Citrine Sunela Stone

Citrine gemstone is a warm yellow-hued gem which is also known as the Sunela stone. You’ll get a clear mind with clarity and confidence because of the properties of an original citrine stone. The stone will keep you under an optimistic approach. It will keep you down-to-earth and activate the energy centers of your body. Sacral chakra and Solar Plexus chakras will be activated by the positive vibes of the Sunela. They will remove the negative energies from you and the ones that are surrounding you. The positive aura will soothe you and let you breathe with ease. This will help you with self-improvement.

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Citrine (Sunela)

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Citrine (Sunhela) Gemstone

Citrine stone is a semi-precious gemstone also known as Sunhela Stone in Hindi. The color of Citrine Gemstone is yellow and goes up to golden brown.

Regarding the gemstone family, Citrine belongs to the quartz mineral family. It is believed that Sunhela acts as an alternative to high-end Yellow Sapphire when the goal is to acquire wealth and bliss, improve social status, and boost knowledge.

  • In the past, Citrine was referred to as "Sunstone" due to its bright color and uplifting properties.
  • Citrine was called "The merchant's stone" due to its association with prosperity and financial abundance, bringing good luck.
  • The ancient Egyptians were knowledgeable about the positive effects of Citrine stone, which they believed could protect against negativity and promote mental calmness.
  • The Citrine stone has been used as a talisman, and the Romans even wore it as rings due to its color, durability, and affordability.
  • Despite their different mineral families, Citrine bears a striking resemblance to Yellow Topaz. Unfortunately, some dealers exploit this similarity and sell Citrine at Topaz prices, reaping substantial profits.

Benefits of Citrine Stone

Citrine's striking healing properties have been attracting people's attention for ages. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this gemstone is its affordable price.

The appealing appearance and incredible benefits have made Sunhela one of the sought-after gemstones. It is time to look at some of the fantastic benefits of Citrine stone.

Astrological Benefits of Citrine Gemstone

  • It is a powerful stone that may help us achieve our highest goals.
  • It cleanses the body and allows it to align with the higher vibrations of the universe.
  • Citrine stone serves to purify the soul by repelling negativity, absorbing positivity, and attracting money.
  • It increases a person's creativity and adaptability in unfamiliar and new environments.
  • It generates long-term financial success, i.e., money that lasts.

Health Benefits of Citrine stone

  • It works wonders for the hormonal abnormalities that women experience throughout menopause.
  • It is often associated with balancing the solar plexus chakra and developing intuitive abilities.
  • Its vibrant yellow color allows individuals to experience the light emanating from the inside, which enhances self-esteem and expression.
  • There is increased clarity and attention.
  • Physical health benefits include better thyroid, bladder, heart, and liver function.

General Benefits Benefits Of Citrine Gemstone

  • Boosts Analytical Abilities & Learning Capabilities: Citrine stone is believed to positively impact learners by helping to improve their ability to learn. If you are a student, a job seeker preparing for interviews, or a research professional, Citrine may be an ideal option to enhance your learning skills. Consult an expert today about Citrin compatibility with you. And when it comes to buying a Citrine gemstone, look no further than Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They offer only 100% natural gemstones.
  • Enhances Financial Growth & Improves Professional Career: Since Citrin is associated with Jupiter, it can help the wearer acquire abundance, growth, and wisdom. So, entrepreneurs and professionals can achieve financial growth and career advancement upon wearing Sunhela. In addition, Citrine helps the wearer cover monetary losses or eliminate unnecessary expenses. Citrine can be a great support system for developing a personality, boosting self-confidence, and releasing financial stress.
  • Acts as a boon to relationships: Citrine Gemstones can help to keep discords in relationships at bay. So, couples experiencing tension in their marriages can ask an expert about their compatibility with Citrin. This gemstone also helps couples clear obstacles when conceiving a baby.

Who Can Wear a Citrine Gemstone?

The citrine stone (Sunela rashi ratan) is associated with the planet "Jupiter" in Indian astrology. Wearing a fine natural citrine is claimed to increase Jupiter's appearance in the wearer's horoscope, allowing them to study more, grow more innovative, have solid money, and prosper in their vocations.

  • Citrine Gemstone is a birthstone that blesses November.
  • The zodiac signs that benefit the most from it are Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • Vedic astrology recommends the Original Sunela stone for Dhanu and Meena rashi.
  • According to Western astrology, citrine is a beautiful birthstone for Sagittarius.
  • Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio may all wear citrine gemstones for benefits.
  • It is a stone for Jupiter, which controls the Sagittarius and Pisces astrological signs. So, citrine crystal is beneficial for individuals under Jupiter's influence or with a favorable planetary position.

