Thailand Yellow Sapphire

The Thailand Yellow Sapphire or the Bangkok Yellow Sapphire could be a prevalent light-yellow gemstone from the Corundum mineral family, sourced from the Kanchanaburi region of Thailand. The Thailand yellow sapphire is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest and most effective planet in Vedic soothsaying. The wearer must guarantee that Jupiter is favorable to their Kundli (birth chart) to harvest the total benefits of this gemstone.

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Thailand Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Thailand Yellow sapphire is also known as Bangkok Pukhraj Gemstone a well-liked mineral belonging to the Corundum family. The primary sources of this exquisite yellow crystal are three significant Asian countries: Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand (Bangkok). Bangkok yellow sapphires, sometimes called Pukhraj sapphires from Thailand, are primarily prized for their exquisite color and purity. To improve their color saturation and degree of purity, the majority of the yellow sapphires that come from this source are heated. The brilliant yellow hue of these jewels, which is brought about by the inclusion of titanium and iron, makes them very valuable. They are renowned for having a high degree of clarity, which indicates that there aren't many obvious inclusions or flaws.

Benefits of Thailand Yellow Sapphire Stone

There are so many benefits of Thailand Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, here we discuss some of the top benefits Of Bangkok

  • Under the heavenly supervision of Jupiter, Thailand Yellow Sapphire combines willpower, passion, concentration, greater knowledge, academic brilliance, and intelligence.
  • Thailand Pukhraj guards against injury, peril, negative energy, psychological assault, and mishaps.
  • Pregnant women are shielded against miscarriage by it.
  • Thailand Yellow Sapphire Gemstone enhances love, desire, and trust for one another while balancing marriage partnerships.
  • Bangkok Yellow Sapphire bestows harmony in family dynamics and increased affection for relatives.
  • Success, plenty, new business prospects, and money are bestowed by it.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra is opened by Thailand Yellow Sapphire to provide wealth, success in business, and excellent health.
  • It improves the logical thinking, inventiveness, and artistic character of creative workers such as authors, singers, dancers, actresses, and so forth.
  • Bangkok Pukhraj Gemstone treats conditions in the skin, endocrine system, circulatory system, and digestive system, among others.
  • It regulates and harmonizes mental clarity and the immunological system.
  • The yellow sapphire gemstone opens our eyes to higher planes of awareness, heavenly happiness, and intuition.

Price of Thailand Yellow Sapphire Stone

The price of Thailand Yellow Sapphire starts at ₹1500 and goes up to ₹50,000 per Ratti and More. Examine the Thailand pukhraj ratan price in India to find out more about the cost of Thailand yellow sapphires. This price is influenced by the following factors.

  • Clarity: Yellow sapphires with higher transparency and clarity are more valuable and expensive than those with lesser clarity and inclusions.
  • Color: Brilliant yellow or lemon-yellow sapphires are more costly and precious than those with tinges of orange, golden, or green.
  • Carat weight: Rare gemstones are highly valued based on their size! It's also important to note that the probability of inherent dirtiness increases with size. Consequently, as the gemstones get larger and more transparent, the cost of Pukhraj stones rises per carat.
  • Cut: The Pukhraj gemstone's superb cut only serves to increase its value and cost. Faceted yellow sapphire gemstones are quite expensive since it takes a lot of stone waste to turn a raw yellow sapphire into a faceted one.

Thailand Yellow Sapphire Stone Price on Basis of Origin

Sr No Yellow Sapphire Origin
1 Ceylon yellow sapphire
2 Sri lanka yellow sapphire
3 Burma Yellow Sapphire

History Of Thailand Yellow Sapphire Stone

In the past, Thailand's Yellow Sapphire Gemstone has been often worn by royals and nobility as representations of their power, riches, and influence. Such gems were worn by the kings of ancient Persia as a symbol of riches, power, and prestige; similarly, they were one of the most important status symbols among the aristocratic classes in Europe and are still considered royal treasures today.

The significance of yellow sapphire stone in mythology, gemology, and rich cultural heritage has been recognized. Because of its rich history and vibrant hue, the stone has inspired people all around the globe from the dawn of time. Because yellow sapphires' tint is evocative of the sun, many continue to assume that they are a symbol of love, even though the stone was originally associated with energy and riches in ancient communities all over the world!

Facts About the Thailand Yellow Sapphire Stone

  • The Thailand Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is mined in the areas of Kanchanaburi region of Thailand which is why this yellow sapphire is called Thailand Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.
  • Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone Associated with the planet Jupiter which is also known as Brhaspati Grah. which enhances the knowledge, confidence, money, and fame.
  • The Thailand Yellow Sapphire is made from the chemical compound AL2O3 which is called Aluminium Oxide.
  • Thailand Yellow Sapphire is one the second hardest gemstones in the world. The sapphire family is the hardest gemstone after Diamond having 9 Mohs on the Mohs scale.
  • The Bangkok Yellow Sapphire Gemstone helps to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra which enhances confidence and courage.