Iolite (Kaka Neeli)

Iolite (Kaka Neeli)

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  1. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.01 Ratti 6.6

    SKU: IOL11446601


  2. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6 Ratti 6.59

    SKU: IOL11445600


  3. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.65 Ratti 6.21

    SKU: IOL11444565


  4. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.56 Ratti 6.11

    SKU: IOL11443556


  5. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.42 Ratti 7.05

    SKU: IOL11442642


  6. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.85 Ratti 5.33

    SKU: IOL11440485


  7. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.3 Ratti 4.72

    SKU: IOL11439430


  8. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 8.37 Ratti 9.2

    SKU: IOL11438837


  9. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.35 Ratti 6.98

    SKU: IOL11437635


  10. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.73 Ratti 5.19

    SKU: IOL11436473


  11. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.31 Ratti 6.93

    SKU: IOL11435631


  12. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.3 Ratti 5.82

    SKU: IOL11434530


  13. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.43 Ratti 5.96

    SKU: IOL11433543


  14. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 9 Ratti 9.89

    SKU: IOL11432900


  15. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.89 Ratti 6.47

    SKU: IOL11430589


  16. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.2 Ratti 4.61

    SKU: IOL11429420


  17. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.6 Ratti 5.05

    SKU: IOL11428460


  18. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.76 Ratti 6.33

    SKU: IOL11427576


  19. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 8.31 Ratti 9.13

    SKU: IOL11426831


  20. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.09 Ratti 5.59

    SKU: IOL11425509


  21. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.92 Ratti 5.4

    SKU: IOL11424492


  22. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.1 Ratti 4.5

    SKU: IOL11423410


  23. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.79 Ratti 5.26

    SKU: IOL11422479


  24. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.25 Ratti 6.87

    SKU: IOL11421625


  25. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.3 Ratti 5.82

    SKU: IOL11420530


  26. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.82 Ratti 5.29

    SKU: IOL11419482


  27. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.04 Ratti 6.63

    SKU: IOL11418604


  28. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.3 Ratti 6.92

    SKU: IOL11417630


  29. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.36 Ratti 6.99

    SKU: IOL11416636


  30. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.6 Ratti 7.25

    SKU: IOL11415660


  31. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.17 Ratti 5.68

    SKU: IOL11414517


  32. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.66 Ratti 6.22

    SKU: IOL11413566


  33. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 7.11 Ratti 7.81

    SKU: IOL11412711


  34. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.16 Ratti 5.67

    SKU: IOL11411516


  35. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.16 Ratti 4.57

    SKU: IOL11410416


  36. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.56 Ratti 6.11

    SKU: IOL11409556


  37. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 7.71 Ratti 8.47

    SKU: IOL11408771


  38. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.62 Ratti 5.07

    SKU: IOL11407462


  39. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.88 Ratti 5.36

    SKU: IOL11406488


  40. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.94 Ratti 7.62

    SKU: IOL11405694


  41. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.1 Ratti 6.7

    SKU: IOL11404610


  42. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.71 Ratti 5.17

    SKU: IOL11403471


  43. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.7 Ratti 6.26

    SKU: IOL11401570


  44. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.95 Ratti 6.54

    SKU: IOL11400595


  45. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.43 Ratti 5.96

    SKU: IOL11399543


  46. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.8 Ratti 5.27

    SKU: IOL11398480


  47. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.68 Ratti 5.14

    SKU: IOL11397468


  48. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.69 Ratti 7.35

    SKU: IOL11396669


  49. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.67 Ratti 6.23

    SKU: IOL11394567


  50. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 7.57 Ratti 8.32

    SKU: IOL11393757


  51. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 5.16 Ratti 5.67

    SKU: IOL11392516


  52. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 7.57 Ratti 8.32

    SKU: IOL11391757


  53. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 8.03 Ratti 8.82

    SKU: IOL11390803


  54. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 6.34 Ratti 6.96

    SKU: IOL11388634


  55. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 4.34 Ratti 4.76

    SKU: IOL11387434


  56. Natural Iolite (Kaka Neeli) Cts 8.14 Ratti 8.94

    SKU: IOL11386814


Items 1-56 of 149

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Boost Your Psychic Abilities with Iolite

Iolite gemstone

Iolite is also called Kakaneeli or Neeli, which comes as a magnificent semi-precious gemstone of violet-blue color. This gemstone belongs to the Cordierite mineral group that shows pleochroism, which is an extraordinary visual trait. It is about perceiving different colors of a substance when observing from varied angles.

In short, the iolite stone acts as an astrological alternative to Neelam or Blue Sapphire. This semi-precious gemstone helps to bring financial success, mental power, and professional achievements.

Do you want to know about the four C’s of the kaka neeli stone? You already know the Iolite gemstone exhibits violet-blue color. The gemstone is cut carefully by keeping its actual color and the Pleochroism property. Iolite more than 5.25 Ratti comes at a hefty price tag.

Iolite is associated with Third Eye Chakra and Zodiac Signs of Sagittarius, Libra, and Taurus. Moreover, this gemstone is linked with the water element and vibration number seven. Yellow-brown, violet, and blue are the typical colors of iolite, which can range from transparent to translucent. If you can view three different colors while viewing from different angles, it means it is a best-in-class Iolite gemstone.

Many countries contribute as the source of Iolite, such as India, Brazil, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Madagascar. However, to extract the maximum benefits, it is always significant to opt for only high-quality gemstones.

Iolite Healing Properties/Metaphysical Properties

In a nutshell, Iolite acts as a vision gemstone. It helps to keep unwanted thoughts at bay and boost intuition power. Moreover, Iolite helps to comprehend and address the actual reasons for addiction.

This violet-blue colored gemstone supports the user to extract the true self and to get freedom from others’ expectations. Kakaneeli can also help to solve the issues in a relationship. The healing properties of iolite help the users to realize their responsibilities for themselves and get free from codependency in a relationship.

Iolite contributes to removing the fatty deposits in the body. Releasing the effects of alcohol and aiding detoxification are important benefits of Iolite. This gemstone also helps in liver regeneration and addresses health disorders like fever and malaria.

ne of the best metaphysical properties of iolite lies on its power in rendering guidance and direction to the user in terms of spirituality. It also brings a ray of hope in times of difficulties in the user’s life. Besides, Iolite renders calming effects, serenity, and peace and helps the user to understand his/her feelings. Iolite enables the user to have an in-depth spiritual understanding to figure out the inner self and comprehend the life path. It also helps in the alignment and healing of mind, body, and spirit.

What are the benefits of iolite?

Iolite works as an ideal semi-precious stone as an alternative to Neelam or Blue Sapphire gemstone. Moreover, Iolite is believed to provide serenity to individuals, who are experiencing depression or imbalance in their life.

One of the best benefits of iolite stone lies in its power to bring professional success to the user’s life. This gemstone helps to bring rewards and identity to the user’s life. That means Iolite can eliminate the barriers in one’s professional life and pave the way for growth and success.

Other great benefits of iolite gemstone are associated with its capability of addressing and releasing unhealthy addictions and bringing in mental peace and needful sleep. The tremendous healing properties of Iolite can activate the user’s Crown Chakra and helps to release unhealthy addiction as well.

This semi-precious gemstone can keep negative thought patterns at bay. The benefits of kaka neeli are outstanding when it is about addressing psychological issues. It normalizes the sleep cycle of the user and makes them calm and relaxed.

Who can wear iolite?

According to astrologers, the Iolite gemstone poses benefits to individuals going through the tiring phase of ‘Mahadasha’, ‘Shani-Saadsaati’, or ‘Shani Ki Dhasa’. Iolite is recommended for Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac signs. However, it may also be suitable for Virgo, Gemini, and Taurus Zodiac Signs.

Where to buy real iolite stone?

Remember, you reap the real benefits only when you buy real and original gemstones! At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, we offer gemstones that are original and 100% natural. Be it Iolite or other gems, we provide government certified gemstones as it is our main objective to give you top-notch gems that bring happiness in your life. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to cater to the requirements and expectations of our esteemed customers in terms of gemstones.

What is the original price of iolite stone per carat?

The cost of Iolite depends on various factors to a great extent. It includes size, quality, source, cut, clarity, and color. The price of Kakaneeli in India currently starts from INR 300 per carat, which is approx. $5. The cost can reach up to INR 3,000 per carat or approx. $45. However, the costs of Iolite may differ in the UK, USA, and UAE due to varying supply cycles and requirements.

How to wear Iolite stone (Method of wearing Kaka Neeli gemstone)?

Do you want to know how to wear iolite gemstone? Note that the weight of the Iolite gemstone should be at least 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight. To extract most of the astrological benefits, one should opt for an Iolite gemstone of vibrant medium to dark blue color.

When it comes to wearing Iolite, silver is the perfect option. Gold is not usually suitable for this gemstone. The working hand’s middle finger should be used to wear Iolite. When it is about wearing Iolite, Shukla Paksha is the right period. The day should be Saturday between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. The person needs to chant the mantra- ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ 108 times.

What is the puja procedure for iolite stone before wearing it?

When it comes to preparing the Iolite ring, the first task is to take a metal bowl. Next, it is time to put the ring at the bottom of that bowl. Now, some elements need to be added one by one- Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves, Unboiled cow’s milk, Honey, and Ghee. The mantra “Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah” must be chanted 108 times to energize the Iolite ring.

Let the Iolite ring or pendant stay for five to ten minutes in the metal bowl. Next, the person can take out the ring or pendant from the bowl instantly followed by cleaning it with water. The last step is to wear the ring on the working hand’s middle finger.

Buy original Iolite at Rashi Ratan Bhagya and get ready to walk towards success and growth!