Hessonite gemstone is known as Gomed Ratan In Hindi or Vedic Astrology. The Hessonite Gemstone is associated with the planet  Rahu which is a shadow Planet as per Western astrology. The Planet Rahu causes Instability, Confusion, and negativity in the One’s life. As per Vedic astrology, wearing Hessonite Gemstones can help counter the bad effects of Rahu Grah and bring positivity, clarity, and stability. In this Blog, we explore why Hessonite (Gomed) Stone is Better for Aquarius Horoscope.

Gomed Gemstone for Aquarius Zodiac (Kumbh Rashi)

Hessonite or Gomed gemstones are associated with the decisive planet Rahu, which represents the moon's north node and the Upper part of the snake. This planet is regarded to have a critical role in the lives of all humans. The honey-colored garnet stone is said to have the force of the active planet Rahu, therefore wearing it will provide the person with enormous advantages, both bodily and mental. 

Rahu represents or idolizes money, health, financial security, success, mental development, and luck. Aside from that, the Rahu planet helps to alleviate the lengthy and terrible Rahu dasha, which has been going on for at least 18 years. 

The garnet or Rahu blessed hessonite gemstone is known as the stone that holds the wonderful power of Rahu and infuses it into the life of its owner, enabling him or her to accomplish tremendous heights in life. The garnet or hessonite is considered the birthstone for January, thus wearing it is essential for all people born in January. 

Aside from that, those born under other signs might wear Garnet Stone to bring success or beneficial aspects of the planet into their life. Keeping this in mind, let's look at the benefits of wearing hessonite stone for Aquarius ascendant.

Hessonite Gemstone for Aquarius: Because Rahu has a cordial relationship with the majestic planet Saturn, wearing a hessonite stone is beneficial to anyone who chooses to wear it. Since Rahu is located in the Aquarius 4th, 5th, 9th, or 11th houses, it stimulates a person's optimistic energies and brings about excellent outcomes like spirituality, rapid money, good health, financial stability, and luck. It also helps an Aquarius to overcome Rahu dasha and deviate from Rahu's good side in their life. 

Regardless of the houses indicated above, an Aquarian native can wear Gomed stone throughout the major era of Rahu. However, before wearing this stone, one should subscribe to it for a three-day trial period to see whether it suits them. If an individual experiences unpleasant nightmares or mishaps after wearing the Hessonite Garnet stone, he or she should avoid wearing it.

Why is Hessonite Stone Better for Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius also known as Kumbh Rashi is the Eleventh sign of the Zodiac and the Ruling Planet of this zodiac is lord Shani or planet Saturn. Aquarius Zodiac people are known for their Innovation, humanitarianism, originality, and eccentricity. The Kumbh Rashi People are also loyal, independent, intelligent, and friendly. Moreover, these people are unpredictable, detached, stubborn, and rebellious. The Aquarius people are influenced by Planet Rahu, as Rahu is the Co-Ruler of this Zodiac along with the planet saturn. This shadow Planet Rahu can amplify the positive and negative attributes of the Aquarius Zodiac Peoples and Create Opportunities and Challenges in their Life.

The Precious Hessonite Gemstone is Better for the Aquarius Horoscope people because it can balance the effect of Planet Saturn and Rahu. The Gomed Stone Enhances Social Skills, Creativity, and inventiveness. And it also reduces Restlessness, impulsiveness, and aloofness. Hessonite gemstones also overcome the wearer's Fears, Insecurities, and Doubts. The Natural Gomed Gemstone also helps  Aquarius People to Achieve Their goals and dreams. The Original Hessonite gemstone also protects from the Negative effects of Rahu such as Illusion, Deception, obsession, and addiction. The Gomed Ratan also increase fortune, luck, and spiritual Growth. 

Natural Loose Gomed Gemstone List

When life's stressors irritate the Aquarian, the cooling energies of the Gomed, aka Hessonite, a Jyotish gemstone, can assist restore balance. This unique mineral relieves pent-up concerns, allowing Aquarians to rediscover inner peace. The original Gomed stone can also assist treat ailments caused by Saturn and Rahu's malefic impacts. The Hessonite gives riches as well as soothing qualities to those born under Aquarius. This honey-colored stone, set in gold or silver, relieves wrath and anxiety, restoring the Aquarian temperament's innate calm and wisdom. Hessonite dispels bad emotions, allowing Aquarians to attract pleasant situations and financial wealth.