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  17. South Sea Pearl Cts 5.46 Ratti 6.01

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Pearl – Benefits, Price & Process of Wearing

About Pearl

What is Pearl? If you are curious to know the answer, we are excited to tell you about the same! Well, Pearl is an organic precious gemstone. It comes in the color ranging from white to bluish-grey. ‘Mollusc’- a living creature produces the pearl inside its body. Pearl is also known as ‘Mukta’, Chandra ratna’, ‘TarakRatna’, or ‘Margarita stone.’ The pearl cost per carat indiadepends on various factors that would be discussed here later.

Did you know pearls come with immense healing properties to support the wearer? It is known to calm the planet Moon in the birth chart of the wearer. Pearl is also believed to act as the birthstone for people, who were born in the month of June.

How to wear Pearl (with Puja Process)?

When it comes to ensuring the optimum results from pearls, it must be paired with silver. Moreover, one part of this gemstone should be in contact with your skin.

You need to wear the pearl in the morning of any Monday. Note that the pearl must be worn in times of Shukla Paksha prior to sunrise in your last finger. In order to purify and activate the pearl gemstone, you need to execute the steps below:

Immerse the pearl ring in the mixture of pure water,honey, and raw or non-boiled milk.

Let your ring sit in that mixture for 20 to 30 minutes.

Chant the mantra “Om SomSumayeNamah” 108 times.

Then, wear the ring immediately on your right hand’s small finger.

What are the benefits of wearing Pearl?

Helps to Manage Anger: - Pearl can work as an ideal gemstone for individuals suffering from anger issues. That means the pearl can help them to stay optimistic, relaxed, calm, and composed.

Boosts Maternal Relationship: - Pearl is believed to improve the health of the wearer’s mother. Moreover, the gemstone helps to boost the mutual relationship between the wearer and their mother.

Helps to provide Mental Clarity: - Are you in a profession where deep concentration is needed? Do you need self-expression and high confidence in your workplace on a day-to-day basis? Then, the pearl gemstone may prove to be beneficial to you. Artists and creative professionals may expect to get benefits after wearing this precious gemstone.

Helps to attain Healthy Eyes, Heart, and Skin: - Pearl can help the wearer combat water-borne ailments. Moreover, Mukta helps to maintain the water balance in the wearer’s body owing to its positive energies. As a result, the wearer can expect to attain healthy eyes, an improved circulatory system, and clear skin.

Pearl Quality

The quality of ‘the Queen of Gems’ (natural) depends on various factors, such as its source, surface texture, body color, shape, and luster. Do you want to get the maximum benefits of the pearl gemstone? Then, it is a must to opt for the highest quality pearls available at Rashi Ratan Bhagya – your most trusted destination for natural gemstones.

What is the original price of Pearl?

Do you want to know about the pearl price? The cost of this precious gemstone depends on its size and quality. When it comes to the quality of the pearl, factors that determine the gemstone’s quality include surface protection, color, type, shape, and luster.

Moreover, the price difference depends on the demand and availability of specific kinds and shades of pearl gemstone. What is the pearl price per carat? The pearl price starts from INR 1000 per carat. However, the price may reach up to INR 2 lakh per carat (and above).

Now, you know the natural Pearl stone price in india. However, you need to find an authentic destination like Rashi Ratan Bhagya if you have decided to buy the pearl gemstone. We come with 100% natural gemstones for our esteemed customers.

Pearl - Origin

The highest quality pearl gemstones are originated from the coast of South India, Myanmar, Japan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Persian Gulf, and Venezuela. Which pearls are regarded as the most valuable option? It is the Basra city of the Persian Gulf, and it is known as Basra Pearl.

Basra Pearls are extremely rare with rich historical significance. Some other popular options of pearl gemstones are South Sea pearls (India), Akoya Pearls&Mikimoto Pearls (Japan), and ‘Kahil Moti’ (Sri Lanka). When it comes to choosing a pearl variety, you should ask the pearl price in india the gemstone company. These pearls make popular options in the jewelry and gemstone industry.

Pearl - Care & Cleaning

When it comes to taking care of pearls, you should use a damp cloth, as per the requirement. Have your pearls been stained? Then, prepare a solution with mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Next, immerse a soft cleaning cloth in the mixture and clean the pearls carefully.


Which metal is most suitable for pearl gemstone to achieve the optimum benefits?

Silver is believed to be the most compatible metal with pearl. However, some other metals may also be suitable in this regard, including gold, panchdhaatu, etc. You should consult an expert to know the most suitable metal for you in wearing the pearl gemstone.

What should be the ideal carat weight of the pearl gemstone to receive its benefits?

When it comes to a naturalBasra Pearl, the minimum carat weight should be 1/60th of the wearer’s body weight. This pearl variety is extremely rare and precious. So, if you are looking for an alternative option, you can opt for a South Sea Pearl. However, the carat weight should be higher in this regard, which is 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight in kgs.

Natural Pearl and South Sea Pearl – Are they different?

Yes, they are different! Natural pearls are formed inside the body of the organism in a natural way. Hence, these pearls are extremely precious and expensive as well. On the other hand, a South Sea Pearl is cultured inside the organism’s body. That means it is a manual process, not a natural phenomenon. Nonetheless, both of these varieties are regarded as authentic and offer positive effects in the wearer’s life.