White Moonstone

Moonstone as name suggests is stone of Moon. It is also known as 'Chandramani or Chandrakant Mani' in Hindi. Even though they are found in several hues, the natural white moonstones are most popular ones. They are much like the moon in appearance as well as benefits. The gem gives peace, love, and serenity to the wearer. It enhances your vitality, brings liveliness to your life, and boosts your charm. This beautiful gem will bring balance to your life. Also, it is very beneficial if you are planning to conceive. Moonstone increases fertility in both men and women. Also, it keeps the to-be mothers and the baby protected and safe.

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About Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone is also known as Chandrakanta Stone and Chandramani Stone in Hindi. It is associated with the planet Moon. Aside from reflecting the planet's ethereal brightness, Chandramani stone embodies purity and peace, instilling the user with optimism and hope. It fulfills the same function as the Moon in people's lives, lighting the gloomy skies of worry, anxiety, and melancholy.

  • The mysterious Moonstone is one of the world's most popular semi-precious gemstones, with a richness of symbolic importance.
  • Moonstone is related to the planet Moon or Chandra.
  • This gemstone is known as a stone of emotions and emotional equilibrium and as a tool for delving deeply inside oneself to uncover inner truth, knowledge, and connection to the higher self.
  • Moonstone is chosen by healers and psychic channels, who wear Moonstone Bracelets or other Moonstone rings to benefit from its significance, which includes improving psychic skills and using intuitive capabilities.
  • Natural Moonstone is known for promoting love. In India, the Moon Stone crystal is highly valued, especially among astrologers aware of its mystical properties.

Benefits of Moonstone:

Natural Moon Stone has a strong, centuries-old reputation for its great beauty, many mystical properties, and healing skills. This gemstone is often referenced in ancient manuscripts from India, Egypt, China, and Rome. From Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. For generations, it has been worn as a symbol of status and style. Rated as the queen of jewels, the stone is known by several names in different nations and civilizations, including 'Tarak Ratna' or 'Chandra Ratna' in Hindi. Let's see the basic, astrological, and health benefits of Moonstone

Astrological Benefits of Moonstone Stone

  • The Moon regulates your emotions and instincts, enhancing your intuitive talents by opening your head chakra to accept direction.
  • Crystals are popular possessions among spiritual seekers and people who desire to go on a personal development journey. The Moonstone bracelet may help you discover yourself and your purpose by promoting meditation and self-reflective routines.
  • The Moon, connected with feminine energy, will stimulate the same forces inside you. The Moonstone bracelet helps you accept your strength and cultivate your inner ambitions

Health Benefits of Moonstone Stones

  • The supporting presence of white Moonstone helps you control your spontaneous outbursts and make calm choices instead of being overwhelmed. Its stress-reduction ability makes it a great crystal.
  • The calming influence of Blue Moonstone improves your anxiety management and fosters the quiet and tranquility of the deep blue seas inside you. It allows you to remain in the current moment rather than drowning in tension, reminiscing, or fretting about the unknown future.
  • When difficult circumstances bog you down, the ethereal radiance of Blue Moonstone helps to rekindle hope and enthusiasm while also boosting your mood.
  • The calm energy of blue Moonstone improves sleep habits. Its gentle caress allows you to sleep deeply and begin the day in a positive tone.
  • For women, the Moonstone bracelet helps to protect against mood swings, irritation, and bloating during the menstrual cycle and menopause.

Basic Benefits Of Moonstone Gemstone

  • Moonstones are believed to bring good fortune. Besides, the ethereal gem also helps to predict the future.
  • Moreover, Moonstone augments one’s intuition power and boosts inspiration. This gem is also believed to attract success when it concerns business and love.
  • Moonstone is also regarded as a stone for travelers. It is believed to safeguard travelers on land and sea.
  • Moonstone is a highly popular semi-precious gemstone. It is regarded as a great stone for creative professionals, mainly those in the writing and music fields.

Who Can Wear Moonstone Gemstone?

  • The stone, regulated by the Moon, governs your emotions, spiritual development, and self-realization. The Moonstone bracelet is ideal for people at the beginning of their spiritual journey.
  • The moonstone is the third birthstone for June Born Persons, after Pearl and Alexandrite.
  • According to Indian astrology, the Moonstone is associated with the fortunate planet Moon. Wearing the stone boosts the Moon in the person's horoscope and brings them peace, mental equilibrium, happiness, and good health.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the Moon Stone is beneficial for Kark Rashi.
  • Western astrology also recommends the stone for the Cancer Sign (Kark Rashi).
  • Ascendants of Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces might also benefit from wearing the Moon Stone.

