Triangular Coral (Munga) Stone

Triangular Coral (Munga) Stone

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Coral (Moonga) Triangular – Benefits, Price & Process of Wearing

Coral (Munga) Tringuler – A Brief Intro

The precious, luscious and deep red colored Coral (Munga) Tringuler is an organic gemstone which simply means that it is formed by the living organisms. Yes! This extremely beautiful gem gets formed inside the sea by the sea organism called marine polyp. The astonishing beauty and radiant color of this gem attracts anyone’s attention in just a couple of seconds!

The red triangular coral or tringuler coral is associated with wealth and opulence as it is ruled by the Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi. For the similar reason, the gem is also known as the Lakshmi Moonga. The beautiful organic triangular shaped munga, ruled by planet Mars, is considered highly valuable in Vedic astrology. It is also valued for its medicinal healing benefits including treating blood and skin related disorders including cancer, poor circulation of blood, skin irritations and more.

Why Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone is so important?

The triangular mungafinds immense importance in Vedic astrology as it is highly powerful in strengthening the position of Mars planet in one’s horoscope. Even when the position of Mars is good in the horoscope, wearing the tringuler coral (munga) is advantageous as it helps avail the associated benefits of ‘rightly placed Mars’ to their maximum potential. People who seek a strong financial status and wish to get wealth and opulence are also advised to wear Coral (munga) triangular stone. It is also worthy to mention that the shape of planet Mars is triangular in the Navgrah (the collective name of 9 planets in the Vedic astrology)group and that’s why the triangular red coral is considered highly important and valuable for those who want to gain favors from Mars.

Who Should Wear Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone?

The Coral (Munga) Tringuler gemstone is ruled by planet Mars and is recommended for the Aries and Scorpio signs. It can also be worn by other signs like Leo, Pisces, Cancer and few more on the advice of an expert astrologer. The tringulermunga is known for providing power, bravery and strong will-power to its wearer. However, the stone is also known for many other benefits as discussed below.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone?

• The Lakshmi Munga or Tringuler Coral Moonga is sought after by numerous people across the world for gaining a daring attitude, deep understanding, knowledge and intelligence.

• Another most important benefit of the incredibly beautiful and powerful Coral (Munga) Tringuler is that it permeates the wearer with strong positive attitude and bravery. This, in turn, strengthens the wearer and helps him or her to combat various complex situations of life with ease and confidence.

• Wearing the red coral (triangular) is extremely helpful for people who want to benefit from the favourable position of Mars in their horoscope. Also, it is recommended for those people who are suffering from Mangal Dosh (the ill effects of Mars in their horoscope) as the gem is believed to remove and minimize such effects.

• Those who are going through a tough financial situation must wear the enchanting red coral tringuler gem as it helps attract wealth in one’s life.

• This precious gemstone is also worn for enhancing confidence and self-belief. Those who feel lack of confidence can wear this amazing stone that will help them achieve self-confidence.

• The stone is also advised to be worn by people who find it difficult to manage their anger. Wearing this gem, calms down the aggression and anger. It also helps remove stress and depression.

• One can also keep the nightmares away and ward off the evil forces, cursing and jinxing by carrying or wearing the red triangular moonga.

• Wearing triangular munga safeguards the wearer from probable risks involved in a travel. It also provides protection from accidents as well as wounds.

• It is also a popular belief that wearing the red triangular munga helps the wearer gain the significant powers and qualities of the gigantic Mars planet.

• When it is about addressing the physical ailments, the Coral Tringuler gemstone offers therapeutic properties in many issues including hair fall/hair loss issues, pimples/scarred skin, skin irritations and more. The stone also helps purify the blood and provides help in many blood-related diseases.

Where to Buy Coral (Munga) Tringuler Stone?

The benefits of the beautiful and attractive tringulermunga can be enjoyed only when you have the original gemstone. To shop for the original triangular red coral gem, you should check out Rashi Ratan Bhagya. We stock a wide variety of original and natural gemstones including the coral tringuler gem. Our gemstones are 100% original and government certified. If you are looking for an authentic online place from where you can buy original gemstones, just explore Rashi Ratan Bhagya (RRB).

What is the Original Price of Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone?

The price of red coral gemstones depends on few important factors like the color, origin, shape, weight and clarity. The red coral gems from Japan demand the maximum price and so does the Italian ones too. The red coral triangular gems from India are comparatively more affordable and often fall in the range of INR 500 to INR 15,000 per carat. Both limits of the price range can increase further depending on the quality of the triangular red munga (coral). The red triangular corals that have bright shade and good clarity are considered of good quality.

Interesting Facts about Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone

 This beautiful gemstone gets formed in the sea by a living organism and thus, it is called an organic gem.

 This triangular shaped red gem is famous for its superb power of attracting wealth in one’s life.

 It is believed that one who wears this gem enjoys the powers of planet Mars.

 The gem is highly famous for inducing the qualities of bravery, intelligence and confidence in its wearer.

 The best ways to wear this beautiful gem include wearing it in form of triangular red coral rings and pendants. However, one must take care that the apex of the triangle (in red tringuler coral) faces the recommended direction by the astrologer.

How to Wear Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone (Method of wearing Coral (Munga) Tringuler stone)

There are certain rules that need to be followed well for wearing the attractive and beneficial tringuler coral gemstone.

• Firstly, one should always consult with an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer before wearing this gemstone.

• The triangular red coral’s weight (that has to be worn) should be at least 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight. It is said that the gemstone must weigh minimum 6 carats or more for wearing.

• It can be worn in form of a ring or pendant that are done in gold mixed with silver or copper.Make sure that the tip of your triangular munga faces towards your body if you are donning it in form of a ring. In case, you are wearing it in a pendant form, the tip of the triangle should face upwards.

• The red triangular coral must be worn on Tuesday during the Shukla Paksha (the time close to sunrise).

• Ensure taking bath before starting the puja process for wearing your coral gemstone.

What is the Puja Procedure for Coral (Munga) Tringuler Gemstone Before Wearing it?

It is essential to clean your tringuler coral before wearing it. Take a clean bowl full of Ganga Jal. Keep your red triangular coral ring or pendant dipped in Ganga Jal for ten minutes. You can also dip your gemstone into a bowl of raw cow milk.Next, take it out and wipe with a soft and clean cloth. Be very gentle while doing so. Place your jewel on a red cloth. Light up few incense sticks. Start chanting the mantra – Om MangalaayNamaah. Recite it for 108 times. Your gem is now ready to be worn. Wear it in the ring finger.

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