White Coral

White Coral stone, represents the depths of the Ocean. In India, this is Known as Safed Moonga stone. This Gemstone is well known for increasing Courage and strength at great speed. White Coral Gemstone is ruled by the planet Mars or Mangal. April is the birth month of this eye-catching gemstone. It can control the emotions and can give a sense of positive energy.

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White Coral Gemstone

The Natural White Coral Gemstone has a beautiful White texture to it which you can't see in any other gemstone. This Gemstone is found in the depths of the sea and this cannot be made on the surface of the earth. It has a harder outer shell which is made up of soft marine organisms which is called Polyps.

White Coral Stone helps in various aspects to you, it can enhance your Communication skills and helps in decision-making power. In Vedic Astrology this gemstone is also known as Safed Moonga. This Gemstone is accepted for its metaphysical properties which can connect the spirit to the other realm.

Various shades of Corals exist; the most well-known ones are the red coral and the White Coral, which have many beautiful advantages. The Original White Coral Stone is made out of Calcium Carbonate. Its hardness rating is 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale, implying it isn't tough.

Benefits of Wearing a White Coral Gemstone

Below we are going to mention some of the Benefits of wearing a White Coral Gemstone which are as follows:

  • A Natural White Coral Gemstone is connected with the planet Mars. This Gemstone is believed to transfer the positive energy of Mars to you. It can promote courage, strength, and Vitality.
  • Safed Moonga is considered to have a calming effect on Emotions. This gemstone promotes emotional balance and stability which can reduce stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Wearing this gemstone can bring harmony and tranquility to you.
  • This Gemstone can give mental clarity which helps in focus and prosperity. It can clear any mental fog which overall improves the decision-making power and simulates intellectual pursuits. Wearing this gemstone can enhance cognitive powers and increase rational thinking.
  • Original White Coral Gemstones can promote positive effects on physical health and wellness. It is frequently connected with working on bone wellbeing and is viewed as gainful for those managing issues like joint pain and osteoporosis. Furthermore, a few customs quality invulnerable framework reinforcing properties of White Coral Gemstone.
  • This Gemstone is considered to provide spiritual and Metaphysical growth and awareness. It can open up the channels of high consciousness and spiritual connection at a very vast level, that can bring joy and happiness to you.
  • White Coral gemstone is believed to promote courage and boost your confidence at a very high rate, threw which you can feel free and independent in many aspects of the life.
  • Natural White Coral Gemstone is connected to the various cultures and religions all over the world. It is believed that this gemstone can give purity and the divine blessings to you and it can channel that energy threw you.
  • The main aspect of Safed Moonga gemstone is that it can improve the communication skills, which are connected threw your thoat chakra boost your morale in the down times, and make you stable and confident.

Who Can Wear Natural White Coral Stone?

Original White coral is considered to be connected with the planet Mars, which is also considered to be the ruling planet of this gemstone. People who have the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio Can see the full power of this gemstone. People who are looking for the courage, vitality, and emotional balance can wear this gemstone without any delay.

People who are facing the problems because of their weak planetary influence f the mars can also wear this gemstone. It helps them to improve their planetary influence.

Wearing process of White Coral Gemstone

  • Firstly cleanse the Gemstone in the Raw cow's milk, Honey, Tulsi, Gangajal, and curd.
  • After that put the Gemastone on the clean cloth and wipe all the impurities out of it. This process helps to remove any negative aura or energy from the gemstone.
  • Now place the Gemstone on the right hand and start chanting the mantra 'Om Angarkaya Namah” 108 times. This helps the gemstone to collect the positive energy.
  • This Gemstone Should Be worn on Tuesday because this day is considered to be the day of planet Mars.
  • Gold and Copper are the best suitable Metals for wearing an original white coral gemstone.
  • This Gemstone Should Be worn on the Ring Figure of the right hand.
  • This Gemstone Should be worn in the time period of 7 am To 7 pm because this is the best time for wearing this gemstone.

Price of White Coral Gemstone

The price of Natural safed moonga stone can start from INR 2,000 to INR 20,000 per carat in India. White Coral price can depending on Origins, size, color, clarity, and treatment.

Below we are going to mention some of the factors that affect the price of the white coral Gemstone.

  • The color of the Original White Coral Gemstone is a factor threw which the price of gemstone may vary. The highly distributed color of the stone changes its price as a long accord.
  • Clearness alludes to the presence of incorporations or imperfections. Gemstones with insignificant incorporations and great straightforwardness are viewed as better and bring more exorbitant costs.
  • Bigger White Coral gemstones are more extraordinary and, thus, more important. The cost is frequently determined per carat, and bigger stones can order a premium.
  • A very cut Safed Moonga stone improves its excellence and assumes a part in deciding its worth. The cut should exhibit the diamond's regular magnificence while amplifying its play of variety.
  • The beginning of the White Coral can affect its cost. Certain areas, like the Mediterranean Ocean, are known for creating excellent White Coral. Gemstones from eminent sources might be more pursued and, therefore, more costly.
  • Regular and untreated White Coral is by and large more significant than stones that have gone through medicines. Purchasers frequently favor jewels without improvements for their virtue and credibility.
  • The shape and finish of the diamond, whether it's a cabochon or cut into many-sided plans, can impact its cost. Very much created and balanced shapes might be more important.

Quality of the White Coral Gemstone

Below we are going to mention some of the aspects by which we can check the quality of Original White Coral Gemstone.

  • Top-notch White Coral ought to show an unadulterated, even white or pale pink tone. Stay away from stones with patches of staining, lopsided variety dispersion, or bothersome shades.
  • White Coral is for the most part murky, however, higher straightforwardness is ideal. Hold the pearl up to the light and check for any noticeable incorporations or darkness that might influence its clearness.
  • Look at the jewel for incorporations, which are regular blemishes. While certain incorporations are OK, extreme or noticeable ones might influence the general quality. Search for jewels with negligible noticeable incorporations.
  • Quality White Coral ought to show a satisfying, delicate radiance. Bluntness or an absence of sparkle might show a lower-quality diamond.
  • Really look at the surface completion for any scratches, pits, or lopsided regions. A very much completed gemstone with a smooth surface upgrades its general stylish allure.
  • Survey the shape and cut of the White Coral. All-around cut stones with even shapes and cleaned surfaces upgrade the pearl's magnificence. Cabochon cuts are normal for White Coral.

Myths And Facts about White Coral Gemstone


  • White Coral just advantages people with areas of strength for an impact in their mysterious outline.
  • White Coral is unsafe because of its relationship with natural preservation concerns.
  • White Coral loses its viability over the long run and needs re-energizing.
  • White Coral brings misfortune whenever worn without legitimate mysterious direction.
  • White Coral becomes yellow when the wearer is unwell.


  • White Coral's variety stays stable, and it doesn't change in light of the wearer's wellbeing. Variety changes are almost certain because of outside elements or contaminations and are not demonstrative of the wearer's prosperity.
  • While White Coral is related to mysterious convictions, wearing it without a prophetic conference doesn't innately bring misfortune. Individual convictions and social practices might impact whether people decide to wear gemstones for mysterious reasons.
  • Safed Moonga is viewed as steady and doesn't lose its supernatural properties over the long haul. While it doesn't need normal re-energizing, some might decide to scrub it emblematically to eliminate collected energies.
  • Mindful obtaining rehearses guarantees the moral securing of White Coral, limiting mischief to marine conditions. Supporting moral providers advances maintainable practices and ecological protection.
  • Natural White Coral Gemstone is related to Mars, people with differing mysterious impacts might decide to wear it for its apparent supernatural properties. Its advantages are not restricted to explicit visionary arrangements.

Importance of the White Coral Gemstone

Original White Coral, a Gemstone related to virtue and positive energies, holds social, visionary, and supernatural significance. Worshipped for its connection to the planet Mars, it represents boldness and imperativeness in Vedic Astrology. Accepted to bring emotional equilibrium and clearness, improving mental focus is worn. Socially, it decorates customary gems in different social orders, connoting propitiousness and heavenly gifts. Past its stylish appeal, Safed Moonga stands as a gemstone that encapsulates otherworldly development, making it an esteemed decision for those looking for excellence as well as internal concordance and prosperity.