February Birthstone - Amethyst

The natural birthstone for the February month is Amethyst. Amethyst are natural tranquilizers, and these purple hues and sparkling gems look astonishing. The stone compliments the naturally giving nature of February's borns. Amethyst (also known as Kathela) stone brings calmness and serenity to the life of the wearer. The creative February Born will benefit from Amethyst with their creativity as well. Gem will help them concentrate and be more themselves, as well as expand their imagination.
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February Birthstone

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About's February Birthstone

Amethyst stone is the birthstone for February. The gem is a purple type of quartz with shades ranging from light lilac to deep reddish purple. It has a reasonably high hardness of 7, making it quite scratch-resistant.

The Amethyst gemstone is popularly known as Kathela or Jamuniya because of its purple hues. The gem is called the Stone of Peace because of its tranquilizing abilities. It is used highly by people to attract calming energies in their lives. Amethyst is also supposed to alleviate alcoholism and improve business acumen. This February birthstone was formerly only available to the wealthy, but recent discoveries have made it more cheap.

Learn more about this beautiful birthstone and where it may be obtained.

Amethyst Gemstone History | February Birthstones

The Amethyst have been a stone of serenity and calmness since ancient times. There is a rich history of amethyst as it is associated with a lot of myths and legends throughout history. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to use the amethyst as a stone of protection. They believed Amethyst would keep them safe from intoxicating powers and negative thinking.

In the Middle Ages, amethyst was seen as a stone of royalty. Royal people wore the gem as jewelry and used it in their relics as well. It slowly started to gain popularity as a stone symbolizing royalty because it was a rare stone. But then the stone was found in more numbers and so everyone started to enjoy the powers of Amethyst.

Leonard da Vinci, the famous painter who painted the Mona Lisa, once mentioned amethyst as a stone of intellect. He stated that the Amethyst crystal eliminates evil thoughts.

Until the 18th century, the Amethyst was considered a very valuable gemstone and a precious stone but after its deposits were found in Brazil it is not that rare now and is considered a semi-precious gemstone.

Symbolism of the February Birthstone

As the color purple has traditionally been identified with monarchy, amethysts were prized by the ruling class. Over time, amethysts have also come to be connected with spirituality, mental clarity, and healing.

The purple hues of the amethyst symbolize the purple chakra, the crown chakra. The crown chakra, also known as the Sahasrara Chakra is presented by the violet-purple color. It is the energy center located at the top of our heads, known for spirituality and higher connections. It is believed that the Amethyst stone is connected with the crown chakra. It activates the energy center and so aids the person connect with the spiritual powers of the universe. It gives you a sense of divinity and awareness.

The purple-hued amethyst is also known to symbolize purity, sincerity, and deep love. The stone gives the wearer spiritual wisdom and encourages selflessness.

Properties of the Amethyst Crystal

The amethyst gemstone is an elegant gemstone that belongs to the Quartz family. Before you choose to wear the Amethyst gemstone, it is essential that you get all the knowledge about this crystal. Hence, for your knowledge, here we have mentioned both the physical and metaphysical properties of the Amethyst Crystal or gemstone.

Physical Healing Properties of Amethyst gemstone

  • Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone.
  • The chemical composition of the Amethyst gemstone is SiO2, a silicate mineral.
  • The hardness of the Amethyst stone on Moh’s scale is 07.
  • The Refractive Index of the Amethyst is 1.544 to 1.553.
  • The Specific gravity of an Amethyst is 2.66.
  • Amethyst is insoluble in common solvents and have a melting point of 1650±75 °C

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst

  • Amethyst gemstone works as a natural tranquilizer, it reduces anxiety and stress.
  • The gem removes negative thinking and helps clear the mind.
  • The gem helps the person sleep better, improving their sleeping patterns.
  • Amethyst opens the path of spiritual awareness.
  • It reduces fear, anger, and sadness.
  • Amethyst brings serenity.

