July Birthstone: Ruby Stone

July Borns are spirited, friendly, and kind-hearted people. They have a tendency to focus on the bright side all the time. But they are quite sensitive and Ruby stone is the perfect gem for them because the gemstone makes the person calm and helps regulate their emotions. The July Birthstone Ruby is a stone of the Sun, that is, of boldness and leadership. The stone helps its wearer be more authoritative, brings love to their life, and enhances their passion. Ruby stone with its deep red colors looks elegant and hence it is often used as an engagement ring.
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July Birthstone

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About's July Birthstone - Ruby

The birthstone for July is the Ruby gemstone. Both, as per traditional and modern birthstone lists, Ruby is a July Birthstone. The blood-red ruby gemstone is a very lucky gemstone with many metaphysical properties. The gem is one of the most expensive, durable, and popular gemstones in the world.

Ruby has a rich history and is believed to have intense powers that can alter the life of its user. The gem's dark blood-like hue makes it beautiful and the transparency and shimmer of the stone adds to its allure. Because of the beauty of the stone, ruby is used highly to make jewelry. Many celebrities have been seen wearing expensive ruby gemstones to flaunt their dresses. Indeed, many influencers are spotted wearing ruby for its astrological significance. According to astrology, ruby is one of the Navratans, that is, one of the nine most powerful gemstones in the world. The stone heals the person physically, enhances confidence, and brings love into the life of the wearer.

The gem is most beneficial for the people who are born in July, as it is a July birthstone. July-borns should wear this gemstone with proper procedure and gain its full benefits, along with flaunting its beauty.

History of July Birthstone

The Radiant July birthstone, Ruby, has a vast history, and some of the oldest rubies are still with some very high-standard people. The gemstone is seen as a stone of passion, wealth, and prosperity as well as leadership and authority. In ancient times, people with authority used to wear crowns mounted with gemstones like rubies.

In 200 BC, Rubies were traded through the North Silk Road of China. The ancient texts of China mentioned rubies as stones of protection and that they used to use them as charms.

July birthstones are the world’s most valuable gemstones and are rare as well. People all over the world admire the rubies. Queen of England, Elizabeth, has a tiara with 96 rubies mounted in it.

In the 1950s, in East Africa, the largest ruby crystal was mined which weighed more than 4 pounds. In 1976, it was carved into the shape of Liberty Bell. The value of this ruby is over $2 million, but no one knows where it is these days as it was stolen in 2011.

Another famous ruby gemstone is named the Sunrise ruby. It is the most expensive ruby gemstone in the world and was mined in Burma. The stone is known for its brilliant color and cut and was sold to an anonymous buyer in 2015. As per the record, the cost of the ruby is more than 30 million dollars.

Symbolism of July Birthstone

Since ancient times, the July birthstone, Ruby has been a symbol of rise and shine. It also symbolizes love and passion. In history, jewels were money and wealth and were seen as the symbol of royalty. Ruby has been such a jewel and was always admired for its beauty and rarity. There have been many tales and stories of battles for some particular ruby stone.

Power and wealth are two attributes that are linked the most with a ruby gemstone. But the gem is also a stone of love. The belief is that the ruby stone powers can bring love to people. It attracts potential love partners to whoever wears this gemstone.

In India, the ruby gemstone is popularly called Manik Ratna or Chuni Stone. Because of the strong influence powers of the Ruby, it is also known as the “King of Gemstones” or “Ratnaraj”. After diamonds, ruby is the hardest gemstone on Earth, and is always in demand. The stone is the most costly colored gemstone in the world. Also, the color of the stone matches the red blood flowing through human veins, and so ancient people believed that the ruby holds the power of life.

Meaning of July Birthstone

The July Birthstone, Ruby also known as Manik Stone, have gotten its meaning from its astrological significance. The stone, as per astrology, is a stone of prosperity, passion, and management skills. Raw emotions, rejuvenation, life, and vitality are symbolized by the red hue of the stone. The Ruby gemstone is also associated with the Base chakra, also known as the root chakra. This energy center is located at the base of the spine and is known to be the energy center representing the foundation of life. The root chakra is the first energy center in our body which when activated, brings a sense of security and stability into the life of the wearer. The fears and trauma that you might be facing will be eliminated from your life when you wear a ruby stone as the stone will align the energies of your body and open the base chakra.

