Kyanite Gemstone

Natural Kyanite gemstones are blue gems of peace and tranquility. Spiritual growth and inner development are the virtues of the Kyanite stone. The stone lets the energy move through your body smoothly. These energies keep the person protected. It balances the body and mind as well as the soul and attracts good fate to the individuals. Improving communication skills, enhancing intuition powers, and opening the mind are the benefits of the Kyanite gemstone. Also, the stone gives the wearer the strength to face the problems of the materialistic world. The healing properties of the Kyanite include maintaining your blood pressure, treating lung-related problems, and curing infections.

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Everything About Kyanite Stone

Kyanite is a captivating gemstone with bright blue and green hues that belongs to the Silicate mineral family. Kyanite is thought to help with self-expression and communication, as well as possessing important metaphysical aspects.

Kyanite is a strong stone with a wide range of uses. It contains a relaxing, grounding vibration that can be used to balance emotions and enter contemplative states. It also awakens the third eye chakra, which can help us connect to our intuition talents and recall dreams. It does not gather negative energy, so it does not need to be cleansed like many other crystals.

Kyanite is much more than a pretty stone with a deep blue color. To improve the feng shui of your home, look into the healing properties of kyanite.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Kyanite Gemstone?

  • Kyanite stone boosts a person's psychic abilities and links them to the divine through its vibrations and energies.
  • This lovely gemstone has powerful healing properties, stimulating all of the chakras inside the body for total well-being.
  • It activates the chakra system in particular and boosts one's ability to articulate oneself.
  • Kyanite is one of the few gemstones that does not hold any negativity and thus does not have to be cleansed.
  • Because this gemstone has no negative energy, it fosters a good outlook by eradicating all forms of anger, depression, irritation, and tension.
  • Because this is a grounding gemstone, it aids meditation. It also activates the third eye chakra, which broadens a person's horizons in terms of creativity, vision, and agility.
  • Kyanite strengthens the body and soul by balancing the yin and yang forces.
  • It brings calmness and removes all obstacles from the mind and soul due to its mild abilities that are exceedingly calming.
  • It aids in the healing of disorders affecting the ears, eyes, thyroid, upper lungs, parathyroid, vocal cord, neck, and sense of smell. It regulates blood pressure and improves physical movement.
  • This calming pain reliever is an excellent partner for recovering from an injury and curing infections and diseases in the body.
  • By eradicating any discords, Kyanite promotes good partnerships.
  • It's also used for a variety of industrial applications and is cut into cabochons as crystal gems.

Who Should Wear Kyanite?

Those under the zodiac signs of Taurus, Aries, or Libra who are looking for healing gemstones that improve communication should look into kyanite jewelry.

How to wear Kyanite gemstone

Despite its metaphysical and healing capabilities, wearing the stone for long periods of time is not suggested! Because the stone's magical abilities are so strong, it's possible that you'll become depressed if it's in contact with your body all the time. It goes without saying that dishonest people will have no use for the stone. In reality, kyanite can be highly dangerous to individuals who are careless, deceptive, or indolent, as well as those who are prone to fraud and dirty tricks. If the stone is damaged or cracked, it must be removed, as doing so may bring bad luck or even lead to future terrible events.

Kyanite remains to amaze with its wide range of applications and health benefits. They'll all have an impact on you; have faith in the stone's qualities while admiring its beauty. But don't forget to check out our suggestions as well!

Price of Kyanite Stone

The price of original Kyanite stone is INR 1200 to INR 11,000 ($12 to $131) per carat, and a good quality Kyanite Stone Price in India can go up to INR 25,000 ($300) per carat. However, to buy a natural Kyanite, the factors considered are clarity, color, carat weight, cut, inclusions, origin and even treatments.

Interesting Facts about Kyanite

  • The word 'kuanos' or 'kyanos' comes from the Greek word 'kuanos' or 'kyanos,' which means 'deep blue,' referring to the color's deep blue tone.
  • It's said to help with yin-yang equilibrium.
  • Self-expression and communication are aided. Any individual might use this as an own fashion statement.
  • Even though it does not absorb negative energy, it does not require cleansing, but it does assist in the cleaning of other gems or crystals.

Why Kyanite Gemstone is so important?

The value of kyanite today is influenced by a range of variables. The first consideration is color. The most prevalent color of kyanite used in jewelry is blue. Green, gray, white, yellow, and orange colors are less prevalent, with the latter being identified relatively lately in Tanzania.

Other hues aren't as popular as blue because they don't have the same level of transparency. The colorless version of the crystal, on the other hand, is the rarest but just not generally the most precious.

Clarity and brilliance are two further characteristics that determine the value. Translucent gems are the most costly, however due to color zoning, practically each kyanite gemstone has some flaws.

The cut & shape of the kyanite jewelry is also important. Translucent faceted stones are common among gem collectors, while transparent cabochon stones are uncommon. Pears and ovals are the most common shapes for such jewelry because they help preserve the majority of the gemstone's weight, but square, oval, trillions, hearts, and rounds are rarer and in higher demand, so they have a higher value, especially if they have been precisely cut into calibrated sizes by gemstone collectors.