Meaning of Amethyst Birthstone

February Birth crystal meaning Amethyst is a well-known and well-sought-after gemstone. The gem is known for its soothing vibes which makes it a demanding gemstone. The stone has gotten its meaning the most in crystal therapies and spiritual practices. People all over the world use Amethyst to bring calming vibes into their lives. The stone is durable and have a calming purple hue. Purple is both a warm and cool color and amethyst is in link with Saturn as well. The stone astrologically have many powers and so it is a very important stone. During crystal therapies or spiritual practices, people keep the crystal or gemstone with them and focus on attracting positive energies with the help of amethyst. The stone will enhance your psychic powers and assist you in manifesting your goals. So, when you sit with your amethyst and focus on the energies around you, feel them, the energies of the universe will come to you and a protective positive aura will create around you.

Origin of Amethyst Gemstone

Russia was the primary supplier of amethyst until the nineteenth century when vast amounts were discovered in Brazil. Amethyst, which was formerly as uncommon as ruby or emerald, has suddenly become abundant. Today, Africa and South America are the primary producers of amethyst. Brazil is a key source, particularly its southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, albeit the raw amethyst mined there is often lighter in hue than amethyst found elsewhere. Amethyst from Brazil may occasionally create hollow, crystal-lined geodes that are big enough to stand in.

The Anahí mine in Bolivia is a major supplier of amethyst. The Anahí mine, located in the Pantanal marshes, is a place of mystery. It was found by a Spanish conqueror in the 1600s and given to him as a dowry when he married Anahí (a princess from the Ayoreo tribe). It was neglected for three centuries until it was rediscovered in the 1960s. The Anahí mine is well-known in gem circles for producing ametrine, a unique bicolored amethyst- citrine.

Benefits of February Birthstone Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone with immense powers and significance. The stone has a connection with the planet Saturn and removes its negative effects. It protects the person from evil spirits and negative energies. The positive energies of the stone that it transfers to individuals who use this February birthstone fill their lives with optimism, courage, strength, serenity, and determination.

There are many other February Birth Crystal Benefits, read them all:-

  • The energies of the stone will attract positive vibes to the person. The universe will help the person lead a positive life because the stone’s energies will absorb the negativity and multiply the positivity.
  • Amethyst February birthstone is a gem of peace, so it will eliminate everything from your life that can snatch away your peace.
  • The gem will give the person calmness, hope, and warmth.
  • The amethyst is also known to instill prosperity and abundance into its users.
  • Amethyst is also considered a gem that can bring love into your relationships. The stone’s energies can remove conflicts from your relationships and deepen your bonds.
  • Amethyst or Jamuniya stone signifies truth and loyalty, hence it is often used as a symbol of love and is presented to loved ones.
  • The February gemstone will increase selflessness in the person who uses it. It will transform their life for the better. The gem will increase determination in the person to fulfill their goals.
  • The gem will also change the thinking process of the person. The soothing energies will eliminate overthinking and negative thinking, elevating positiveness in the thought process of the user as well.

Healing Properties of the Amethyst Gemstone

The amethyst gemstone heals a person. It makes the person more cheerful and lively. The healing properties of amethyst include both physical healing and emotional healing. Emotionally, the stone helps the person find balance. It makes them control their emotions better and cures anxiety issues, panic attacks, and depression-like situations. The stone will help you overcome your emotional traumas, it will heal your heart and reduce sadness, grief, and anger.

Physically, the amethyst birthstone will cure many diseases and treat you in many ways, like.

  • Curing skin problems
  • Boosting the immune system and metabolism
  • Maintaining blood flow
  • Removing toxic substances from the body
  • Regenerating skin tissues
  • Treating hearing disorders
  • Aiding problems related to the endocrine system
  • Curing insomnia
  • Provide relief from headaches
  • Treat lung-related problems

Astrological Significance of February Birthstone

Amethyst, the February gemstone, as per astrology, is a stone of Saturn. Saturn is the ruling planet of the Amethyst gemstone. Astrology states that every gemstone is in association with a particular planet and brings the blessings of that planet to the person when one wears or uses that crystal or gemstone. The Amethyst will bring the blessings of Saturn to the individual.

