Old Burma Ruby Stone

Old Burma Ruby stones are the finest rubies that are mined from Myanmar. These ruby gemstones are very sophisticated and desirable because of their intense hues and strength. Because of the durability and powers of the ruby stone, it is often gifted as an engagement ring to the partner. The Ruby instills love and compassion in its wear. Alongside, natural rubies are also known to have the boldness and strength of the Sun.

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Old Burma Ruby Gemstone

Old Burma Ruby Stone is a magnificent and unusual gemstone crafted from the finest Burmese rubies. This ruby was meticulously mined in Myanmar, which has a long history of producing high-quality rubies. Old Burma Ruby Stone is valuable and distinctive not only because of its provenance but also because of the vivid red tint it has.

This makes Old Burma Ruby Stone an appealing option for many jewelry items, as it provides an added layer of beauty and refinement. Old Burma Ruby Stone is also noted for its strength and durability, making it an ideal gemstone for long-lasting jewelry items like engagement rings. It is reported that this ruby has maintained its rich red color for millennia, demonstrating its power and beauty.

Burmese ruby stone has been treasured by numerous civilizations throughout history and is still highly sought after today. It's no surprise that Old Burma ruby stone is one of the most expensive and stunning gemstones.

Benefits Of Old Burma Ruby

Symbol Of Love

Old Burma Ruby has always been connected with love and passion. It is seen as a potent symbol of romantic love and is often presented as a gift to convey profound devotion.

Spiritual Awareness

Old Burma Ruby is sometimes used for meditation and spiritual purposes. It is said to increase spiritual awareness, mindfulness, and a stronger connection to one's inner self.

Courage And Confidence

It is said to boost bravery and confidence, allowing people to overcome obstacles and accomplish their objectives.

Improves Blood Circulation

According to certain legends, rubies provide blood circulation advantages. It is said to promote general health and vigor.

Boosts Energy Levels

Some say that wearing an original Old Burma Ruby stone may increase energy and vitality. It is related to the fire element, which represents warmth, passion, and intensity.

Protective Properties

Old Burma Ruby is said to provide protective properties, sheltering the user from bad energy and calamities.

Leadership Qualities

Old Burma Ruby is related to traits like leadership, authority, and ambition. Wearing an Old Burma Ruby is said to improve these characteristics in people.

Attracts Wealth

In certain civilizations, Old Burma Ruby is regarded as a stone of fortune, attracting money and plenty.

Price Of Old Burma Ruby

Old Burma rubies are even more scarce than diamonds. Because of its extreme rarity and strong worldwide demand, each high-quality item is priced separately to reflect its value. Burma ruby prices vary greatly, even within the same carat weight range, according to the gemstone's color and clarity. A burmese ruby with few imperfections and a rich red color may fetch a range from ₹2,000 to ₹50,000 per carat ($10 to $600 in the market, or possibly more). To learn more, see the ruby pricing guide.

  • Color: Deep, vivid red Old Burma Ruby has the highest value. A pigeon blood Burmese ruby's price may easily reach millions of dollars since there is no end to it. Even a little hue shift (from deep red to pink to reddish brown) may dramatically reduce the cost of Burmese ruby (Kempu) stones.
  • Clarity: Old Burma Ruby often has inclusions. In reality, inclusions in natural Old Burma Ruby are typically acceptable, given that eye-clean Old Burma Ruby are almost non-existent on the market today. The price per carat of Old Burma Ruby varies based on its location, volume, and imperfections.
  • Cut: Rough ruby is not readily available or inexpensive. As a result, significant effort is made to reduce stone waste while shaping or refining Old Burma Ruby. If quality and size stay constant, a faceted-cut old Burma ruby will cost more than a round or cabochon ruby.
  • Carat Weight: Old Burma Ruby above a few carats are geologically uncommon. As a result, the price of an ancient Burma ruby per carat increases exponentially when the carat weight exceeds two.
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History Of Old Burma Ruby

The famеd Burma ruby is found in the Mogok and Mong Hsu arеas of Burma and a Southeast Asian nation. Although Burma is now Myanmar this industry still rеfеrs to its rubiеs as 'Burma Ruby'. It is well known for its dееp rеd pigеon tint and rich astrological significance. Thе Burmеsе ruby ownеd by thе planеt Sun and is rеlatеd to thе Zodiac sign Lеo and is considеrеd thе gеmstonе for pеrsons born in July. Burma ruby's rеfractivе indеx variеs from 1.759 to 1.778 and with a Mohs hardnеss of 9.0.

In addition to bеauty and uniquеnеss and durability and anciеnt Burma, rubiеs arе known for thеir inhеrеnt brilliant brilliancе an' comparativеly еxcеllеnt clarity. Burma Rubiеs arе еxcееdingly rеstrictеd which is thе primary rеason for thеir еxclusivity. Thе fact that thе Unitеd Statеs of America bannеd thе import of Burmеsе rubiеs a dеcadе ago to govеrn thе country's military rulе dеmonstratеs thе dеgrее of thеir high dеmand.

Facts About the Old Burma Ruby

  • The Old Burma Ruby Stone's chemical component was aluminum oxide or AI2O3.
  • The Old Burma Ruby stone, which ranked nine on the Mohs Scale, has a hardness similar to a sapphire, making it one of the most durable jewels after diamonds.
  • The Old Burma Ruby gemstone originates in Myanmar, and its name relates to the place where it was produced.
  • The root chakra, also called the Mooladhara chakra, is associated with the Old Burma Ruby stone. Furthermore, wearing a ruby gemstone enhances the root chakra, allowing you to make full use of it.
  • Old Burma Ruby stone is related to the planet Sun, or Lord Surya, as it is frequently known.

People also ask:

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Old Burma Ruby gemstone:-

Que. What to do to wear a ruby stone?

Ans. To wear a ruby, you should buy an original ruby, and purify it. Then, by chanting mantras, you should activate your stone. The complete process of wearing a ruby stone is mentioned here - How To Wear Ruby Gemstone?

Que. What is the Old Burma ruby stone value?

Ans. The Burma Rubies are quite expensive gems because of their fine quality and rarity. The value of Old Burma ruby gem starts from the range of INR 1000 per ratti and can go very high up to lakhs of rupees per carat.

Que. Which Rashi or zodiac signs can wear a ruby stone? OR Who should wear Burmese ruby?

Ans. As per the expert astrologer, Leo Sign people can wear a Ruby. Other than them, people with zodiac signs Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio can also wear a Ruby gem.

Que. Where can I Buy Burmese Ruby Stone Online at the Best Price?

Ans. You can purchase genuine Ruby stones, original and authentic, online from Rashi Ratan BHagya at the best prices. With them, you will get lab-certified gems of every cut, color, and size.