How to Wear Moonstone?

Moonstone rings for ladies are stunningly beautiful and help you achieve balance and harmony in your life. However, you may maximize its effects by following the activation rites mentioned below. These rituals apply to any jewelry, including Moonstone men's rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Planet Moon (Chandra)
Western Sun Sign Cancer
Vedic Rashi Kark Rashi
Fortunate Ascendants Leo, Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces
Weight Roughly 1/10th to 1/12th of the body weight. A person weighing 60kg can wear a 5-carat Moonstone gemstone.
Color White, Grey, Peach and Rainbow, Green, Yellow to Brown, or Gray to Nearly Black, Blue
Metal Silve
Finger Moonstone should be worn in the "little Finger" of the working hand
Day & Time Monday is the auspicious day and the ideal time to wear Moonstone is 5 AM to 7 AM
Moonstone Mantra || ॐ सों सोमाय नम: || Om Som Somaya Namah- 108 times


What is the Puja Procedure for Moonstone Before Wearing It?

When it is about performing pooja for moonstone, the ideal day is Monday (you already know the timing from the above segment).

Take a white silk cloth and spread it. Then, it’s time to spread rice as well as sugar all over the cloth. Wash the moonstone ring properly, and then start applying sandal and kumkum to it. Next, put the ring on the mixture of rice and sugar.

Light camphor and incense stick (opt for natural ones). It is time for offering white flowers and chanting the Moon mantra 108 times. The final step is to wear the moonstone ring.

What is Original Price of Moonstone

Are you curious about how much a carat of moonstone costs? The price of moonstone starts from Rupees 500/- or $ 6 for per carat in India. The highest price of rainbow moonstone is Rupees 5,000/- or $ 61 for per carat. Now, you know the price range of moonstone per carat. But, if you want to be sure about the real price of moonstone, you can consult an expert. The price of moonstone gemstone varies based on different qualities, such as color, clarity, shape, and cut.

  • Origin: Moonstone is mined mainly in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, and Madagascar. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) produces the best classical moonstones with the blue Schiller effect. India is well-known for creating rainbow moonstones.
  • Color: Moonstones occur in various hues (as noted above), but the most common are white, grey, peach, and rainbow. White moonstones with a blue Schiller effect are the most valued since they are ideal for astrology and aesthetics.
  • Clarity: Moonstone's clarity varies from transparent to translucent. Ideally, the stone should include no or few noticeable inclusions.
  • Cut: Moonstone is often carved into Cabochons to accentuate the optical phenomena known as 'Adularescence.' Some stones can provide a cat's eye or star look.
  • Carat Weight: Carat Weight is one of the main factors determining the price of the Moonstone. The higher the weight, the higher the cost of the Chandrkanta stone.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstone comes with incredible benefits for the mind, body, and soul. However, these benefits can only be reaped only when you buy the original moonstone. Rashi Ratan Baghya has won the hearts and trust of its customers by providing natural, original and government certified gemstones. You can contact us if you are in search of real moonstone. We have the natural moonstones of the best quality to provide you with a maximum value for your money and to cater to your requirements and expectations.

Healing Properties of Moonstone

The moonstone healing properties are as follows:

  • Works as a Multi-purpose Gem:- Moonstone is believed to bring happiness and good fortune. Moreover, it represents love and unselfishness. Moonstone helps to onset a new journey in life along with promoting spiritual insights. Besides, this spectacular gem streamlines the childbirth process. It is also believed to bring abundance, hope, and wisdom.
  • Supports Inner Growth:- Moonstone helps in new beginnings in life. It promotes inner growth and internal strength. Furthermore, moonstone helps to relieve emotional anxiety and instability. It helps to calm the mind and stabilize emotion so that one can make informed decisions in life. Other than providing relaxing effects in the mind, moonstone augments one’s intuition power and boosts up success and inspiration. When it comes to matters related to business and love, moonstone helps to bring good fortune.
  • Promotes Well-being:- Not only about mental and emotional support but moonstone also promotes good health. It helps to keep a proper digestive system by keeping toxins at bay. The alluring gem helps the body to absorb nutrients. It also lowers degenerative conditions related to eyes, hair, skin, pancreas, and liver. Furthermore, moonstone promotes the pineal gland and helps to keep hormonal cycles in a proper balance. That is why the moonstone is regarded as an ideal gem for PMS, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

The moonstone metaphysical properties also lie in its power to help men to open their emotional side.