Saturn which is also known as Shani, is a planet of dedication, willingness, responsibility, discipline, and a strong sense of self. Shani Grah will bless you with all these characteristics when you wear the Amethyst gemstone astrologically.

Amethyst is a strong gemstone and because it is linked with Saturn or Shani Grah, this stone is also used as a substitute for the Blue Sapphire gems.

Importance of Amethyst - The February Birthstone

For the people who are born in February, the amethyst stone can be life-altering and affirming. The Amethyst stone is a gem of peace that brings calmness into the life of its user. This gemstone is known to activate the crown chakra in the wearer. The crown chakra is an energy center that connects the person with the higher powers of the universe. When a person uses an amethyst and the energy aligns in the body of the wearer to open the crown chakra, the energy center makes the person more aware and conscious.

The stone will provide you relief from anxieties and worries. It will help you remain calm. It will boost your intuition powers and will soothe you. The stone will also make you glow, it will fill your life with radiance and light.

Connecting the person with their self-consciousness and meeting them with the world of the divine, will make the life of a person more clear. So, this stone is important for those who are lost in their life and are looking to connect themselves with divination, peace, and purpose.

Who Should Wear the February Birthstone?

As we are discussing about the February birthstone, of course, the people born in the Feb. month can wear this gemstone.

Although, who else can wear this stone? Well, Amethyst is a stone of Saturn, so people who need the blessings of Saturn can wear the gem. Many individuals have Saturn positioned in a negative position in their birth chart or Kundli, astrologers recommend these people wear an original Amethyst gemstone. When the individual wears the stone with proper ritual, the stone’s energies will eliminate the negativity of Saturn and bring its blessings to the person.

Which Rashi Can Wear the February Gemstone?

People who are born under the following zodiac signs or Rashi can wear a natural amethyst gemstone:-

  • Capricorn
  • Aries
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio

However, before wearing an Amethyst jewelry or stone we will suggest that you consult with an expert astrologer or Pandit. Make sure that the stone is suitable for you to wear as per your Kundli.

How to Wear the February Birthstone?

Following the Vedic Pooja Procedure to activate your February birthstone is essential. The Pooja process or ritual will remove all the negative energies that the stone or crystal might be containing before it gets to you. Also, it will make the stone connect with you and work for you only.

Here is the complete procedure for activating your amethyst gemstone:-

Purification of Amethyst - The first step to energizing your amethyst stone, the February birthstone is purifying it. To purify your amethyst stone or jewelry, dip your gemstone or amethyst jewelry in Gangajal with some Tulsi leaves in it for 24 hours. Then, leave the stone in unboiled or raw cow milk for another 24 hours.

Best Day to Wear an Amethyst Gemstone - The best day to wear an Amethyst gemstone is a Saturday of Krishna Paksha.

Best Time to Wear an Amethyst - The best time to wear an amethyst jewelry or stone is the evening hours after the sun is set.

Which Metal to Wear an Amethyst Gemstone In? - As per experts, amethyst will work best when worn in Silver.

In Which Form Should I Wear an Amethyst? - The best form to wear an Amethyst gemstone is in the form of a ring or pendant. This is because the amethyst pendant or ring will keep the stone always in contact with your skin and so in contact with you, and the stone will keep its energies flowing through you.

Which Finger to Wear an Amethyst Stone? - As per the Pandits, the amethyst ring is to be worn on the middle finger of your working hand.

How to Activate Amethyst? - The Vedic Pooja process of the amethyst stone starts with its purification. Once you have purified your gem, put it in a bowl, pour some honey and ghee on it, and leave for a few minutes. After that, rinse it with clean water and pat it dry. Now chant the mantra of amethyst for 108 times, and while you are reciting the mantra for the last time, wear your stone.

