Gomed or Hessonite stone is a honey-colored garnet variation. The stone's color range from pale to deep brownish-yellow to maroon-ish. According to Vedic astrology, the hessonite stone is controlled by the powerful and malevolent planet Rahu. Rahu is classified as a shadow planet since it is not a planet in the solar system. However, in Vedic astrology, the planet has enormous power since it can make inhabitants secretive and stubborn.

The plane Rahu in Vedic astrology is the dragon's head, is disruptive, full of energy, and goes backward. The stone is supposed to be extremely strong in the current Kaliyug era. The stone has considerable power to reduce the harmful effects and provide some respite from Rahu's evil impacts. Natural Hessonite stone is a famous cold gemstone that aids in the treatment of Rahu-related illnesses.

How to Wear Hessonite Stone Benefits, Price, and Origin

Quality of Hessonite Gemstone

Because of its ability to lessen the negative effects of Rahu-Mahadasha in the native's natal chart, Gomed Stone is an important astrological gemstone. As a result, it is important to verify that the gemstone picked is suitable for wearing. Before purchasing gomed gemstones online, consider the following factors to ensure value for money.

Origin:- Mines for hessonite may be found in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Austria, and Thailand. However, due to its considerably higher quality and superb color saturation, Ceylon or Siloni gomed is the most preferred origin. Because of its poor luster and strong visible, black, spot-like inclusions, Indian Hessonite or Black Gomed is a less attractive variation both astrologically and aesthetically.

Color:- The hues of gomed gemstone range from honey-yellow to deep reddish brown. Purchasing a Gomed stone hue that resembles the color of cow's urine, on the other hand, is highly valued.

Clarity:- Inclusions in hessonite gemstones can be seen as toffee-like streaks or black dots. A microscope can reveal invisible inclusions such as greasy spots or liquid inclusions. Not just the number of inclusions, but also their position, can dramatically reduce the quality of a gemstone. A high-quality hessonite will be rich in color, clear, and practically devoid of inclusions.

Why Hessonite (Gomed) Stone is Better for Aquarius Horoscope?

Astrological benefits of wearing a Gomed

  • The potent stone clears confusion and promotes mental clarity as well as a balanced temperament.
  • The wearer's life is filled with confidence, stability, and good energy.
  • The stone promotes professional advancement and improves the wearer's social and financial standing.
  • The stone bestows financial success, meditation, righteous life, bodily delights, and salvation on the wearer.
  • It promotes marital harmony and peace, as well as love, harmony, and tranquility in the wearer's life.
  • Wearing Original Hessonite or Gomed stone will help you heal from all the weird and intricate ailments associated with Rahu that are difficult to detect and treat. It can also provide relief and answers for ailments such as cancer, skin diseases, psoriasis, dread psychosis, mental difficulties, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, digestive troubles, weariness, blood pressure, and many personality disorders, all of which fall under Rahu's realm. It also alleviates symptoms of epilepsy, allergies, sinus and eye infections, hemorrhoids, and heart palpitation.

Which Zodiac Signs Should Wear Hessonite Gemstone?

  • Gomed stone has an incredible ability to remove fear complexes and offer self-confidence and the courage to face any challenge. After wearing Hessonite or Gomed stone, the indigenous get the ability to control their lives with full joy and confidence.
  • The stone aids the user in combating foes and removing all anxieties from his or her life. As a result, the wearer triumphs in various competitions and difficult situations in life. The stone will help people resolve disagreements, achieve stability, and find relief from ailments.
  • Wearing this stone will provide protection and solace to locals suffering from evil eye hexing, spirit difficulties, and black magic. As the stone has a strong protective function in such situations, it will act as a shield for the wearer.
  • It is a wonderful stone for locals suffering from gastrointestinal illnesses and difficulties caused by a weak and slow metabolism. It bestows excellent health, strength, and vitality on the wearer.

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Who Should Wear Gomed/Hessonite Stone?

  • The birthstone for January is gomed stone. However, the stone is not just for Aries and Aquarius.
    Because the stone improves concentration and focus and provides a clear path to assist achieve goals, it is suggested for students and researchers.
  • Natives who work in the entertainment industry or media, such as music, dancing, acting, film production, publishing newspapers, magazines, and artists, will reap enormous benefits from wearing Gomed stone.
    Wearing Hessonite stone will aid natives interested in politics, public relations, event management, and commission commerce. It bestows power, influence, money, and prosperity on the inhabitants.
  • Wearing Hessonite or Gomed stone can help public speakers have more influence over huge groups.
  • Gomed stone's magical properties benefit Indians working in computer vocations, government services, attorneys, and scientists.
  • Natives working in transportation, printing, chemical plants, theaters, shops, grocery stores, and clubs can also wear this stone.
  • Wearing Gomed gemstone will also aid locals with Rahu's poor location and provide respite from its negative impacts. Due to the usage of narcotics, alcohol, and other harmful substances, Rahu's poor location in the birth chart may lead to addiction, substance misuse, bad health, and ruined relationships. Failures, bodily illnesses, and losses are common among these people. Free Janam Kundali Analysis provides insights into the location of Rahu in your horoscope and its influence on your life. The stone will give significant alleviation to these Indians, and they will experience life-changing events.
  • The stone is extremely useful to those who are cursed by snakes or serpents.
  • Because Rahu is a demon God, pregnant women should never wear this stone.

Gomed Gemstone Guide: Can Gomed be worn by anyone?

Gomed Would Give Relief from Maha Dasha

During Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha, the stone becomes extremely strong and provides enormous benefits to the locals. Confusion, disappointment, and a lack of confidence are frequently associated with Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha. The stone aids in eradicating perplexity, boosting confidence, and disillusionment from the wearer. He or she will be able to relieve stress and tension while also having clarity of thinking.

Natives with Kalsarpa Dosha in their horoscopes benefit from the stone's mystical properties. If the stone is suitable for them, the wearer will be blessed with a quick and miraculous recovery from Sarpa Dosha and associated symptoms.

Before wearing the stone, it is important to contact a professional astrologer. To alleviate the negative effects of this dosha, you can purchase the Kalsarp Dosha Nivarana Puja.

What You Need to Know Before Wearing Astrological Gemstones?

How to Wear Gomed Gemstone (Method of Wearing Hessonite Stone)

It is essential to learn how to wear gomed stone. Properly wearing Hessonite gemstones allows one to get the intended advantages. This magnificent stone may be worn as a ring or pendant.

The Gomed Stone is preferable to mount in silver. Purification is the first step in wearing the gomed stone. Place the ring or pendant in a metal basin. In the bowl, combine Ganga Jal (holy water), clarified butter or ghee, raw cow milk, honey, and Tulsi basil leaves. Allow your gomed stone to settle for around 5 minutes. While doing this, repeat the mantra "Om Rang Rahave Namaha" 108 times. After that, remove the ring and thoroughly rinse it with clean water. Your ring has now been cleaned and purified. And now it's time to activate the gomed stone power by performing the puja method outlined below and wearing it.

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Which Finger Should the Gomed Stone Ring Be Worn On - Wear the gomed stone ring on your right hand's middle finger.

The ideal day to wear gomed stone - Saturday is the ideal day to wear the gomed stone ring or pendant. Wear it first thing in the morning (Krishna Paksha).