A person's Rahu Dasha lasts for more than 18 years. Depending on how it aligns with a person's birth chart, this dasha may have both beneficial and bad consequences. If this Dasha is placed in the natives' auspicious homes, it provides unanticipated benefits like great money, fortune, professional success, relief from health issues, and resolution of various difficulties. The Rahu Dasha, on the other hand, may bring disputes, losses, and sickness if it is placed in the inhabitants' negative homes.

General Name of Gemstone:- Hessonite Gemstone

Hindi Name of Gemstone:- Gomed Ratan

Sanskrit Name of Gemstone:- Gomedhikam Ratan

Other names of Precious Hessonite gemstones:- Gomutra Gomed, Rahuratna, Tranavar, Garnet, Gomedhaka, Gomedak, Gomed, Gomedh, Pingasphatik, and Gomedha

What is Gemstone?

Gemstones are very expensive and strong stones that are used as amulets to ward off evil. They protect us from the harmful impacts of their ruling planet thanks to their therapeutic and medical capabilities. They are thought to boost the spiritual energy in our bodies, keeping us happy and in good health.

Gemstones shield the delicate energy. For instance, when a gem is worn, its vibrations produce power by absorbing the wearer's internal aura, enabling the aura to fend off harmful exterior vibrations.

How can one tell whether or not someone has weak Rahu?

Fear of the supernatural is one of the characteristics of a person with a weak Rahu that is most prevalent. To make the most of this Dasha and eliminate its drawbacks, such a person can employ the Hessonite (Gomed) stone or Hessonite gemstone.

The Connection Between the Planet Rahu and the Gomed Stone

If you wish to get rid of the bad troubles that Rahu Dasha produces, you must purchase hessonite gemstone. The gomed stone is said by many astrologers to be the same hue as cow urine. This is the explanation behind the gemstone's additional name, Gomedhaka.

If a person wants to get rid of all the problems that the Rahu Dasha brings about, they should purchase a hessonite gemstone (also known as a gomed stone). 

Rahu can bring about a variety of doshas, including the Kalathra, Sarpa, and Putra doshas. You may cure these doshas using this gemstone. In general, it is not advised to wear it for the entirety of one's life, but only while the dosha's effects are still being felt in either the main or minor spheres. The hessonite stone with a honey tint is typically the one that can assist you in treating these doshas.

The metal that is used for this stone's setting must be silver, either as a pendant or ring. The gemstone should not be placed in gold unless a reputable astrologer advises it after reviewing your birth chart. 

If you are instructed to wear hessonite jewelry, be careful to get it from a reputable vendor. The Gomed gemstone is acknowledged by Vedic astrology to have a positive impact on the lives of persons who have Rahu. Keep in mind that Rahu is poisonous by nature. It can result in a great deal of discontent and possibly lead to undesirable behavioral habits.

How can Hessonite Gemstone assist in Rahu Mahadasha's treatment?

According to Vedic astrology, the Gomed gemstone is said to improve the lives of individuals who have a favorable Rahu. It's vital to remember that Rahu is a bad omen. It can cause a great deal of frustration and possibly result in unhealthy behaviors and diseases. An individual might soothe the prevailing Rahu by donning a natural and authentic Gomed gemstone.

Hessonite is a well-known gemstone for conquering and challenging Rahu Dasha. It accomplishes this by absorbing the cosmic radiation Rahu emits. A person might successfully be liberated from the unfavorable vibrations of a weakly positioned Rahu by ingesting these rays.

To assist locals in benefiting from being in the Rahu Mahadasha, this wonderful gemstone also emits positive Rahu rays and imbues the same energy into their auras.

How long should you wear Hessonite?

It is not normally advised to wear the gemstone for the rest of your life. It can persist for the duration of the dosha's effect's main or minor span.

Loose Hessonite Gemstone List

Which Metal Is Appropriate For Hessonite (Gomed) Stone Wearing?

The Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed), when it comes to selecting the metal for setting, is set in Silver and Ashtadhatu metal as a pendant or ring. However, unless an astrologer advises it based on a person's birth chart or horoscope, the gemstone isn't put with gold.

What Eight Metals Are Found in Ashtadhatu?

Eight different metals combine to form Ashtadhatu. Gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron, and mercury are the eight metals.

Before purchasing and wearing a hessonite stone, be careful to speak with an astrologer to see whether the stone will enable you to conquer your Rahu Dasha. If you are encouraged to wear hessonite jewelry, make sure you get it from a reputable supplier of garnet hessonite.