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Citrin (Sunhela) Stone Benefits, Price & Wearing Process

About Citrin (Sunhela)

Citrin (also known as Sunhela) is a semi-precious, natural gemstone with wide popularity across the globe. The color of Citrin starts from yellow and goes up to golden brown. That means you can opt for a Citrin gemstone that ranges between these colors.

When it comes to the gemstone family of Citrin, it belongs to the Quartz mineral family. It is believed that Sunhela acts as an alternative to high-end Yellow Sapphire when the goal is to acquire wealth and bliss, improve social status, and boost knowledge.

How to wear Citrin (Sunhela) (with Puja Process)

You need to know the process of wearing a gemstone to acquire the maximum benefits. It applies to Citrin as well. Moreover, Citrine or Sunhela represents the planet Jupiter (a powerful planet to attract great fortune), so it is a must to execute the correct set of rituals in this regard.

Let us first know about the compatible metals with Citrin so that you can gain the maximum advantages along the way:

* You can wear a Citrine gemstone as a pendant or a ring. The most compatible metal with Citrin is gold. Otherwise, you can also opt for Panchdhatu to wear Sunhela.

* Wear your Citrin ring on your right hand’s index finger. There is an appropriate day for wearing a gemstone, and it is Thursday for Citrin. Moreover, you must wear it at the dawn of Shukla Paksha. Make sure you wear it before sunrise.

Now, it is time to know about the Puja process to wear a Citrin gemstone:

* You need a couple of items to purify and energize the Citrin pendant or ring before wearing it.

* Take a metal bowl and place your pendant or ring inside it.

* Now, keep adding Ganga Jal, Indian Basil or Tulsi leaves, unboiled cow’s milk, honey, and clarified butter or ghee to the bowl.

* Now, start chanting the below mantra to energize your pendant or ring.

* “Om Gram Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah”

* You need to recite the mantra 108 times to complete the energizing process.

* Allow the Citrin ring or pendant to rest inside the bowl for five to ten minutes. Once the time is up, you can take it out at once and rinse it with water. The final step is to wear the gemstone properly.

Citrin (Sunhela) Benefits

The striking healing properties of Citrin have been attracting the attention of people for ages. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this gemstone is its affordable price.

Not only the appealing appearance but the incredible benefits have made Sunhela one of the sought-after gemstones. It is time to have a look at some of the incredible benefits of Citrin:

* Boosts Analytical Abilities & Learning Capabilities:

Citrin is believed to offer positive impacts on learners by helping to improve their ability to learn. That means if you are a student, job seeker preparing for interviews, or research professional, Citrin may be an ideal option for you to enhance your learning skills.

Consult an expert today about the compatibility of Citrin with you. And when it comes to buying a Citrin gemstone, look no further than Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They offer only 100% natural gemstones.

* Enhances Financial Growth & Improves Professional Career:

Since Citrin is associated with the planet Jupiter, it can help the wearer to acquire abundance, growth, and wisdom. So, entrepreneurs and professionals can achieve financial growth and career advancement upon wearing Sunhela.

In addition, Citrin helps the wearer to cover monetary losses or get rid of unnecessary expenses. When it comes to developing personality, boosting self-confidence, and releasing financial stress, Citrin can prove to be a great support system.

* Acts as a boon to relationships:

Citrin can help to keep discords in relationships at bay. So, couples, experiencing tension in their marriages, can ask an expert about their compatibility with Citrin. This gemstone also helps to clear obstacles when it comes to conceiving a baby for couples.

Citrin (Sunhela) Quality

You should always buy high-quality gemstones to acquire the maximum benefits and get the appropriate value of your expenditure. It goes for Citrin as well. So, do not forget to check and ensure the source, cut, clarity, and color before finalizing your decision.

You can rely on Rashi Ratan Bhagya to buy 100% natural gemstones at a cost-effective price. A Citrin gemstone of the highest quality should be unheated and untreated. Moreover, it should be of vibrant golden-yellow color with adequate transparency.

Citrin (Sunhela) Pricing

Two Citrin gemstones can differ in terms of price due to the difference in their source, size, and quality. The cost of Citrin starts from INR 125 (per carat) to INR 400 (per carat). Based upon the aforementioned factors, the price of Citrin can beyond INR 400 per carat. Moreover, the price of Sunhela is different in different countries due to the varied demand and supply.

Citrin (Sunhela) - Origin

Russia, the USA, Myanmar, Bolivia, Brazil, and Madagascar are the sources of Citrin mines. Although Sunhela is available in different variations (based on the origin), Brazilian Citrin is the most popular one. The color and transparency of Brazilian Citrin are appreciated around the world. However, African mining regions also produce high-quality Citrin Quartz.

Citrin (Sunhela) - Care & Cleaning

You should keep cleaning your Citrin ring or pendant from time to time to protect its appearance. Use warm, soapy water to clean Sunhela. Do not opt for steam cleaning for Citrin, as heat can affect this gemstone.

FAQ’s about the Citrin (Sunhela) Stone

How much should I spend to buy a Citrin Gemstone?

The price of Sunhela depends on its source, color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. The highest-quality Citrin comes with deep yellow color with incredible clarity for which you need to spend approx. INR 400 per carat (around $6).

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Citrin gemstone? Then, you can opt for a lighter shade one, which is priced at INR 200 per carat (around $3). Rashi Ratan Bhagya offers original Citrin gems in different sizes.

Can Citrin be a substitute for Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire?

Although Citrin can be chosen as an alternative to Yellow Sapphire, it may need some time to generate results. However, you can consider Thailand Yellow Sapphire when it comes to the most effective alternative to Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire.