White Sapphire (Safed Pukhraj) Stone

White Sapphire (Safed Pukhraj) Stone

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White Sapphire Gemstone Benefits, Price & Wearing Process

About White Sapphire

Highly coveted for blessing its wearer with immense wisdom, prosperity and knowledge, the White Sapphire or Safed Pukhraj is one of the popular precious gemstones with superb attributes. This gemstone belongs to the Corundum mineral family. The dazzling gemstone with irresistible beauty is colorless or white in appearance and can help a person to get better physical health, succeed in a creative field, gain abundance, and receive marital bliss.

Moreover, White Sapphire can act as an astrological alternative to the diamond. Safed Pukhraj is a greatly transparent and highly rare gemstone.

Furthermore, no trace elements are present in White Sapphires. In addition, Safed Pukhraj is an extremely durable yet budget-friendly gemstone.

How to wear White Sapphire Stone (with Puja Process)

Do you want to receive the maximum white sapphire gemstone benefits? Then, you need to wear it after performing the Puja with the correct steps.

In other words, you must know how to wear Safed Pukhraj. According to Vedic Astrology, you can wear a White Sapphire either as a pendant or as a ring. Talk to an expert to know about the most suitable metal for you to wear the White Sapphire.

You should wear a White Sapphire ring on the right hand. Do you wonder white sapphire stone wear which finger? You should wear it either on your middle finger or the ring finger. Safed Pukhraj should be worn during Shukla Paksh in times of sunset. Note that the day should be Friday.

When it comes to wearing White Sapphire, you would need some elements to prepare the ring or pendant.

Take a metal bowl and place your pendant or ring at its bottom and keep adding Ganga Jal, Indian Basil or Tulsi leaves, unboiled cow’s milk, honey, and ghee or clarified butter.

Once done, recite the mantra “Om Shun Shukraye Namah” 108 times. Thus, your ring or pendant would be energized.

Let the ring or pendant rest in the bowl for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, take it out from the bowl at once, clean it with water, and wear it on the correct hand and the correct finger.

White Sapphire Benefits

Now, it is time to talk about white sapphire benefits in brief. According to Vedic Astrology, White Sapphire is linked to the Chakra System of the human body. It is also believed that the Safed Pukhraj and Crown Chakra of the human body are connected.

Did you know Crown Chakra acts as the bridge between the human body and the higher consciousness? As a result, the human body can tune with the higher cosmic frequency.

Moreover, the White Sapphire represents the planet Venus, and so it can help a person to stay safe from adverse effects. The Safed Pukhraj offers a positive effect to the wearer and helps the person to fight against the odds to achieve love, abundance, and material luck. So, if you want to get white sapphire benefits, talk to an expert today.

Are there any white sapphire disadvantages? A person must consult an expert before opting for wearing White Sapphire. Moreover, White Sapphires are susceptible to scratches, as they are not as robust as diamonds. That is why the wearers of Safed Pukhraj need to take care of this gemstone daily to retain its appearance.


White Sapphire Quality

The quality of Safed Pukhraj is determined by various factors, such as clarity, color, and origin. A highly transparent one comes as the best quality White Sapphire.

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White Sapphire Stone Pricing

Are you curious about the white sapphire price? First, you should know that a couple of traits of White Sapphire are similar to that of Diamond. Nevertheless, the price structure’s difference between them is strikingly high. The white sapphire price per carat in india is from Rs 6,000 to Rs 35,000. The price of this gemstone depends on its clarity, carat weight, color, cut, and origin.

White Sapphire Origin

Some of the largest natural white sapphire mines are located in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Australia, Burma White Sapphire, Tanzania, and Thailand. Among all of the places, Sri Lankan White Sapphire is considered the most popular variation because of its considerable size and high clarity.

White Sapphire Care & Cleaning

You can clean Sapphires in your comfort zone using warm water and cleaning detergent with degreasing power. Never use any chemicals containing anti-static agents, abrasives, or moisturizers. Otherwise, you can end up having scratches and residue on your gemstone. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub Sapphires and do not forget to rinse well after the cleaning is done. It is also important to mention that be it any cleaning process, one should always use very gentle strokes on the gemstone to avoid any stains or scratches.

FAQ’s about White Sapphire Stone

If White Sapphire contains yellowish tint, then would it be considered unauthentic?

Please don’t worry about the yellowish tints on White Sapphire. Some natural Safed Pukhraj stones feature tints of pale yellow, blue, or green.

Nonetheless, tints influence the overall quality of White Sapphires, but they are still original and authentic. These tinted Safed Pukhraj gemstones come with similar gemological traits as their colorless counterparts.

Which is the most appropriate metal to go with a White Sapphire when it comes to wearing it?

According to the Vedic recommendation, a person should opt for silver or platinum to wear White Sapphire to receive the optimum benefits. However, you need to seek advice from an expert before deciding anything in this regard.

Which Quality of Safed Pukhraj is considered the best in terms of Astrology?

The inclusion-free, colorless, and transparent White Sapphires are the best in this regard.

Has the shape of White Sapphires anything to do with its Metaphysical Properties?

In short, the cut and shape have nothing to do with the astrological properties of any gemstone.