why it is priced so much on the market. June birthstone prices are determined by factors like as brilliance, form, clarity, quality, and, most notably, glow.

The more a gemstone shines, the more it is valued. The price is also determined by the body's clarity and colorlessness.

Know the prices of June Birthstones here:-

  • What is the pearl price per carat? The pearl price begins at INR 1000 per carat. However, the price may rise to INR 2 lakh per carat (or more).
  • Moonstone prices may range from Rs 500 to Rs 4500 + per carat. Pick the kind of stone you wish to purchase based on your requirements. The price varies based on its size, shape, and quantity.
  • Alexandrite stones may cost anywhere from INR 35,000 ($480) to INR 6,00,000 ($8280) per carat, or much more, depending on the quality combination.