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Red Coral Gemstone Facts Price, Properties, Benefits & Wearing Process

The Magnificent (Munga) Red Coral Gemstone

Connecting you with the power and passion of the oceanic worlds, the corals are known for their emphatic ability to help you learn new skills and contribute to building something innovative from the earlier existing resources. This is the reason why coral gemstones are quite popular among businessmen, builders, artists, and many other professions too. The red corals are one of the most popular corals. The red coral gemstone represents the planet Mars (Mangal) in Indian astrology and is also known as the ‘Moonga Stone’. The red coral is also popularly known as Lata Mani, Praval Ratna, Sinduja, and Marjaan. The red coral stone or the moonga gemstone instantly captures anyone’s attention because of its lovely sheen, deep bright red color, and smooth surface. The original red corals are amorphous and are formed deep inside the ocean. These organic original red coral gemstones are actually formed by coral polyps which are marine animals. This is another reason why the original moonga stones are so expensive! In other words, as the original red coral stones are formed by marine creatures and are not mined from our planet, they come with a hefty price.

Why Red Coral Gemstone is so important?

The red coral gemstones are extremely important because they help offset the nasty effects of Planet Mars. That’s why people who have ‘Mangal Dosh’ (the wrong/bad position of planet Mars) in their horoscopes are advised to wear red coral gemstones. Apart from this aforesaid purpose, this beautiful gemstone is also believed to provide several significant spiritual and physical health benefits. It is also widely believed that red corals are one of the best options for those who want to combat fear and boost their self-confidence as well as self-esteem.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstones?

If you want to know what are the benefits of red coral gemstones, just continue reading here!

As stated earlier, one of the chief benefits of the red coral gemstone is that it protects the person from the bad effects of Mars.

The other benefits of wearing red coral include enhancing creativity and inviting success to the professions like real estate, agriculture, mining, sportsperson, artists, and medicine.

The discussion of red coral benefits remains incomplete without mentioning the gemstone’s ability to solve blood-related diseases.

The coral-stone benefits can also be enjoyed in form of better digestion and better blood circulation.

Also, strong and focused concentrations are also counted among the significant red coral stone benefits.

The stone is also believed to be helpful in calcium deficiency issues, headaches, and anemia.

The other moonga stone benefits include enhancing and refining leadership & management skills, teaching better leadership qualities, and strengthening willpower and self-determination.

Whether you wear this amazing gemstone for red coral astrological benefits or for spiritual healing, the fact is that you will surely enjoy its wonderful powers. Remember, the benefits of wearing munga can be reaped only when you wear authentic red coral (Lal moonga stone).

Who should wear Red Coral gemstones?

The most important answer for who can wear red coral is that the people who have ‘mangal dosh’ should wear this stone. Also, if you ask who can wear red coral in terms of the most appropriate professions associated with this enchanting stone then let us tell you that people associated with business, real estate, agriculture, chemicals, medical field, defense, property, and mining should surely wear this stone. Also, people who feel that they have low self-esteem or confidence can try to wear this lovely stone. Whether it is about who should wear red coral or who should not wear red coral, the best advice should always be taken from an expert and experienced astrologer. The accomplished astrologer will not only discuss who should wear munga but will also tell how to wear moonga stone in the right way.

Where to buy Red Coral Gemstones?

Wondering where to buy red coral? One should always buy red coral gemstones from the most authentic and reliable source. At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, you can buy munga stones that are 100% natural and certified. We offer the only best quality and natural gemstones so that each of our customers can enjoy the right healing properties and benefits associated with specific gemstones. Buy the original red coral stone at Rashi Ratan Bhagya. While you buy a natural red coral stone with us, you can also explore our Navratan jewelry, Rudraksha collection, and more alluring items at our site. Buy red coral gemstones in the most authentic way at our site!

What is the original price of red coral gemstone?

Like all other gemstones, the red coral price also depends on several important factors. The moonga stone price depends on color, clarity, origin, and shape as well. The red coral stone price is high when the red coral gemstone shows a beautiful deep red color and smooth surface. The Japanese, as well as Italian corals, are the most expensive and valuable corals. The moonga stone price per Ratti should be considered as original red coral price per carat (1 ratti is equal to .91 carat). The original moonga stone price varies from 500 Rupees to 4000 Rs per ratti in India. The red coral gemstone price can range between 500 to 15000 INR per carat. The moonga ratna price in India is quite affordable in comparison of the Japanese coral gemstone.

Interesting Facts about red coral gemstone

There are many interesting and important facts about red coral gemstone. The gemstone is believed to enhance self-confidence and provide courage to fight various fears. It helps counteract the malice effects of Mars planet. Many blood related diseases can be treated by wearing the red coral gemstone. Helping majorly in improved concentration power, the stone is also believed to bring success and prosperity in the professional world of its wearer.

How to wear red coral gemstone (Method of wearing red coral stone)

One needs to have the right knowledge on how to wear red coral gemstone. Following the correct method of wearing red coral stone will help fetch the relevant benefits of red coral. The red coral wearing method includes wearing this gemstone in the right metal. You can wear it in form of ring or pendant made of panchdhatu, gold or silver. The coral stone is worn in the right hand’s ring finger during the Shukla Paksha. The day should be Tuesday and the gemstone should be worn before the sunrise. Also, the process of ‘how to wear red coral’ or ‘how to wear moonga stone’ remains incomplete without cleansing and activating the red coral. Thus, cleanse and activate your Lal Moonga (Red Coral) in the right way as described hereafter.

What is the puja procedure for red coral gemstone before wearing it?

To understand and enjoy absolute red coral significance, one should know the complete procedure of wearing red coral (Lal Moonga). The procedure of wearing red coral involves cleansing and activating the red coral gemstone by dipping it in a bowl (metal bowl) of specific ingredients including clarified butter, basil leaves, Ganga water, raw milk of cow & honey. Remember, you have to add each of these things one by one. Take out Moonga quickly once it gets completely dipped into the bowl and then wash it well with Ganga Jal. Afterwards, the mantra ‘Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroom Sah Bhomay Namah’ should be chanted 108 times. Once this is done, you can wear your red coral (Lal moonga) ring or pendant.

Buy beautiful red coral gemstones and get ready to give wings of prosperity to your career!