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MoonStone Facts Price, Properties, Benefits & Wearing Process

Moonstone- An Intro

The moonstone gem is available throughout the world. The moonstone’s value is primarily credited to its white to blue luster. The soft, eye-catchy sheen of moonstone is rather awe-inspiring. However, it comes as a fragile gemstone. The moonstone birthstone comes as a conventional birthstone for June. In short, moonstone is hugely preferred in the field of jewelry.

In other words, moonstone comes as a type of mineral “orthoclase,” which comes under the feldspar group. In times of structuring, orthoclase and albite make alternating layers by separating from each other.

So, when the thin layers of orthoclase and albite receive light, they scatter it and produce a captivating phenomenon, known as “adularescence.” However, other feldspar-group minerals also exhibit adularescence, such as sanidine and labradorite.

As per astrology, moonstones should not possess any viewable internal inclusions to be the most effective version. Sri Lanka is the place of origin of moonstones. Moreover, Sri Lanka-based moonstones are astrologically believed to be the most effective ones.

You should check the color of the moonstone before purchasing it. The highest quality moonstone comes with glassy purity and a captivating blue shimmering effect. Furthermore, you should also make sure about the clarity, cut, and carat weight of the moonstone.

Why Moonstone Is So Important?

Given below are the few factors that indicate the significance of the beautiful moonstone gemstone:

Rarity: - In short, moonstone is rare in terms of its primary features. This spectacular gem is extracted from one of the most common minerals of the world.

Adularescence: - It is a striking phenomenon that is seen in the moonstone gem. The alternating layers of orthoclase and albite scatter light and produce adularescence.

Another Effect: - Other than adularescence, moonstone often displays an alluring cat’s-eye effect.

Moonstones feature semi-transparent blue hues all-around them. The spectacular sheen of the moonstone gem comes with great importance, according to astrology.

Moonstone Healing Properties/Metaphysical Properties

The moonstone healing properties are as follows:

Works as a Multi-purpose Gem: - Moonstone is believed to bring happiness and good fortune. Moreover, it represents love and unselfishness. Moonstone helps to onset a new journey in life along with promoting spiritual insights. Besides, this spectacular gem streamlines the childbirth process. It is also believed to bring abundance, hope, and wisdom.

Supports Inner Growth: - Moonstone helps in new beginnings in life. It promotes inner growth and internal strength. Furthermore, moonstone helps to relieve emotional anxiety and instability. It helps to calm the mind and stabilize emotion so that one can make informed decisions in life.

Other than providing relaxing effects in the mind, moonstone augments one’s intuition power and boosts up success and inspiration. When it comes to matters related to business and love, moonstone helps to bring good fortune.

Promotes Well-being: - Not only about mental and emotional support but moonstone also promotes good health. It helps to keep a proper digestive system by keeping toxins at bay. The alluring gem helps the body to absorb nutrients. It also lowers degenerative conditions related to eyes, hair, skin, pancreas, and liver.

Furthermore, moonstone promotes the pineal gland and helps to keep hormonal cycles in a proper balance. That is why the moonstone is regarded as an ideal gem for PMS, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

The moonstone metaphysical properties also lie in its power to help men to open their emotional side.

What are the Benefits of Moonstone?

Let’s talk about the benefits of moonstone below:

Moonstones are believed to bring good fortune. Besides, the ethereal gem also helps to predict the future.

Moreover, moonstone augments one’s intuition power and boosts inspiration. This gem is also believed to attract success when it is about business and love matters.

Moonstone is also regarded to be a stone for travelers. It is believed to safeguard the traveler on the land as well as sea.

Moonstone is one of the highly popular semi-precious gemstones. It is regarded as a great stone for creative professionals, who mainly belong to the writing and music fields.

Owing to excellent moonstone gemstone benefits, many healers make use of this stone. It helps to boost the functions of the pineal glands. Furthermore, moonstones support internal hormone production cycles to get balanced.

Who Can Wear Moonstone?

Moonstone comes as the conventional birthstone for June. It is meant for the “Cancer” zodiac sign. In short, moonstone offers excellent benefits to artists, musicians, composers, and writers. Moreover, moonstone is believed to promote creativity and enhance sync with the vibration and aura of nature.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstone comes with incredible benefits for the mind, body, and soul. However, these benefits can only be reaped only when you buy the original moonstone. Rashi Ratan Bhagya has won the hearts and trust of its customers by providing natural, original and government certified gemstones. You can contact us if you are in search of original moonstone. We have the natural moonstones of the best quality to provide you with a maximum value for your money and to cater to your requirements and expectations.

What Is the Original Price of Moonstone Per Carat?

Do you want to know moon stone price per carat? The moonstone price range begins with approx. Rupees 500/- or $8 per carat. The maximum price of moonstone is Rupees 5,000/- or $70 per carat. Now, you are familiar with the moonstone price per carat. However, if you want to ensure the original moonstone price, you can ask an expert. The moonstone gemstone price depends on various qualities, such as clarity, color, shape, and cut.

How to Wear Moonstone?

Every gemstone has a specific method of wearing, and it goes for moonstone as well. If moonstone suits you, you should wear it on Monday evening times of the Waxing Moon or Shukla Paksh.

Moreover, moonstone should only be worn on the little finger. However, right-handed people should wear it in their right hands and left-handed people in their left hands.

When it comes to wearing the moonstone, you should chant a specific Mantra. Ask your astrologer about the same.

What is the Puja Procedure for Moonstone Before Wearing It?

When it is about performing pooja for moonstone, the ideal day is Monday (you already know the timing from the above segment).

Take a white silk cloth and spread it. Then, it’s time to spread rice as well as sugar all over the cloth. Wash the moonstone ring properly, and then start applying sandal and kumkum to it. Next, put the ring on the mixture of rice and sugar.

Light camphor and incense stick (opt for natural ones). It is time for offering white flowers and chanting the Moon mantra 108 times. The final step is to wear the moonstone ring.