It will make you feel grounded, and down-to-earth, encourage you to take your responsibilities, and give you the courage to face the challenges of your life. The ruby stone will take away your worries, and fear, help you overcome emotional pain, reduce nightmares and heal you from depression.

Properties of July Birthstone

The birthstone of July, Ruby birthstone is a stone that comes in pinkish-red colors. The name of the stone is because of its red color. The word Ruby comes from the Latin Word Rubinus or Ruber, which means red. This beautiful gemstone have its own powers and properties. The gem increases the blood flow and maintains it. It energies clears the mind, enhances self-esteem, and encourages the person to take steps towards their goals.

Physical Properties of July Birthstone - Ruby

  • The birthstone for July, Ruby is a precious gemstone.
  • Ruby is a variety of oxide minerals.
  • The chemical composition of the ruby gemstone is Aluminium Oxide with chromium element traces. Formula - Al2O3:Cr
  • The gemstone ruby has a vitreous luster.
  • The hardness of Ruby on Moh’s scale is 9. It makes it the second hardest gemstone in the world after diamond with a hardness of 10.
  • The specific gravity of Ruby gemstone is 3.97–4.05.
  • The Refractive Index of Ruby Stone is 1.768–1.772.
Metaphysical Properties of the July Birthstone

  • Increases the self-reliance capabilities of the person.
  • Boosts the leadership skills of the wearer.
  • Boosts their creativity, enthusiasm, and passion.
  • Brings luck and fortune to the user.
  • Purifies the bloodstream and maintains circulation.
  • Ruby increases sex drive and prowess.
  • Protects the person from evil energies.

Origin of the July Birthstone

July birthstone, ruby is found all over the world in many regions of the Earth. The stone is mined from the core of the Earth, which is why it is believed to have many metaphysical properties. There are many Sources of Ruby, but there are some regions that are known the most for ruby production.

Today, sources from where the July birthstones, Rubies are mined from are Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India.

Myanmar or Burma rubies are the finest of rubies and so are the most expensive ones. It is also the world’s main source of natural ruby stones. India is also known to produce the best quality ruby stones.

Even it is known that the Ruby gemstone which is the oldest one is the one found in India.

As per history, some other regions where Ruby gemstones are found are Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Namibia, Japan, Scotland, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Europe, Greenland, etc.

Additionally, Ruby gemstones are also found in some states of the US like North Carolina, South Carolina, Montana, and Wyoming.

Benefits of Wearing a July Birthstone

Natural Ruby gemstone, the birthstone for July, influences the life of the person. The gemstone affects all aspects of the life of the person who uses it. Know how these powers of the Ruby July gemstone will benefit you:-

  • Ruby gemstone brings warmth and hope into the life of the wearer.
  • The stone protects the person from negative energies.
  • The gem is known to bring name, fame, royalty, and success to the person. It will give you a name in society, and bring you to the power of authority or leadership.
  • July Birthstone enhances the peace of mind of the user. The stone eliminates the tensions of the wearer. It clears the mind and removes fogginess and confusion from your mind.
  • Self-confidence will increase in the person who wears a ruby. The ruby will remove the self-doubts, reduce the fears of public speaking, and give the wearer the willpower and belief to be confident in himself.
  • Ruby instills courage and boldness in the wearer. The positive energies of the gem will offer the person emotional support and mental strength, increasing the inner power and vitality of the person.
  • Ruby will help you with your career, it will attract you positive vibes which will bring success to you. It helps you achieve your goals and fulfill your ambitions. Professionally, the stone will help you grab opportunities with both hands. It will bring you luck and fortune, attracting prosperity into your life.
  • The ruby gem will increase your self-awareness, it will also enhance your gut feelings and guide you in the right direction in your life.
  • It is said that the ruby is the stone of love. If you are married, the gemstone will decrease conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationship and enhance love and harmony, bringing you marital bliss. If you are single, the gem will attract your potential soul mate to your life.
  • Another relationship benefit of ruby is that it is known to fix the relationship between the wearer and the father of the wearer.
  • Spiritually, the ruby is a stone that can help you connect with the higher powers of the universe.
  • Healing Properties of July Birthstone

    The powers of the July birthstone include healing a person on both an emotional level and a physical level. Know all the health benefits of the July birthstone here:-

    • The red gemstone ruby regulates the hormones in the body of the wearer. It reduces panic and anxiety attacks and aids depression.
    • Ruby regulates the blood flow in the wearer, removes toxic substances from the body of the wearer, and maintains blood circulation.
    • The gem toughens the heart, strengthens its muscles, and heals any related diseases.
    • Any problems related to the eye and hair will be treated. The gemstone powers will help you boost your eyesight.
    • The gem will rejuvenate your skin and will make it glow. Ruby is a radiance gem.
    • If your immune system is weak and you suffer from frequent headaches or fever, the ruby gem will benefit you. It will also provide you relief from nausea.
    • The gem is also known to increase fertility in both men and women. It enhances the sexual prowess as well. Ruby treats any problems or ailments related to the reproductive system.
    • Ruby or natural Manik stone aids in regulating the menstrual cycle in women and provides relief from menstrual pain and cramps.
    • Any ailments related to the kidneys or adrenal glands will also be cured.
    • The birthstone energies will strengthen your bones, so if you have weak bones, you can benefit by wearing a ruby.

    Astrological Significance of the July Birthstone

    The July Birthstone, Ruby, as per the astrology experts, is the stone of the Sun. That means the ruling planet of a natural ruby gemstone is Sun, also known as Lord Surya. Gemstones are linked with particular astrological planets and people who wear a gem get the blessings of its ruling planet. When an individual wears a July birthstone, he or she will get the blessings of the Sun.

    Sun or Surya is the planet of individuality, boldness, Fierceness, and authority.

    People who have the Sun positioned in a negative position in their birth chart are advised to wear an original ruby gemstone, astrologically. When the sun is in a negative position in anyone’s birth chart, it can cause some negativity like self-doubts, insecurity, arrogance, inconsideration of other people's feelings, seeking attention, etc.

    Wearing an original ruby gemstone will remove the negative or adverse effects of the Sun. It will also not let any negative energies come to you. The positive energies of the ruby, the July birthstone, will bless the person with the Sun’s positive traits. It will instill confidence, courage, security, boldness, and leadership.

Who Should Wear July Birthstone - The Ruby Gemstone?

As per the experts, people who are born under the zodiac sign of Leo (sinh Rashi) can wear a ruby gemstone. The ruby gemstone is ruled by the Sun and so is the Leo sun sign, hence, the stone will be suitable for Leo to wear. Other than that, people who are Aries, Scorpio, or Sagittarius can also wear the ruby gemstone. However, ruby is a very powerful gemstone and we will recommend you to wear a stone only after careful consideration with an astrologer. You should ensure that the stone is friendly to wear as per your birth chart. Cancer-borns can also wear a ruby or Manik gemstone.

Anyone who wants to wear the July birthstone must let an astrologer check their birth chart or Kundli. The suitability of the stone with your natal chart is essential. Also, you have to wear the gem at a proper or auspicious time with proper ritual and process, otherwise, you may not get the full benefits of the gemstone.

Who should not wear the July birthstone?

Expert astrologers suggest that people who belong to Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn zodiac signs should not wear ruby gemstones.

Also, people who are wearing another gemstone already should not wear the ruby stone without consultation. Some gemstones work negatively when together, like ruby and blue sapphire should never be worn together. Also, ruby must not be worn with cat’s eye gemstones or diamonds.

Complete Process of Wearing the July Birthstone - How to Wear Ruby?

The July birthstone is one of the Navratans, which means, one of the nine most influential and life-changing gemstones in the world. The stone holds much importance in astrology because it is known to contain the powers of the sun. But to get these powers of the ruby gemstone, it is essential to purify and energize the gemstone. The stone might contain negative energies since it will get to you after a long process. To make the stone link with you and get acquainted with your energies, it is essential that you activate your July birthstone jewelry before wearing it.

Here is how you should wear your July birthstone - Full vedic pooja process to wear Ruby

Best Day & Time to Wear July Birthstone

The best day to wear the July birthstone, Ruby is a Sunday since the linked planet with the gem is the Sun. And the day of Lord Surya is Sunday.

The best time to wear the Ruby birthstone is the early morning hours, the Brahm Muhrat between 04:00 a.m to 07:00 a.m.

Which finger to wear the July birthstone on?

Expert astrologers state that the stone should be worn in such a way that the gem is always in contact with you. This is so that the stone can give you its full energy. Therefore, the best way to wear a July birthstone is in the form of a Pendant, bracelet, or ring. If you wearing a July birthstone ring, you should wear it on the ring finger of your working hand to reap its Maximum benefits of Ruby.

Which metal to wear your July birthstone in?

The July birthstone, the original ruby gem will work best when you wear it in Silver, White Gold, Platinum, or Panchdhatu.

Purification Method for July Birthstone

To purify your gemstone, take your stone, keep it in a metal bowl, and then add the following things one by one:-

Unboiled or Raw Cow Milk, Ghee, Honey, Sugar, Curd and Tulsi Leaves

Now, leave the stone for 15 to 30 minutes, then get it out and rinse it with Gangajal.

Pooja Process to Wear July Birthstone

To activate your July birthstone, take your stone and in the suspicious time, light some incense, offer some flowers and water to Lord Surya, and then sit with your stone in your temple. Chant the mantra of the ruby gem 108 times with your ruby in your hand and while you are reciting the gem for the last time, wear it.

Mantra for July Birthstone

|| Om Hrim Sum Suryay Namah ||

|| ओम ह्रीं सम सूर्याय नमः ||

Importance of July Birthstone

The July borns are often people kindhearted, optimistic, and pleasing people. They often practice self-control and patience a lot. They are born skilled in chanelising their expressions. But they are also empathetic and suffer a lot of mood swings. Many times, they need guidance in their life so their birthstone Ruby is the perfect stone for them.

Ruby have always been seen as a stone of love, life force, and power. It is known to increase the vitality of the person and so balances the emotional well-being of the person. The ruby will help the July borns get on the right track, it will help them with their self-control and self-discipline. The gem will increase their focus aid them to act more like the leader, and help them regulate their mood swings.

Indeed, the birthstone of July is also believed to protect the July born from evil spirits and black magic. Manik gemstone can predict misfortune and danger, it can implement intuition in the wearer’s and so can help them be prepared to face the problems.

The gem ruby also soothes anger or rage and reduces frustration. Ruby will help them with their professional work and career as well. It will assist them be smart at their work, grabbing the opportunities that come their way, being organized and friendly as well as team player with their colleagues.

Price of July Birthstone

The price of a gemstone depends on a number of factors. These factors include Cut, Weight, Color, Clarity, and quality of the gem. The Ruby price will also depend on the flow of the market.

Ruby, which is the birthstone of July, is a rare gem and always costs high because of its demand in the market. According to the quality and weight of a particular ruby gemstone, the cost of the ruby varies.

Generally, the price of ruby stone in India lies within the range of INR 3000 to INR 70,000 per Ratti. In dollars, the Ruby Stone price per carat is between $47.97 - $930.80.

The ruby gem which is of the finest quality will always be valued more. The finest of ruby will have fewer inclusions or abrasives and will have tremendous hue and shine. The transparency, clarity, color, tone, and saturation, all are measured to check the quality of the gem.

Sometimes, the origin of the ruby can also vary the cost of the gem since some origins always produce good-quality gems.

FAQs About the July Birthstone

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the July birthstone:-

Ques. Which gems can I wear instead of Ruby?

Ans. The substitutes for the ruby gemstone are Red Spinel, Red Garnet, Red Tourmaline, and Red Topaz.

Ques. How much time it will take for the July birthstone to work?

Ans. There is no fixed time in which your gemstone can work. The gem will take its time. Different people observe the powers work at different times. It can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Ques. Is July birthstone rare?

Ans. Yes. The birthstone of July, Ruby is a rare crystal or gemstone. The best-quality rubies with fewer inclusions and good hue or coloration are found very rarely.

Ques. How to care for your July birthstone? How to clean the ruby gem, the July birthstone?

Ans. To care for your July birthstone, you should store the gem in a different storage box. Also, you should clean it every month with a soft brush and warm soapy lukewarm water.