How to Wear a Citrine Gemstone?

People prefer to buy Citrine rings, pendants, and bracelets to adorn their jewelry closets. For a detailed procedure on how to wear the citrine stone, you can see this chart:-

Planet Jupiter (Brhaspati)
Western Sun Sign Sagittarius and Pisces Zodiac
Vedic Rashi Dhanu and Meen Rashi
Fortunate Ascendants Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio
Weight Roughly 1/10th to 1/12th of the body weight. A person weighing 60kg can wear a 5-carat citrine gemstone.
Color Yellow, orange, and brown
Metal Gold, Copper, and Panchdhatu
Finger Citrine should be worn on the "Index Finger" of the working hand
Day & Time Thursday is the auspicious day and the ideal time to wear citrine is 5 AM to 7 AM
Citrine Stone Mantra || ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रीं वधू सः गुरवे नमः || “Om Gram Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah”-108 Times

Citrine stone price

The Original Citrine Gemstone in india or Sunela price in any part of the citrine is depend on origin and 4C's factor are consider of the benchmark to evaluate the quality and price of a Citrine Gemstone. On average, the cost for Citrine (Sunela Stone) in India begins at INR 400 – 1100 per carat. Moreover, the original Sunela stone price also depends on the types of treatment they undergo to enhance brilliance and clarity.


You should always buy high-quality gemstones to acquire the maximum benefits and get the appropriate value of your expenditure. It goes for Citrine as well. So, do not forget to check and ensure the source, cut, clarity, and color before finalizing your decision.

You can rely on Rashi Ratan Bhagya to buy 100% natural gemstones at a cost-effective price. A Citrine stone of the highest quality should be unheated and untreated. Moreover, it should be of vibrant golden-yellow color with adequate transparency.


Russia, the USA, Myanmar, Bolivia, Brazil, and Madagascar are the sources of Citrine mines. Although Sunhela is available in different variations (based on the origin), Brazilian Citrine is the most popular one. The color and transparency of Brazilian Citrine are appreciated around the world. However, African mining regions also produce high-quality Citrin Quartz.

Citrine Stone Care & Cleaning

You should keep cleaning your Citrine stone ring or pendant from time to time to protect its appearance. Use warm, soapy water to clean Sunhela. Do not opt for steam cleaning for Citrine, as heat can affect this gemstone.

Types and Origin of Sunhela Gemstone

Citrine stone is historically significant and is said to be similar to the Sun's vitality and optimism. Despite the similar availability, natural Citrine is considerably pricier. In its natural form, Citrine is typically light yellow and translucent and can be found in Myanmar, Bolivia, Zambia, Madagascar, and Brazil.

We create processed versions of citrine by heating amethyst and quartz, resulting in a beautiful golden brown color. The main types of citrine are as follows:

  • Golden Citrine: As the name suggests, the stone's golden tint captivates people who wear it. Its hue represents the crown chakra and works well for various bodily illnesses.
  • Yellow Citrine: Yellow Citrine is also known as lemon citrine because of its vivid yellow tint. The stone promotes positivism, attracts prosperity and good fortune, and concentrates on its survival.
  • Fire Citrine: This pink-orange gemstone promotes self-confidence and mental wellness. It is processed for the desired hue at Brazil's mines.
  • Palmeira Citrine: Astrologers consider it one of the most efficient types: vivid orange.
  • Madeira Citrine: "Madeira" means woody or wood-colored in Portuguese. Heating amethyst produces a reddish-brown color spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Sunela Stone:

Que. How much should I spend to buy a Citrine Gemstone?

Ans. The price of sunela depends on its source, color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. The highest-quality Citrine Gemstone comes with deep yellow color with incredible clarity for which you need to spend approx. INR 400 per carat (around $6).

Que. Are you looking for a budget-friendly Citrine gemstone?

Ans. Then, you can opt for a lighter shade one, which is priced at INR 200 per carat (around $3). Rashi Ratan Bhagya offers original Citrine gems in different sizes.

Que. Can Citrine be a substitute for Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire?

Ans. Although Citrine can be chosen as an alternative to Yellow Sapphire, it may need some time to generate results. However, you can consider Thailand Yellow Sapphire when it comes to the most effective alternative to Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire.