Hessonite, Gomedha, Gomed, and Gomeda are different names for the same mystical Astrological Gemstone that corresponds to Rahu, a planet in Vedic astrology. In this system, nine planets rule over zodiac signs, but Rahu and Ketu are not official planets as per science. Although, mythologically and astrologically, they are shadowy and harmful forces, and Ketu is the source of Rahu’s power. People wear a Hessonite Stone, which is a type of garnet, to protect themselves from Rahu’s negative influence.

Natural Hessonite Gemstone has a yellowish-brown color that can vary from light to dark and sometimes has a reddish tint. It looks like honey or cow’s urine, which is why it is called Go-med in Hindi. 

This stone affects the energy fields of humans. It can have both positive and negative effects on the individual. Hence, it is important that people consult with an expert astrologer before wearing a Hessonite stone or Gomed Ratna.  Natural Hessonite Gemstone is especially beneficial for people who are facing the most difficult period of Rahu in their lives. 

In this article, we have mentioned, as per vedic astrology, who can wear Hessonite gemstone and who cannot wear Hessonite or Gomed, to help you get an idea if you should consider wearing the gem. 

Which Rashi Is The Best For Hessonite Garnet Gem?

Most people have the question - Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear Hessonite Stone? 

As per Vedic Astrology, The people of the zodiac Aquarius are the best fit for this amazing gemstone, and by Western Astrology Gemini is the best fit for this magical stone after all these people from the Zodiac. Aries and Aquarius also have a good native to wear the Gomad stone.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the stone helps people who have Rahu in a weak position in their birth chart. A weak Rahu can cause addiction, substance abuse, ill health, and damaged relationships due to drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances. These people may face failures, physical problems, and losses. 

Loose Hessonite Gemstone List

The stone will give them relief from Rahu’s negative effects and change their life situations. They can check the position of Rahu in their horoscope. The stone also helps people who are cursed by snakes or serpents.

NOTE:- Rahu is a demon God so pregnant women should never wear this stone.

We have mentioned the characteristics of Rahu Grah below, in brief, to let you understand more about this malevolent astrological planet.

How to Wear Hessonite Stone?

What Are The Characteristics Of Rahu Grah?

Rahu is considered a neutral planet by mainstream Vedic astrology and astrologers, while some pundits say it is a male/masculine planet. Depending on the environment, it chooses to create male or female outcomes. It is supposed to be a cold, dry world.

In Vedic astrology, it is related to the Vaata (air) element. Rahu is a shadow planet with no actual mass. Rahu is one of the most difficult planets in the Navagraha when it comes to assessments, predictions, and prescription modifications.

Rahu does not have a physical manifestation. It is a fake planet, but because of Rahu's importance in the horoscope, Rishis have bestowed upon it the prestige of such a planet.

Rahu is a planet that is known to have unfavorable natural repercussions and is regarded to be a planet that creates laziness, difficulty, and impediments in the workplace.

Indeed, Rahu is said to cast shadows for 18 months in the zodiac. It may create doubt, depression, and emotional instability if it is improperly placed in the astrological chart.

It is believed that if Rahu is placed in a good position inside a person's horoscope, their fortune will improve. As a result, the individual gets a high level of intellect.

Astrological Benefits of Hessonite (Gomed) Stone

Who Can Wear Hessonite Stone As Per Astrology?

Hessonite stone is a January birthstone. The stone enhances attention, clarity, and direction to help achieve goals. So students and researchers can benefit from it. The stone also helps people in entertainment or media fields like music, dance, acting, film production, publishing newspapers, magazines, and artists. They will see great benefits after wearing Hessonite stone. The stone also brings power, influence, wealth, and success to people in politics, public relations, event management, and commission trade.

Public speakers can improve their impact on large audiences by wearing Hessonite or Gomed stone. The stone also helps people in computer jobs, government services, lawyers, and scientists. They will experience the magic of Hessonite stone. The stone also helps people in transport, printing, chemical factories, theaters, shops, grocery, and clubs. Hence, they should wear Hessonite stone.

