Star Ruby Stone

The Ruby Star is a ruby gemstone with a star on its surface. This natural occurrence of a star-like shape on Ruby makes this gem the most alluring one. This stone is known for the power of leadership that it brings to the wearer. Original Ruby Stars are rare and are mostly found in India and Africa. These stones are of passion, love, spirituality, and intimacy. The star rubies are often known to reduce hypertension, stress, and depression. Also, it will clear your mind, help you face unpleasant situations, and enhance valor. Mostly, astrologers recommend this stone to people who tend to self-harm. The stone will bring them peace.

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Star Ruby

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Everything About Star Ruby Gemstone

Are you looking for a natural yet uncommon kind of ruby gemstone? Then, Star Ruby or Surya Kant Mani can cater to your requirements and expectations. This awe-inspiring gemstone poses star-like visible effects when watched under a single source of light, which is known as “Asterism.”

In short, Star Ruby provides incredible healing effects, so it is conferred with the title of a powerful healing gemstone. It helps to keep stress at bay and induces peace of mind. Moreover, Star Ruby also helps to keep up physical health.

Mogok, Myanmar is the primary source of Star Ruby. This mesmerizing gemstone achieves nine out of ten in the hardness scale, as per the Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

Benefits Of Star Ruby Gemstone?

  • Offers Powerful Healing Properties: - There are many benefits of star ruby, which have made it one of the sought-after gemstones. It represents a very powerful planet Sun. Therefore, it is believed that the metaphysical features of the natural Ruby and the Star Ruby are similar. Nevertheless, Star Ruby is less transparent, and so it is preferred for its powerful healing properties.
  • Induces Positivity & Boosts Self-Esteem: - Star Ruby has been used for ages due to its power of boosting wisdom, self-confidence, and motivation. Furthermore, the benefits of star ruby also lie in its power of enhancing the wearer’s thought process. Are you suffering from low self-esteem? Do you face troubles during decision-making? Then, you can consult an expert about wearing Star Ruby.
  • Relieves Depression & Sleep Issues: - One of the great star ruby benefits is its soothing effect for tensed nerves and relaxing power to calm the mind and body. So, people, experiencing depression, sleep disorders, feat, or anxiety, can find Star Ruby extremely beneficial for them.
  • Boosts Mental & Physical Health: - The Star Ruby gemstone is believed to safeguard the wearer from sudden physical issues and psychic attacks. The star ruby stone benefits also include its excellent healing power its relieving issues related to the eyes, heart, and bone.

Who Can Wear Star Ruby?

Star Ruby comes as an excellent healing gemstone. It is chosen to wear by people for mainly its outstanding power to promote mental as well as physical wellness. Moreover, anybody can wear Star Ruby to boost inner power, relax the mind, and release tension. According to Vedic astrology, the planet Sun is represented by the Star Ruby gemstone.

How to Wear Ruby Gemstone?

One should wear Ruby on the ring finger (working hand of the wearer). However, left-handed people can wear this gemstone in the left hand. The day of wearing the Star Ruby gemstone is Sunday (early morning hrs). Ruby should not be worn less than three ratti. Although one can wear Ruby in copper, some astrologers advise gold for wearing Ruby.

When it comes to wearing Ruby, one should opt for wearing a dress of the red color. The ring should be designed in such a way that Ruby can always touch the finger of the wearer. Moreover, the initial two hours following the sunrise is the duration of wearing Ruby. Facing the Sun during wearing the Ruby gemstone is essential.

What Is the Original Price of Star Ruby?

Do you want to know about the star ruby price per carat? In India, Star Ruby’s price comes in the range of ₹ 250 per carat to ₹ 3000 per carat. That means the ruby star stone price starts from approx. $4, and it goes up to approx. $45. Now, you are familiar with the natural star ruby price. Hence, you can make your buying decision with ease.

Where to Buy Star Ruby Stone?

Since Star Ruby offers powerful benefits, it is a must to opt for a high-quality one. Whenever you are in need of having a Star Ruby gemstone, look no further than Rashi Ratan Bhagya as this is the place where you get absolutely natural, original and government certified gemstones. You can purchase Star Ruby from our website. We offer Star Ruby of the best quality so that you can get the maximum value of your investment. Buy star ruby from us only to ensure its quality and extract maximum benefits from this gemstone.

What Is The Puja Procedure For Ruby Stone Before Wearing It?

One should immerse the Ruby gemstone in pious water of Ganga (Pavitra Gangajal) before wearing it. However, honey can also be used if Ganga Jal is not available. This procedure is believed to wash away all the negativity from Ruby.

During wearing this gemstone, the wearer should burn five incense sticks (opt for the natural ones). Next, he/she should start a prayer to God Sun to receive abundant blessings. Then, it is time to hold the Ruby ring in the hand.

Ask for the detailed process and the mantra that is needed to be chanted from an expert (when it comes to wearing the Ruby gemstone).

Star Ruby Stone Healing Properties/Metaphysical Properties

Do you know star ruby metaphysical properties are stronger than that of a common Ruby gemstone? Star Ruby is believed to possess incredible magical energies. It is also believed to pose an augmenting effect on one’s inner strength and ability.

Furthermore, star ruby metaphysical properties also lie in its capability of combining high-frequency energy into the wearer’s body. Hence, healers and holy souls often make use of Star Ruby. Besides, this enchanting gemstone is believed to help to figure out the actual prosperity present in the life of the wearer.

Star ruby healing properties are rather powerful. It helps to boost up confidence in the life of the wearer. That means it helps to keep feelings like self-neglect at bay. Moreover, the healing properties of star ruby also encompass its power to help the wearer get rid of all kinds of trauma. Besides, this gemstone assists in figuring out and releasing suppressed anger. As a result, the Star Ruby wearer can start feeling light within his/her mind, body, and soul.

Why Ruby Star Is So Important?

The wearers of Star Ruby believe that this gemstone would safeguard them by preventing dangers. Besides, it helps to relieve amnesia, sleeping issues, migraine, depression, stress, and hysteria. Star Ruby is an opaque gemstone, and it shows a cleat star radial pattern.

Some elements are present in the body of the Ruby gemstone, and it acts as the differentiating factor between Ruby and Star Ruby. Moreover, Star Ruby comes as the greatest testament of the asterism. The additions in Ruby have made Star Ruby more valuable. Such additions include Titanium Dioxide amalgamated with heavy clusters of rutile fibers or silk.

Star Ruby comes as a non-transparent variation of the Ruby gemstone. It shows a six-rayed star with a moving core. The asterism is only seen when the viewer changes the viewing angle a bit from the primary position.