Mozambique Ruby Stone

Mozambique Ruby is known for their strong fluorescence and extreme saturation will bring success, career growth, and good health. The Rubies which are found in the areas of Mozambique are called Mozambique rubies. Mostly these rubies are of good quality so their value is always high. Ruby is a stone of self-confidence or self-belief, fierceness, and boldness since the Sun is the ruling planet of Ruby's gemstone.
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Mozambique Ruby Gemstone

Mozambique rubies, also known as Manik stones, are very valuable and expensive. As the name implies, this stunning ruby gemstone comes from Africa's Mozambique area. The stone is famous because of its bright red color and great transparency. There are numerous additional ruby mines in Africa, but Mozambique is often regarded as the greatest for producing high-quality rubies.

Benefits of Mozambique Ruby

As a result of its incredible healing potential, the Mozambique Ruby gemstone is ideally suited for astrological purposes. This magnificent gemstone, which is seldom treated or amplified, may be utilized to improve the placement of the planet Sun in the wearer's birth chart.

Mozambique Ruby gemstone may provide the most advantages if it is positioned in a favorable position in the horoscope. To get the most astrological advantages, seek the highest-grade Mozambique Ruby gemstone.

  • According to Indian Vedic astrology, wearing high-quality Mozambique ruby gemstones might help you remain awake and accomplish your objectives on time. Students preparing for competitive examinations are advised to wear a Natural Mozambique ruby gemstone.
  • People who are experiencing major financial difficulties might profit from this gorgeous red gemstone. It may be a valuable asset for those seeking to maintain a lavish lifestyle.
  • Wearing high-quality ruby, whether from Mozambique or elsewhere, is said to have incredible therapeutic properties and is beneficial to the wearer's heart, eyes, and bones.
  • The planet Sun is said to represent the father figure in the wearer's horoscope. As a result, gemologists strongly feel that wearing a real Mozambique ruby may immediately assist the native's father's health while also improving his poor circumstances.
  • Ruby stone strengthens the heart of the wearer, keeps the blood circulation intact, and removes toxic substances from the body.

Price of Mozambique Ruby

This very precious kind of ruby gemstone, Mozambique ruby, has made significant contributions to the gem industry. The original Mozambique Ruby price in India may range from Rs. 39,270.00 - Rs. 122,700.00 per carat ($510.51 - $1,595.10) or more. The following are some of the factors that influence the variance of the original Mozambique Ruby price.

  • Color: Mozambique ruby gemstones range from mild to dark red. It has an iron element, which causes the color to shift slightly toward purple-red, with mild to medium fluorescence. According to the color of the ruby gemstone, the Vivid Red or Pigeon Blood Red Mozambique ruby is the highest grade ruby gemstone.
  • Clarity: The rough form of Mozambique ruby has silk inclusions. These inclusions are only visible under a microscope and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The inclusions influence the gemstone's transparency or crystallinity. Eye-clear Mozambique rubies are very precious gemstones that are difficult to locate.
  • Cut: The cut of the gemstone has a tiny but substantial influence on its quality. A well-faceted Mozambique ruby seems brighter, more translucent, and glossy. On the other hand, an improperly faceted gem not only seems dull but also loses its color.
  • Carat weight: Colored gemstones' quality is determined by their carat weight. As a result, even little changes in Mozambique's size might have an impact on the stone's price. A natural Mozambique ruby stone with excellent color and clarity is very valuable.

History Of Mozambique Ruby

Northeastern Mozambique is located at a unique, geologically significant confluence between two treasure-bearing rock bands that developed 500 to 800 million years ago. Rubies and sapphires belong to the corundum mineral family, which is one of the hardest minerals on Earth.

Only the red form of corundum crystal is considered a ruby. Under severe temperatures and pressures, colorless corundum may swap part of its closely packed aluminum atoms with chromium, giving the ruby its deep red color. The presence of silica, which is abundant in the Earth's crust, prevents this from occurring, making rubies very uncommon.

Natural rubies, like other gemstones, have inclusions that chronicle the tale of the gem's journey since development, making each one unique.

In Montepuez, Mozambique, rubies come from two sources: main rock formations and secondary deposits formed by ancient rivers that once trembled with brilliant red stones downstream.

Facts About the Mozambique Ruby

  • Aluminum oxide, or AI2O3, was the chemical component of the Mozambique Ruby Stone.
  • Nine on the Mohs Scale, the Mozambique Ruby stone is one of the most durable gems after diamonds, with a hardness comparable to sapphire.
  • The African nation of Mozambique is the source of the Mozambique ruby gemstone, which gets its name from the location of production.
  • The Mozambique Ruby stone is connected to the root chakra, commonly known as the Mooladhara chakra. Additionally, the root chakra is enhanced and fully used when you wear a ruby gemstone.
  • The planet Sun, sometimes referred to as Lord Surya, is associated with Mozambique ruby stones.
  • Ruby gemstone is the birthstone for July borns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Mozambique ruby stones:

Ques. Are rubies from Mozambique of good quality?

Ans. Yes. Rubies found in Mozambique are mostly found of good quality. They have some inclusions like every ruby but have brilliant color and saturation.

Ques. Why is Mozambique ruby so expensive?

Ans. Real Mozambique rubies are expensive because of their fine quality, and deep color with brilliant lustre.

Ques. Where can I buy Mozambique Ruby Stone Online at the Best Price?

Ans. You can buy an original and authentic Mozambique Ruby Stone Online at the Best Price from Rashi Ratan Bhagya. With us, you will find ruby in every cut and with lab certification.

Ques. Can I Wear a Mozambique ruby ring?

Ans. Yes. Anyone can wear a Mozambique ruby ring or jewelry but if you believe in astrology, you should consult with an expert if wearing the ruby is suitable for you or not.

Ques. Which finger to wear ruby in?

Ans. As per astrologers, the ruby stone is to be worn in the ring finger of your working hand. Know the complete ritual of wearing an original ruby stone here - How To Wear Ruby Gemstone?