Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire gemstone also known as Khooni Neelam in Hindi. It is belongs to the sapphire family. This purple-hued gem brings calmness to the person. Saturn is the ruling planet of the Purple sapphire gemstone. It brings peace to the person, and the serene vibes of the stone and the luxurious look, make it a beneficial gem. It helps in gaining emotional stability, as well as activates the crown chakra energy center in the wearer. Self-reflection, self-esteem, fortune, and charm, a natural purple sapphire brings soothing energies. It also helps the person sleep better by curing insomnia.

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Purple Sapphire (Khooni Neelam)

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Purple Sapphire (Khooni Neelam) Gemstone

Purple Sapphire gemstone is also known as “Khooni Neelam” or “Raktambari Neelam" in Hindi. The vibrant-colored Purple Sapphire is a precious gemstone that belongs to the variety of the Sapphire family which is the most powerful and strongest gemstones family of the world. This Precious Blood Blue Sapphire comes in the color range of purplish-pink starting from bluish purple.

When it comes to various forms of Neelam, astrology considers Raktambari Neelam or Purple Sapphire the strongest one. People across the world see the uses of Purple Sapphire in various forms of jewelry, such as pendants, engagement rings, and so on.

Purple Sapphire is a repository of extraordinary energies that contribute in many ways. For instance, Rakthamukhi Neelam can keep meaningless thoughts at bay and help to unblock the user’s crown chakra. Did you know the crown chakra is the origin of our spirituality?

The gemstone enables the person to figure out the bonds with everyone, everything, and even with him/herself. In short, Purple Sapphire helps to open the door of peace and unity. Besides, this form of Sapphire makes an ideal tool for meditation. That means to ensure the peace and pacification of mind, body, and soul, Purple Sapphire can be a great solution.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Purple Sapphire Gemstone?

Purple Sapphire Stone is one of the most powerful gemstones with great benefits. One of the best khooni neelam benefits lies in its ability to enable the user to obtain self-mastery, and achieve powerful spiritual perception and higher mind

What are other benefits of Purple Sapphire? This gemstone can help to escalate professional success. The wearer of Purple Sapphire Gemstone can expect to break all the barriers in their professional career and bring good luck in life. That means it helps to overcome the standstill position of the person’s career and give it the desired momentum.

Purple Sapphire power is especially advantageous for female businesspersons and IT sector professionals. Besides, the powerful gemstone also helps to pacify the mind and body with its outstanding calming effects. Purple Sapphire Stone is thought to boost the veins and support the user to combat blue-related ailments. It helps the person to stay away from unnecessary thoughts and negative patterns.

It can contribute to the perfect work structure of the glands of the users. Moreover, users of Purple Sapphire can also expect to restore the balance in their lives by bringing back trust in themselves.

Raktamukhi neelam gemstone benefits users in the awakening by enhancing their spiritual beliefs. Since the gemstone features outstanding calming properties, the wearer gets the motivation to start their meditation journey. Moreover, it also improves the concentration level throughout spiritual sessions.

How to wear khooni neelam

  1. One should ensure that the purple sapphire is 1/5th of the wearer’s body weight.
  2. Set your purple sapphire in gold, silver, panchdhatu or plaitum. Ask an astrology expert that which metal will work best for you.
  3. The right day to wear khooni Neelam is Saturday (the day of Lord Saturn). It should be worn in the middle finger of right hand.
  4. The gemstone can be worn during evening (before sunset) or in morning during Shukla paksha.
  5. Purify your ring and wear it through the right puja process as mentioned hereafter.

Who can wear Purple Sapphire?

Do you wonder who should wear khooni neelam? Purple Sapphire is believed to be for the people of the Virgo Zodiac Sign. Moreover, natural Purple Sapphire is thought to be advantageous for individuals seeking success, safety, spiritual awakening, and abundance.

What is the puja procedure for khooni neelam stone before wearing it?

While you keep the above guideline in mind for wearing this exquisite gemstone, ensure that you wear it through the right puja process. Keep your purple sapphire stone dipped in raw cow milk or pure water of Holy Ganga for few minutes. Burn 5 incense sticks and round them for 5 times around your ring with the gemstone. Recite the mantra “Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah” (108 times). Then take it out and slid the ring (studded with khooni Neelam) in your middle finger of right hand.

The purple Sapphire will surprisingly start inviting benefits and charisma in your life as soon as you wear it!

Khooni neelam price

The Purple Sapphire Cost is start form Rs 5,000 to Rs 2 lakh plus per carat in India. The price of Original Khooni Neelam or Raktamukhi stone depends on various factors, such as source, color, clarity, and size.

Where to buy real Purple Sapphire?

In order to achieve the maximum benefits, one needs to opt for only high-quality and original Purple Sapphire from a reliable, reputed source like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. We offer Purple Sapphire gemstones of best-in-class quality. Moreover, all of our gemstones are original, as 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. Hence, we are the best place to buy real khooni neelam online. Does Purple Sapphire suit you? Yes? Are you thinking about “khooni neelam buy online?” Then, look no further than Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

Note: The price of the Sri Lankan Purple Sapphire (Khooni neelam) will start from Rs. 5,000 to Rs 2 lakh per carat and above depending upon all the factors which are cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, origin & treatment.