Red Coral Mala

Red Coral Malas Are made from Natural Red coral gemstones strung on thread and silver/gold. Red Coral, generally known as Lal Moonga, is associated with Planet Mars, or Mangal grah, as per Vedic Astrology, which governs boldness, vigor, and confidence. The mala provides a variety of advantages to the bearer, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This precious Red Gemstone is popular among devotees of Lord Hanuman and Ganesh. A Lal Moonga mala may be used for both wearing and wearing Japa. Red Coral Mala is often recommended for devotees with a weak Mars or Mangal in their horoscope. The lal moonga gemstone provides the wearer with excellent health, strength, stability, and support. It also bestows bravery, confidence, tenacity, and the ability to overcome obstacles and succeed.

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Benefits of Red Coral Mala

There are so many benefits of wearing Red Coral Mala. This gemstone mala is used for Japa and for wearing. Red Coral is the gemstone of Planet Mars, and it will help reduce the harmful effect of Mangal Grah and help overcome the Manglik dosh or mangal dosh in your birth chart.

  • Increases self-confidence, bravery, and leadership skills, allowing the wearer to overcome obstacles and triumph.
  • It improves health by addressing blood-related disorders, reinforcing the immune system, and increasing general energy.
  • It helps balance the body, mind, and spirit, encouraging peace and well-being.
  • Coral has a direct impact on business and the company. Wearing this stone also protects from black magic and the evil eye.
  • If a person is in debt or experiencing financial difficulties, wearing Mars coral stone may help. Coral's vitality might help you pay off your debt quickly.
  • Wearing a Red Coral Mala provides you the courage to tackle life's challenges with dignity.
  • Vedic astrology says the red coral mala denotes 'Mangalya Balam.' This enhances the marital bond and extends the life of the partner. Wearing it increases the lifetime of the woman's spouse.
  • If you desire to be a leader or lack leadership characteristics, wearing coral will help.

Price of Red Coral Mala

The Price of Red Coral Mala depends on the quality of red coral gemstone beads. Generally, in India, red coral mala prices range from 30000 Rupees to 1 Lakh Rupees. The cost of Lal Moonga Mala also depends on the size and color of the red coral beads.