Hessonite is a semi-precious extraordinary gemstone that addresses the planet Rahu. Gomed, Gomeda, and Gomedha are the other names for the Hessonite stone. In Vedic astrology, nine planets in our planetary group convey possession over the birth chart of a person. The position of these planets can affect a person’s life positively or negatively. 

Be that as it may, Rahu and Ketu are not supposed to be an authority planet but astrologically they have much importance. Rahu is considered as an exceptionally malefic planet and is said to be a shadow planet of another malefic planet Ketu. Gomed gem is worn to get help from the outrages of the hostile stare of Rahu.

The gem is basically seen as in light to a profound earthy yellow shading conceal that occasionally goes up to maroonish tints, which ultimately take after the shade of honey or even cow's pee that has inferred its Hindi name 'Go-med'. Attributable to its relationship with the planet Rahu, Real Gomed is principally prescribed to be worn by people who are going through the hardest Rahu Mahadasha in their lives. 

Many beliefs claim that this stone should not be worn women and that it is harmful to women because it depicts the demon God. This isn’t true; anyone can wear Hessonite or Gomed because it is a powerful gemstone that produces significant benefits. However, using this stone on a child is futile because it will not be effective. This stone should only be used by those over the age of 16. There is no higher age limit for wearing it, according to our astrologers.

If you want to wear a Gomed stone, you need to be well-versed in the subject. Let's review who should wear the stone and the correct time and actions to use it.

Know Before Wearing Astrological Gemstones?

Who Can Wear Gomed Ratna or Gomedha Stone?

Which Rashi is Gomed stone suitable for?

In Indian or Vedic astrology, astrologers recommend Gomed gemstone for the Aquarius zodiac sign if you wish to achieve perfect health. Gemini sun signs are also recommended by Western astrology to wear a Gomed gemstone.

It is also believed that ascendants of Libra and Taurus are able to wear this remarkable gemstone. It is recommended that you consult an expert astrologer to know if the Hessonite or Gomed ring is suitable for you as per your Kundli or birth chart, to get the maximum benefit.

Loose Hessonite Gemstone List

Who Should Wear Gomed Stone?

  • The birthstone for January is the Gomed stone. However, the stone is not just for Aries and Aquarius. Because the stone improves concentration and focus and provides a clear path to assist in achieving goals, it is suggested for students and researchers.
  • Natives who work in the entertainment industry or media, such as music, dancing, acting, film production, publishing newspapers, magazines, and artists, will reap enormous benefits from wearing Gomed stone.
  • Wearing Gomed stone will aid natives interested in politics, public relations, event management, and commission commerce. It bestows power, influence, money, and prosperity on the inhabitants.
  • Wearing Hessonite or Gomed stone can help public speakers have more influence over huge groups.
  • Gomed stone's magical properties benefit Indians working in computer vocations, government services, attorneys, and scientists.
  • Natives working in transportation, printing, chemical plants, theaters, shops, grocery stores, and clubs can also wear this stone.
  • Wearing Gomed gemstone will also aid locals with Rahu's poor location and provide respite from its negative impacts. Due to the usage of narcotics, alcohol, and other harmful substances, Rahu's poor location in the birth chart may lead to addiction, substance misuse, bad health, and ruined relationships. Failures, bodily illnesses, and losses are common among these people. Free Janam Kundali Analysis provides insights into the location of Rahu in your horoscope and its influence on your life. The stone will give significant alleviation to these individuals, and they will experience life-changing events.
  • The stone is extremely useful to those who are cursed by snakes or serpents.
  • Because Rahu is a demon God, pregnant women should never wear this stone.

Gomed Would Give Relief from Maha Dasha

During Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha, the stone becomes extremely strong and provides enormous benefits to the locals. Confusion, disappointment, and a lack of confidence are frequently associated with Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha. The stone aids in eradicating perplexity, boosting confidence, and disillusionment from the wearer. He or she will be able to relieve stress and tension while also having clarity of thinking.

Natives with Kalsarpa Dosha in their horoscopes benefit from the stone's mystical properties. If the stone is suitable for them, the wearer will be blessed with a quick and miraculous recovery from Sarpa Dosha and associated symptoms.

Before wearing the stone, it is important to contact a professional astrologer. 

Who Should Not Wear Gomed Stone?

Astrologically, the gemstones are very powerful with energies that can be both negative and positive. Especially the Navratans which include Hessonite or Gomed Ratna. Hence, people should not wear the gemstones without proper consultation. 

As per the experts, the Gomed stone is not suitable for people who are born under the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, Libra, or Capricorn. And so these signs should not wear the Hessonite. 

How to Wear Gomed Stone? Full Vedic Pooja Process

There is a proper Method of Wearing Gomed Stone. It is essential to learn how to wear Gomed stone. Properly wearing Hessonite gemstones allows one to get the intended advantages. This magnificent stone may be worn as a ring or pendant.

You can get the finest advice from a professional astrologer. Other than the ring, you can wear any jewelry you like. Just remember one thing the stone must come into direct contact with your skin.

Also, a gemstone will not provide the expected results unless it is properly activated. As a result, before wearing your Gomed stone, you should energize and activate it. 

Below we have mentioned the proper vedic pooja process of Gomed Stone for you.

Which Metal to Wear Gomed In?:- Wear your natural Gomed Stone in silver to get the best results and astrological benefits. Some of the great and recognized astrologers recommend that the Original Gomad stone should be mounted in silver metal. There are some exceptional cases also where the Astrologers suggest they wear the Gomed in white gold or platinum.

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Which Finger Should the Gomed Stone Ring Be Worn On? - To obtain the most personal and professional benefits from your Gomed ring, wear the Gomed stone on the middle finger of your right or working hand.

The Ideal Day to Wear Gomed Stone - Saturday is the ideal day to wear the Gomed stone ring or pendant. Wear it first thing in the morning (Krishna Paksha).

Best Time to Wear Gomed Gemstone - The best day to wear your Gomed Stone for the first time should be an auspicious day. As per Vedic Astrology, Saturday is the best day for wearing the Gomed Stone, and you can wear your stone between 5 am to 7 am, or in Brahm_ Muharat.

Purification of Gomed Ratna/Gemstone - To make it ready to wear, place the stone in the bottom of a metal bowl and add the following materials one by one:

  • Ganga Jal (Holy Water), Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil), Cow's milk that hasn't been cooked (Unboiled), Ghee (clarified butter), and honey.
  • Remove the stone from the dish after 5-10 minutes and clean it with water before wearing it.
  • Pat the stone dry with a clean cloth.

Activation Of Your Gomed Gemstone:- On an auspicious day and at the best time, bathe and wear clean clothes. First, purify the gemstone and then energize your original hessonite jewelry or stone. 

To satisfy the poisonous planet, Rahu, lay the cleansed stone, ring, or any other jewelry you have on a clean cloth and say the manta of Gomed stone 108 times. You are now ready to go.

Gomed Ratna or Gomed Stone Mantra

“Om Rang Rahave Namaha”


“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroom Sah Rahvey Namah" 

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