Types and Origin of Moonstone

Romans, Greeks, and Indians have long valued Moonstone's medicinal properties. Some felt it represented fertility, while others saw it as a sign of love and rejuvenation. In many places, it is often given as a 13th wedding anniversary present.

Regarding availability, Sri Lanka is known for having the highest-grade original moonstones. African Moonstone, or Chandrakanta Stone, is highly popular with gemstone lovers. Other origins of Chandramani stone or moonstones are the United States, India, Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar, and Germany.

Contrary to common belief, an original Moonstone is available in various hues. Let's have a look at the many sorts of Moonstones.

White Moonstone

A white Moonstone is a spiritual experience contained inside a little crystal that has the potential to alter you from the inside out. It improves your psychic talents and divine energy, assisting you in your healing and manifestation path.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is also known as White Labradorite gemstone, and its qualities indicate it is Labradorite. However, because of the spectacular Rainbow colors it produces, which resemble the Moonstone rock, the stone has been named Rainbow Moonstone. Because of its rainbow hues, it is supposed to affect all seven chakras in the body, cleanse the aura, and provide clarity.

It is stated that Rainbow Moonstone deflects bad energy. It promotes restful sleep and lucid dreams. Rainbow Moonstone's therapeutic abilities also include help for personal change. Rainbow Moonstone is offered as Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon or Raw Rainbow Moonstone.

Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstones soothing and loving energies provide an experience unlike any other. This blue gemstone, the Cat's Eye Moonstone, encourages imaginative thinking, increased intuition, and goal-oriented behavior.

Yellow Moonstone

This kind of Moonstone, like the optimism-inducing yellow of sunlight, reduces tension and helps you see the bright side of any circumstance. It is among the greatest Moonstone varieties for ladies dealing with mental upheaval and stress.

Why Moonstone Is So Important?

Given below are the few factors that indicate the significance of the beautiful moonstone gemstone:

  • Rarity: - In short, moonstone is rare in terms of its primary features. This spectacular gem is extracted from one of the most common minerals of the world.
  • Adularescence: - It is a striking phenomenon that is seen in the moonstone gem. The alternating layers of orthoclase and albite scatter light and produce adularescence.
  • Another Effect: - Other than adularescence, moonstone often displays an alluring cat’s-eye effect.

Moonstones feature semi-transparent blue hues all-around them. The spectacular sheen of the moonstone gem comes with great importance, according to astrology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que. What is moonstone good for?

Ans. Moonstone helps you unleash your feminine power of creativity and intuition, which lets you connect with your authentic feelings. It can calm and balance your emotions and stress. The peaceful energy of the moonstone fosters creativity, healing, and maternal protection.

Que. Is moonstone a lucky stone?

Ans. Moonstone, a gem that showed “lighted” effects on its surface, was a sign of good fortune in Eastern cultures. The shifting, white flashes on its face, which experts call adularescence, seemed to imply a strong, benevolent spirit lived inside.

Que. Is it safe to wear a moonstone?

Ans. Moonstone is not as strong as gems like sapphire, diamond, or amethyst. It can get scratched and also cracked or split if it hits a hard surface by accident. Moonstones should not be worn during gymming or while playing Sports. However, many people wear moonstone rings for years without any problems if they take good care of them.

Que. Where is moonstone found in India?

Ans. Rainbow moonstone is found in the southwest of India, while blue moonstone is extracted from Bihar in the middle of the nation.

Que. Is Moonstone a Gemini birthstone?

Ans. Moonstone is one of the June birthstones, along with Pearl and Alexandrite, and is assigned to the astrological sign of Gemini. It’s a modern June gem that is given for the 13th wedding anniversary and every 13 years after that.

Que. Moonstone is the birthstone of which month?

Ans. June has three birthstones, which is rare for a month, giving you many options for beautiful birthstone gems. The birthstones for June are moonstone, alexandrite, and Pearl.