Mantra of the February Birthstone -

|| ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ||

Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah

Uses of Amethyst - The Birthstone for February

The Amethyst gemstone or crystals are widely used around the globe in many forms. Some people use the crystals to keep in their homes to purify the aura around the house. The amethyst crystal can be kept in a glass plate or a glass container and kept at home. Some people also keep amethyst stones in glass containers with plants to let the positive vibes of the stone mix with the purification and natural lively powers of plants. It’s generally called an amethyst crystal air plant terrarium.

Amethyst is also used to make vases decorative trees or other decorative items to be kept at home. You can find roses, idols, glasses, and charms made of amethyst crystals.

Some people also use amethyst crystal water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day as well as gain the benefits of amethyst at the same time. It is believed that the crystal-infused water bottles are very beneficial and the crystal transfers its energies to the water. This is a wonderful way to get the maximum advantages of the amethyst.

Other than that, the simplest and most useful working form to use amethyst is in the form of jewelry specifically, pendants and rings. You can also keep a small amethyst in your purse or wallet to keep it with you all the time.

But why use amethyst?

Mostly, It is used to -

  • Control anxieties
  • Boost the immune system
  • Balance hormones
  • Meditating
  • Improving Skin
  • And get relief from migraines

Care & Cleaning of the February Birth Crystal

Caring for the crystals or gemstones is very essential. The February birth crystal or stone, amethyst is a stone that is quite durable. But caring for it will keep it shining and energetic for a long time.

So, here are a few points that you should keep in mind to care better for your February birthstone:-

  • You should keep your amethyst away from pointed or sharp things.
  • The Amethyst jewelry should be kept in a different storage box wrapped nicely in a velvet cloth or cotton.
  • If you are wearing your February birthstone jewelry on a regular basis, you should make sure that your jewelry does not come in contact with harsh chemicals like detergents and washing soaps or is exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • As for cleaning your gemstone, you should clean it with mild warm soapy water and a soft brush. You can use a painting or makeup brush with soft bristles. Use a soft hand to clean your February birthstone amethyst jewelry or crystal, rinse it with clear water, and then pat dry with a clean cloth.
  • You should clean it every 3 months at the least.

Price of February Birthstones

The Amethyst gemstone which is the February birthstone is a valuable stone. The price of amethyst is quite average but it depends on a number of factors like Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat (Weight), Origin, and Quality. Every one of these factors can change the February birthstone price. Normally, the price of the February birthstone per carat ranges between Rs. 600 to Rs. 2800 per carat.

To cut a gemstone, takes a lot of precision and years of practice, a stone with a clear cut will always cost more.

The color of an amethyst gemstone is purple with transparency and shimmer. The stone with light or faded colors does not have much value.

The clarity of the stone is measured by how many scratches, indentations, or inclusions are there in the gemstone. The clearer the stone is the more the price of February birthstone.

Weight of a stone will also affect the value of February birthstone amethyst. In India, the stone’s weight is measured in Ratti while around the world it is measured in carats.

Another factor is the quality of the stone. The better the quality the more the cost of the February birthstone.

The origin of the stone or the crystal of amethyst will also affect the amount. Some origins naturally produce good quality stones, that’s why they usually cost more.

FAQs About Amethyst Feb Birthstone

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the February birthstone:-

Ques. What Crystals Are for February Month?

Ans. The stone for the month of February is Amethyst, also known as Kathela. Some experts also consider Jasper as a February birthstone after amethyst.

Ques. Is February Birthstone rare?

Ans. Amethyst, the February birthstone is a valuable stone but it is not that rare.

Ques. How expensive is the February birthstone, amethyst?

Ans. The February birthstone, Amethyst is an expensive gemstone. The price of the stone ranges between $10 to $30 per carat.

Ques. How long will it take the February birthstone to work?

Ans. There is no fixed time in which the birthstone can work, it will depend on the individual person Kundli, their faith, and devotion. The stone can take from a few days to a few weeks to work and connect with you.