Green Sapphire Stone

Natural green sapphires of the sapphire family have a lustrous olive-green hue. This stone symbolizes communication and business. It increases intelligence and memory and is known to help business people. The gem will add moral value to your character, it will enhance them and help you put your perception into order to achieve your dreams. With Mercury as its ruling planet, the gemstone will also give you clarity mentally, and boost your focus on essential things. Self-assurance and serenity will also come your way.

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Green Sapphire (Hara Pukhraj)

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Everything About Green Sapphire Gemstone

Green Sapphire Gemstone is a highly valuable gemstone that is captured by its brilliant green tones and superb hue saturation. It is one of the rare sapphire gemstones that looks stunning in any style of jewelry and is an effective gem for a variety of therapeutic treatments.

Green Sapphire Gemstone is a highly valuable gemstone that is captured by its brilliant green tones and superb hue saturation. It is one of the rare sapphire gemstones that looks stunning in any style of jewelry and is an effective gem for a variety of therapeutic treatments.

Consider a gemstone that reflects the rich greens of a thriving forest or the brilliant colors of a summer meadow. Enter the world of green sapphire, a captivating gemstone known for its stunning hue and alluring charm. Green sapphire stone, a variant of the famed corundum mineral, provides a distinct alternative to its famous blue cousin, giving a touch of nature's beauty to the world of jewels.

Benefits of Green Sapphire

According to Vedic astrology, the Green Sapphire gemstone represents the strong planet Mercury. Green Sapphire gemstone has extraordinary metaphysical and therapeutic properties. Green sapphire gemstones are commonly referred to as Green Safir and Green Pukhraj in Hindi. This vitreous green diamond may awaken and balance the human heart chakra. Its tremendous energies contribute significantly to the gemstone owner's emotional rehabilitation. When it comes to wearing a gemstone, Vedic astrologers typically recommend a Green Sapphire gemstone with a rich green hue and great clarity. However, there are various advantages to owning this stunning Green Sapphire gemstone. A few of them are listed below:

  • Psychological and health benefits: Green Pukhraj is also employed in a variety of alternative treatment methods. It aids the wearer's physical and spiritual well-being. This green gem is generally utilized to strengthen one's ability to dismiss negative thoughts and worries while also encouraging peace and happiness. Wearing this gemstone can also help the person recuperate from stress, worry, and dread. Aside from that, green sapphire gemstones offer relief from eye and skin ailments.
  • Enhances Communication ability: Mercury, the planet of intuition and intelligence, rules Green Sapphire, also known as Hara Pukhraj. Green sapphire is a highly efficient gemstone for improving innate attention, learning capacity, and wisdom. Many astrologers strongly recommend this gem for anybody involved in research, writing, academia, or artistic endeavors who want to obtain more positive acclaim and benefits.

  • Boosts Communication Skills: According to Indian Vedic Astrology, the Green Sapphire gemstone can benefit persons suffering from speech-related disorders, oration, and insufficient self-expression. Because of the strength of Vaani-karaka - Mercury or Budh, natural Green Sapphire gemstones are highly valued by gemologists for the development of the gemstone owner's communication and social abilities. The wearer enhances its capacity to portray oneself in a more elaborate manner.

Who Should Wear Green Sapphire Gemstone?

According to Indian Vedic astrology, green sapphire, also known as green Pukhraj Ratna, represents the planet Mercury. It is claimed to energize and balance the human heart chakra. Many astrologers recommend this colored gemstone for people who have a strong connection to the planet Mercury in their natal chart. Green sapphire is also used for a variety of medical reasons and is generally regarded to be beneficial to everyone who utilizes it, according to Vedic astrology. According to Indian astrology, this green sapphire gemstone is best suited for Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) Rashi wearers. According to Western astrology, green sapphire is the birthstone for the Cancer sun sign. This gemstone is suitable for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants.

How To Wear Green Sapphire/ Hara Pukhraj Stone?

Wearing the stone with the proper procedure will activate the stone. The astrologists often advise that the Green Sapphire stone should touch your skin when you wear it as this helps to avail maximum benefits. All the negative energy that might the stone contain before it gets to you will be removed and the stone will get in better connection with you.

When To Wear Green Sapphire/ Hara Pukhraj Gemstone?

The best day for wearing an Green Sapphire is Wednesday in early morning between 5 Am to 7 Am in the Shukla Paksha. However, the early morning and early evening hours are often considered the best.

Which Metal to Wear the Hara Pukhraj Stone In?

The gemstones can be set in a ring made of gold, silver, and Panchdhatu (5 metal alloys).

Green Sapphire Stone Is Worn In Which Finger?

Hara Pukhraj can be worn in the form of rings and pendants. Wearing Green Sapphire in rings is recommended more! Wearing an Green Sapphire stone on Little finger or ring finger is advisable as it will be more auspicious and will maximize the benefits.

Vedic Pooja Process of Hara Pukhraj / Green Sapphire Gemstone

Once you have purified your Green Sapphire ring or pendant according to the above process, you can wear it after chanting the mentioned Green Sapphire stone mantra for 108 times.

Remember, when you are reciting the mantra for the last, that is, one hundred-eighth time, slide the ring into your finger.

Hara Neelam / Green Sapphire Gemstone Mantra

|| Om Budhaya Namah ||

|| ॐ बुधाय नमः ||

Price of Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire gemstones, also known as Natural Green Pukhraj, come in a wide range of sizes and forms. When it comes to pricing, this uncommon gem may be rather expensive, even for little gem pieces. However, the price per carat varies based on the origin, rarity, geopolitical status, cut, clarity, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it carries. Green sapphire gemstone prices per carat range from INR 11000 to INR 50000 and above. A buyer must realize that in India, the weight of a stone is often expressed in Ratti rather than Carat. Buyers must understand the differential between Ratti and Carat.

Myths And Facts about Green Sapphire

  • These sapphires, which are known to restore equilibrium in the mind and body, help to relieve mental stress and anxiety.
  • The stone, known for its ability to regulate glands, soothes a hyperactive body, aids in the treatment of blood-related diseases, and controls excessive bleeding.
  • These jewels, which bring clarity and lightness, are said to instill inner serenity and joy in their wearers.
  • They assist the mind become more concentrated and determined by suppressing undesired ideas.
  • This sapphire relieves eye strain and improves vision.

Importance of Green sapphire

In Vedic astrology, green sapphire is related with Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, and business. Wearing a green sapphire is said to improve these attributes in the wearer and boost success in commercial and intellectual endeavors.