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Peridot - The Sparkling Green Gemstone that Promises Prosperity & Peace

Peridot stone – An Intro

The strikingly beautiful & bright green-colored peridot stone is a candy for your eyes and a treat for your soul! Opening up the heart chakra and stimulating the mind, this stunning gemstone is one of those few valuable gemstones that get formed in a solo color. In other words, you find the peridot gemstone only in the green shade. However, you can come across peridots with slight variation in their green shades. The peridot birthstone is suitable for those who are born in the month of August. However, we will also tell you in later paragraphs that who else may wear it.

Be it about gaining the right balance between your emotions and mental state or refining your articulateness, the peridot helps you achieve the same and much more! The peridot meaning lies in its immense benefits and qualities related to spiritualism, health, prosperity and more. Formally, this sparkling and transparent green gemstone called Peridot is Olivine mineral (having magnesium & iron silicate).

The chief sources of peridot include Brazil, Australia, Mexico, USA, Burma and Pakistan. Because of its beautiful green color, the peridot stone is often used as a substitute for the emerald or panna stone.

Peridot is called ‘Kalbindu Harit’ in Hindi. The name Peridot is inspired from Peridona (a Greek term) which means ‘providing plenty’ as well as from the Arabic word ‘Peridaat’ which simply means gem.

Why Peridot stone is so important?

Peridot strengthens Mercury in your horoscope. It saves you from nightmares, clarifies the body chakras, improves your intelligence as well as eloquence and helps you gain wealth and prosperity. It also provides a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Peridot stone Healing Properties/Metaphysical Properties

Let us now discuss the most important peridot metaphysical properties.

Peridot is known widely for enhancing the wisdom and memory powers. This is the reason why the students are often advised to wear this lovely gemstone with timeless beauty! One of the many important Peridot healing properties include the ability to dispel the negative vibes and thoughts. The other important peridot stone properties include the following:

* It provides protection from nightmares.

* It induces relaxed sleep.

* It improves the power of concentration.

* It is believed to attract wealth & prosperity.

* The peridot stone healing properties also include enhancing the expressiveness, eloquence and debating skills.

* This gemstone also helps get rid of any sort of addiction.

* One can wear this amazing gemstone to keep fear and anxiety at bay.

* The gemstone also helps manage the emotional troubles with courage and strength.

* One can get rid of tension by wearing Peridot on the solar plexus chakra.

* Similarly, the stone can also be worn by those who have emotional wounds and feel their heart aches from the pain of emotional problems. Wearing peridot makes you feel strong and better.

* It is a great stone for finding recovery and solutions for skin problems, mental issues, stress, anxiety, digestion and nervous system related issues.

What are the benefits of Peridot?

Overall, the peridot stone benefits include the physical health benefits, emotional benefits, wealth benefits and spiritual advantages too. The chief benefits of peridot include stimulation of heart chakra, better management of emotions, improved intelligence as well as concentration, inner strength, self-confidence and protection from stress, negative vibes and nightmares. The peridot gemstone benefits also include improved reasoning abilities and logical thinking.

Who can wear peridot?

The beautiful looking peridot gemstone is often recommended by astrologists to those who have weak or timid position of Mercury planet in their horoscopes. The Peridot stone is considered best for the Gemini and Virgo zodiacs as it is the birthstone for these signs. The Aquarian, Libran, Capricorn and Taurus ascendants are also advised to wear this enchanting gemstone.

Where to buy real peridot?

Avail all the valuable benefits of peridot by buying the real and natural peridot gemstone only at Rashi Ratan Bhagya! We source the best quality and 100% natural peridots so that our customers can achieve what they expect from their gemstones. Buy natural, original and government certified gemstones at Rashi Ratan Bhagya.

What is the original price of peridot stone per carat?

Before we tell you the peridot price per carat, it is important to discuss few things related to the peridot stone price. The peridot stone price per carat depends on few significant factors like the origin of peridot, clarity in the stone, its size, cut and color. The bigger the size is, the higher is the price! Also, the bright green-colored peridots demand high price. Clarity also plays a great role in the price of peridot. If the peridot is mostly clear (that is, with least or no inclusions), it comes with a heavy price tag. The more are the inclusions, the lesser the price gets! Peridots come from various origins as mentioned in the initial paragraphs. Those coming from Burma or Pakistan demand the costliest price. In India, the peridot price is 400 INR per carat to 2000 INR per carat. The price may further vary because of the factors mentioned above.

How to wear Peridot (Method of wearing Peridot stone)

If you want to enjoy the benefits of wearing peridot you need to wear it in the right way. Ensure that your peridot gemstone is one-tenth of your body wt. Choose the clear and bright colored peridot and try to wear it in silver. However, the platinum, gold or Panchdhatu can also be used for wearing peridot. One should wear this stone on Wednesday (Budhwaar) after the sun goes down. Wear it in the small or ring finger of your working hand. Perform the right puja procedure with the help of your astrologer.

What is the puja procedure for peridot before wearing it?

The puja process for wearing Peridot involves taking a neat and clean red cloth made of silk. Spread this silk cloth and put some wheat on it. Next, wash your peridot ring and put some paste of sandalwood upon it. Also, add a bit of Kumkum to the ring. Light up the incense sticks as well as the Kapoor (camphor). Now, chant the ‘Om Bum Budhaye Namah’ mantra for 108 times. After this, your peridot ring is ready to be worn!

Wear Peridot and enjoy its stunning appearance as well as immense benefits!