Who Should Wear Hessonite Stone?

Whether it's Hessonite or any other Navratan, only wear these cosmic gemstones if they're right for you. You should visit a knowledgeable astrologer with your birth chart for the aforementioned assurance. An astrologer would only recommend a stone to you after extensively researching the positioning of stars and planets in your horoscope's house. Examine the ascendants listed below for the finest possible cosmic advantages from wearing Hessonite gemstones or Gomed Ratans.

  • The Aquarius Zodiac sign or Kumbh Rashi is assigned Hessonite Stone in Indian Vedic astrology.
  • Western science considers it to be the birthstone of Geminis.
  • Hessonite Gemstone is also a good stone for Libra and Taurus sun signs.
  • It is also useful for people whose Rahu is not in a favorable place in their horoscope.
  • When Rahu, the malevolent planet, is located in your horoscope's 6th, 8th, or 12th houses, you should wear an Original Hessonite Stone.
  • Natives engaged in politics, public relations, event management, and commission trade will benefit from wearing hessonite stone. It bestows power, clout, wealth, and success on the residents.
  • Hessonite or Gomed stone can assist public speakers in influencing large gatherings more effectively.
  • The magical characteristics of hessonite stone benefit locals who work in administration, law, and science.
  • This stone can also be worn by natives who work in the transportation, printing, chemical, theater, retail, grocery, and nightclub industries.
  • The Hessonite Gemstone is the January birthstone. The stone, however, is exclusively available to Aries and Aquarius inhabitants.
  • Students and anyone working in the field of research are encouraged to utilize the stone because it improves concentration and focus and gives clear guidance to aid in goal achievement.
  • Natives who work in the media or entertainment industries, such as music, dance, acting, and film production, as well as those who publish newspapers and magazines and who are artists are also advised to wear this stone.
  • It promotes love and harmony in the wearer's life, as well as perfect peace and enormous satisfaction in married life.
  • With original hessonite gemstones, wearers' minds can be cleansed of fear complexes. It also gives the user the courage and confidence to pursue any endeavor they choose. It gives a person complete control over their life, allowing them to lead it with confidence and zeal.
  • The stone is extremely beneficial to the locals who are cursed by the serpent or snake.
  • The magnificent and auspicious diamond inspires confidence and calms fears, allowing the wearer to triumph over all opponents. As a consequence, it assists the user in conquering challenges in both life and other competitions. They can benefit from it by resolving problems, achieving stability, and finding relief from ailments.
  • This gem is a blessing for those who suffer from digestive issues as a result of a sluggish and weak metabolism. It improves the user's health, strength, and energy.
  • People with weak Rahu placements would also obtain blessings and relief from its negative effects by wearing a hessonite gemstone. Rahu's weak position in the birth chart may result in addiction, substance abuse, bad health, and strained relationships due to the use of opioids, alcohol, and other dangerous substances. These people are prone to errors, sickness, and losses.

Other Benefits of Wearing Hessonite Stone 

This stone has the power to clear away confusion and give the wearer a clear mind and a balanced mood. It also makes the wearer feel more confident, stable, and positive in their lives. It helps the wearer advance in their career and improve their social and financial status. It gives the wearer the benefits of financial prosperity, meditation, righteous living, bodily pleasures, and salvation.

Natural Loose Hessonite Gemstone List

It improves the wearer's marriage's peace and happiness, as well as their love, harmony, and serendipity in general. It can heal many strange and complicated disorders caused by Rahu that are difficult to detect and treat. Tumors, skin ailments, scaly patches, anxiety disorders, mental troubles, enlarged veins, abscesses, Hansen's disease, lack of coordination, digestive problems, weariness, high blood pressure, and dissociative identity disorders are examples of these illnesses. It can also treat Rahu-related issues such as epilepsy, allergies, eye and sinus infections, hemorrhoids, and heart palpitations.

This stone may guard and heal indigenous who have been cursed by ghosts or black magic. It functions as a strong barrier against such negative forces. It also benefits locals who have digestive problems or a poor metabolism. It improves their health, energy, and vigor.

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