Aquamarine Stone

The aquamarine gemstone comes in a light blue hue with transparency, giving it a crystal-like look. Birthstone of March borns, the stone with the calmness and fierceness of Sea compliments the bright light blue hue of the gem. An aquamarine gemstone, aka Beruj in Hindi, has many amazing healing properties. The gem is known to enhance leadership skills, harmonize the mental and emotional state of the person, and align the energies of the person. Eliminating the feelings of insecurity and greed is also a benefit of aquamarine.

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Everything About Aquamarine Gemstone

Sparkling like the hypnotic ocean water and attracting with deep serenity of unfathomable water, the Aquamarine gemstone has been rightly called so! Yes! This beautiful and mesmeric gem instantly reminds you about sea water. The captivating sea bluish-green shade and further, the tranquil feel that it offers, the aquamarine gets its name from the Latin term Aqua Marina that means the Water of Sea. The soothing vibes as well as the deep resemblance with the blue-green hue of water has made aquamarine quite a favorite of many jewelry aficionados around the world. But that’s not it! The stone has got a lot more in store which attracts millions of people. There are significant benefits of wearing this refreshing looking gem and we will discuss the same in later paras.

Belonging to the Cyclosilicates, the aquamarine crystal is actually a variation of Beryl. According to Indian Vedic astrology, this semi-precious gem is recommended to people with zodiac signs as Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn. However, the western astrology advices the people with Aries sign to wear this gem. From helping one control the temper to solving ego problems and instilling peace and inviting many advantages, this beautiful gem called aquamarine can be worn by others too after having a consultation with an expert of astrology.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine Gemstone?

This beautiful stone has been in use for various purposes since ancient times and has been observed in the Greek culture, Roman culture and other cultures worldwide. Some of the significant benefits are mentioned below:

Strengthens and improves your decision-making ability: Taking wise and right decisions at the right time is quite important and indispensable to success! How quickly we take wise decisions or what decisions do we take at the right time help decide our future! If you think that you lack this ability, its time to take help from this blue-green gemstone! The stone provides superb help in improving and strengthening your decision-making power. That’s the reason why it is often recommended to the politicians, journalists, magistrates and other such professionals.

Helps in many medical conditions: The stone is strongly believed to provide help in many physical ailments. It offers healing results in problems related to thyroid, throat, liver and stomach.

Helps fetch deserving results for your efforts: The stone also helps get expected results for people who put in hard work towards their goals. Therefore, it also contributes in improving the economical condition of its wearer.

Provides protection: The stone is also considered as a great option for those who seek protection during travel. It is said that aquamarine safeguards its wearer during travel and protects him or her from various travel risks.

Enhances confidence: Do you often feel nervous and lack self-confidence? If so, wear the aquamarine to enhance your confidence. It will give you the perspective to think positive about yourself and will help ward off nervousness.

Helps gather courage: People who are often surrounded by different types of fears should seek help from aquamarine. It gives courage and strength to face various challenges and fears. The stone gives courage to its wearer.

Who Should Wear Aquamarine Gemstone?

Aquamarine gemstone is an ideal gem for Pisceans, Aquarian and Capricorn. It is mostly worn by people who want to strengthen the position of Saturn planet in their horoscope. Those who find it difficult to speak should also take help from this gem. It is strongly believed that this beautiful bluish-green gem provides healing effects in issues related to throat, stomach and liver.

How to Wear Aquamarine Gemstone

Perform the puja during the morning hours of Shukla Paksha. The ideal timings for the same are 5 to 7 a.m. Take bath and collect all the essentials items like incense sticks, flower and a bowl having Ganga Jal, clarified butter or ghee, honey and non- boiled cow milk. Dip your aquamarine jewel in the bowl for few minutes. Rinse and wipe the jewel. Spread a green cloth and put some moong dal over it. Light up the incense sticks around the cloth. Put your aquamarine ring or pendant on it and offer the flowers around it. Start chanting the mantra (Om Sham ShaneecharaayaNamaah) and recite it 108 times. Once the chanting is over, you can now wear your beautiful aquamarine.

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What is the Original Price of Aquamarine Gemstone?

While buying this beguiling gemstone, one must consider the color, clarity and weight. Due to these factors, the price of aquamarine gemstone in India and other places can differ to significant extents. The following example will help you understand better. Suppose, you come across a bright colored small sized aquamarine stone and a large sized aquamarine with dull shade, then the former will demand more price than the latter one! Hence, it is best to take advice of an expert while buying natural gems. At RRB, we provide expert advice too so that you can get the best deals in gemstones online. On an average, it can be said that the aquamarine per carat price in India is approximately INR 693 to INR 2000.

Where to Buy Aquamarine Gemstone?

Looking for natural aquamarine gemstone? Buy real and original aquamarine gems at Rashi Ratan Bhagya (RRB). We stock 100% original and natural gemstones that are certified by the government. When you shop aquamarine gemstones or other gems at our site, you can stay assured about the genuineness and originality. Rashi Ratan Bhagya is your most authentic destination for buying real and natural gemstones.

Interesting Facts about Aquamarine gemstone

  • The term Aquamarina is a Latin term that translates into ‘Water of the Sea’.
  • This gem has deep resemblance with shades of natural water and thus, it is strongly believed to induce serenity and peace in its wearers.
  • Wearing this gem strengthens the position of Saturn in one’s horoscope (kundali).
  • The stone has been found helpful in solving issues related to liver, throat and stomach.
  • It is also said that the gem is also beneficial in removing the doshas (ill effects) of planets like Saturn, Mercury, Moon and Venus.
  • In the ancient times, the stone was worn and carried by the sailors to stay protected during travel through water.

Why Aquamarine Gemstone is so important?

From jewelry point of view, Aquamarine is considered quite good in terms of hardness and shows about 7.5-8 hardness on Mohs Scale. It is a fairly strong and durable gem that can be creatively cut into beautiful shapes and sizes.

A timid position of the planet Saturn in one’s horoscope can create problems. Wearing aquamarine helps people find solution for this issue as the gem is known for fortifying the Saturn’s position in horoscopes. When the Saturn planet is in better position, one sees quite positive and important changes in life, like, better financial gains, good ability to take decisions, balanced mind and more. Wearing of this gem is also a recommendation for people who want to express their true feelings in the best of words! It is said that the gem helps activate the energy in heart chakra and throat chakra. The same helps bring out and express the deepest and most complicated thoughts. In short, if you feel some sort of blockages while communicating or expressing your thoughts, wearing this soothing gem will give you support to speak confidently and effectively.