Bangkok Ruby Stone (Thailand)

The Ruby gemstones which are found in Thailand are known as Bangkok Ruby Stone. The gems have vivid red color and are very valuable. The stone will bring its wearer creativity and confidence. It increases attraction and love in life as well as promotes joy and passion. The King of gemstones, Ruby, brings the person leadership and power. Bangkok ruby gemstone is a great investment for your life both in terms of astrological aesthetics and monetary value.

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Bangkok Ruby Gemstone

Thailand is home to the valuable gemstone known as Bangkok Ruby Stone. Its stunning glitter and rich, vivid red color make it very valuable. For hundreds of years, Bangkok Ruby Stone has been used as a beautiful stone and as a symbol of passion and love in many different civilizations.

Wearers of Bangkok Ruby Stones are said to get happiness, protection, and good fortune. Bangkok Ruby Stone is said to improve creativity, calm the psyche, and dispel bad energy. It is a perfect option for jewelry designs that honor joy, passion, and love.

When it comes to anniversary presents, wedding bands, engagement rings, and other special occasions, and when you want to express your love and gratitude, Bangkok Ruby Gemstones are a fantastic option. Bangkok Ruby Stone is a great investment since it will last a lifetime. The stone is certain to enhance the memory of any noteworthy event.

Benefits of Bangkok Ruby

Bangkok Ruby Gemstone: Bringing Life and Vigor

As said before, the Sun, the giver of life and energy, is connected to this red-hued gemstone. It is said that the wearer absorbs the potent powers of the Sun, which serves to increase zeal and drive. Bangkok Ruby gemstones are useful for boosting energy levels in those who are going through a physically or emotionally debilitated period.

Activating the Chakra of the Root

Bangkok Ruby, this lovely gemstone would activate the root chakra. This chakra, also known as Muladhara, is in charge of overcoming obstacles and giving life its basis. Thus, opening this chakra aids in enhancing the wearer's capacity for making decisions and self-assurance. Wearing a Bangkok Ruby stone may improve leadership abilities for persons in leadership positions in their line of work. The wearer's career is bolstered by the gemstone. Who is the appropriate person to wear Bangkok ruby gemstones? Students, engineers, physicians, attorneys, judges, stockbrokers, geologists, and legislators all gain from the Bangkok Ruby stone.

Stone of Defense and Good Vibes

It is well known that wearing a gemstone may shield oneself from bad energy. Wearing a Bangkok ruby stone gives the wearer the bravery and fortitude to tackle obstacles in life without fear. Bangkok Ruby Stone may foster optimism and a good outlook in those who are depressed and negative.

Healing Properties of Bangkok Ruby

Bangkok Ruby is a lucky stone, signifying wealth for the physical, mental, and spiritual domains. Due to its ability to strengthen the heart, muscles, and ventricles, this gem may aid in physical recuperation. It is a blood stone, as suggested by the rich, deep crimson tones, therefore it might be beneficial for everything from menstrual pains to circulation. It could also help with fertility, sexuality, and other reproductive health issues. The kidneys, lymphatic system, and adrenal glands may all benefit from Bangkok Ruby gem cleansing and healing.

Bangkok Ruby may seem opulent, but beyond the glitz and beauty, it is deeply connected to ideas of love. The Bangkok Ruby is a gem that encourages us to go over the scratches, dents, and scrapes on our hearts from the past. Given that it supports the preservation, defense, and balance of sensitivity, it's the perfect treasure for those who are sensitive. Bangkok Ruby will stop at nothing to instill confidence in us since it wants us to feel love in every way possible. With its fierce defensive properties and brilliant light energy, Bangkok Ruby swoops in to save us from bad thought patterns.

Price of Bangkok Ruby Gemstone

Due to various quality factors, the price of Bangkok Ruby stone varies considerably, even within the same variation. Bangkok Ruby stone origin, color, clarity, and uniqueness all affect how much they cost. In India, the initial cost of a Bangkok Ruby stone may range from Rs. 3,762.00 - Rs. 47,795.00 per carat, or more ($48.91 - $621.34).

Sr No Check Ruby Stone Origin Prices
1 African Ruby Price
2 New Burma Ruby Price
3 Old Burma Ruby Price
4 Indian Ruby Price
5 Mozambique Ruby Price
6 Burmese Ruby Price

History Of Bangkok Ruby

The Latin word ruber, which means red, is where the term "ruby" first appeared. According to the Bible, rubies are one of the two jewels that God created, which is why the European aristocracy has always been fond of them.

Ruby gemstones were referred to be "Ratnaraj" in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language that means "the King of the Jewels." It was thus among the most expensive jewels. As a result, it was exclusively worn by Indian royalty or the higher classes.

Because the color red is associated with good fortune in Chinese culture, rubies quickly became the most prized stones among them. These jewels have been presented as a lucky charm from the beginning of time. The Chinese felt that if a ruby became deeper in color or grew a black spot after being worn, it was a sign of some evil force or entity possessed by the wearer. Upon shedding the soul's darkness, the spots naturally disappear.

Facts About the Bangkok Ruby

  • The chemical component of the Bangkok Ruby Stone was Aluminum oxide or AI2O3.
  • Bangkok Ruby stone, ranked ninth on the Mohs Scale, is comparable in hardness to sapphire, making it one of the toughest jewels after diamonds.
  • The Bangkok Ruby gemstone has its origins in Thailand, and its name reflects the location where it is mined.
  • The root chakra, also known as the Mooladhara chakra, is connected to Bangkok Ruby stone. Additionally, the root chakra is at its strongest while wearing a ruby gemstone, allowing you to make good use of it.
  • Bangkok Ruby stone is connected to the planet Sun, or Lord Surya as it is also known.

People also ask:

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about the Bangkok ruby gemstone:-

Que. What is Bangkok ruby meaning?

Ans. Rubies that are found in the regions of Bangkok, Thailand are named Bangkok rubies. They are good quality ruby stones and come in deep red colors.

Que. Are Thailand rubies good to wear?

Ans. Yes. They are good quality gemstones that you can wear on a daily basis.

Que. Where to Buy Bangkok Ruby Stone Online at the Best Price?

Ans. You can buy an original and authentic Bangkok ruby gemstone online at the best price from Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They are the most reputable and one of the leading retailers of gemstones since 1985.