Hessonite (Gomed) Stone

Hessonite popularly known as Gomed Stone (Gomedha) in India is honey golden colored stone. As per Vedic astrology, Gomed stone removes negative effects of Planet Rahu and activates solar plexus chakra in body of wearer which is responsible for the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. Therefore, Hessonite stone will help wearer have more self-belief. Gomed help boost energy levels, reduce stress, and increase memory & concentration.

गोमेद रत्न या गोमेधा एक शहद सुनहरे रंग का रत्न है जो की वैदिक ज्योतिषी के अनुसार राहु ग्रह के नकारात्मक प्रभावों को दूर करता है। व्यक्ति के आत्मविश्वास को बढ़ाने वाला गोमेद स्टोन, ऊर्जा के स्तर को बढ़ावा देगा, तनाव को कम करेगा, साथ ही, याददाश्त और एकाग्रता को बढ़ाएगा। गोमेद स्टोन आपको मानसिक स्पष्टता भी प्रदान करता है।

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Hessonite (Gomed)

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About Hessonite Gemstone

In the categories of minerals, Hessonite stone are famous gemstones that are found in brown color. Hessonite belongs to the Grossularite Garnet Family. Mostly grossular gemstones are found in Green but hessonite is found in different colors like Brownish orange, Honey yellow, Brownish red, and Reddish orange and red.

Due to its look and color hessonite is known as Cinnamon stone or the kaneel stone. It is also called Gomed Stone.

This gemstone is used in jewelry and in ancient times this gemstone was very popular and was the symbol of royalty.

The main reason to popular this gemstone is its astronomical benefits before the worn it first consulted the astrologer because it has both advantages and disadvantages.

In Vedic astrology, hessonite is ruled by Rahu. In Western astrology, it is also known as Dragon-head. In astrology Rahu is a malefic planet because its have very bad side effects.

For safety, the negative effect of rahu hessonite gemstone is the best gemstone. Hessonite is a birthstone for January. Hessonite stone is good for the Gemini zodiac Sign. Apart from this Libra and Taurus Zodic sign people can also benefit from this strong stone.

What are the benefits of wearing Gomed Stone?

Let us discuss the best benefits of hessonite. One of the most important gomed stone benefits, as mentioned before, includes providing protection from the bad effects of Rahu – the evil planet in Indian astrology. However, the hessonite stone benefits include other advantages too. It is believed that wearing gomed gemstone fills a person with optimism. A person feels confident and optimistic after wearing this stone. The gemstone gomed benefits also include keeping negativity at bay. If you are facing the trouble of stress and anxiety, the hessonite gemstone benefits can provide you the right solution. Using the Original gomed stone, you can stay relaxed and calm. The other important benefits of wearing hessonite Gemstone includes providing positive vibes, relaxation, confidence and courage to the wearer.

Enhanced Focus: Hessonite Gemstones help increase mental improvement, By using meditation this gemstone is become very effective and energized.

In this condition, it increases the focus and makes a mentally strong holder. In this condition, the hessonite holder is capable of calming the mind and ready for quick decisions.

Clarity of Thought: Hessonite gemstones help to make clear thoughts and vision In this condition positive energy flows in the body. This stone helps to reduce stress and enhance clarity and a sharp mind.

Protection from Negative Energies: To protect from negative and Evil energy hessonite gemstone is the best option. After activating the hessonite gemstone, it becomes the source of positive energy and provides the collected energy to its holder. That energy flows all over the body of the holder.

Spiritual Growth: Apart from other benefits hessonite gemstones have Spiritual benefits. This gemstone helps to increase self-confidence and provide inner peace. This gemstone works as a shield on your spiritual journey.

Protect the Evil effect of Rahu: If some person is suffering from the evil effect of Rahu. In this condition person is facing many Kinds of mental conditions. He cannot able to right decision. Suffering from the negative effects of Rahu, people experience violence and bad habits, and they can addicted to drugs and alcohol. Due to the evil effect of rahu negative energy flows into the suffering person's body.

In this condition, Hessonite works as a shield absorbing the bad shadow of Rahu and providing a positive energy flow into the body.

Health Benefits: Hessonite gemstones have many health benefits. Due to its natural healing properties, this stone is very beneficial. Some diseases are cancer, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure, and fatigue, etc Gomed gemstones are very beneficial for these diseases.

Carrier Benefits: For carrier growth, this gemstone is very effective. It improves the Social and financial condition. In the sector of education, it helps to grow and achieve the goal.

Chakra Activation: In Vedic Astrology, gomed gemstones activate the body's Root Chakra (Muladhara), which helps with stability and security.

Who Can Wear Hessonite?

  • As Per Vedic Astrology, the energy of Rahu is channeled by Hessonite (Gomed) Stone.
  • According to Vedic Astrology Kumbh Rashi, people can wear hessonite gomed stone.
  • As per Western astrology, the hessonite stone is for the Gemini zodiac.
  • Hessonite is also beneficial for the Zodiac Libra, Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.
  • Gomed/ Hessonite stone is the birthstone of January.
  • Gomed stone is also beneficial for the person affected by Kaal Sarpa Dosha.
  • Wearing a gomed ring is beneficial for chakra activation as the hessonite ring activates the heart chakra.

Those who want to stay protected from the evil effects of Rahu (the bad planet in Indian astrology) should wear the Natural hessonite gemstone on the advice of an accomplished astrologer. Use this amazing gemstone to improve your level of confidence. It is also recommended to those who want to keep fear away.

How to Wear Gomed Gemstone?

Planet Rahu (Dragons head)
Western Sun Sign Gemini Zodiac
Vedic Rashi Mithun Rashi
Fortunate Ascendants Libra and Taurus
Weight Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. If a person weight is 50 kg can wear a 5-carat Red Coral.
Color Brownish orange, Honey yellow, Brownish red
Metal Silver Metal
Finger Gomed should wear in the "Middle Finger" of the Right hand
Day & Time Saturday morning between 5-7 am
Gomed Stone Mantra “ॐ रां राहवे नमः” Om Rang Rahave Namaha - at least 108 times

Method of Wearing Gomed

It is important to gain knowledge on how to wear gomed stone. Wearing the gomed gemstones through the right procedure helps one avail the associated benefits as expected. You can wear this amazing stone in form of a ring or pendant that is made of silver. The process of wearing the hessonite stone begins with its purification. Take a metal bowl and place the ring/pendant in it. Add holy water of Ganga, clarified butter or ghee, raw milk (of cow), honey and basil leaves to the bowl. Let your gomed stone sit there for around 5 minutes. Afterwards, take out the ring and rinse it well with clean water. Your ring is now clean and purified. Activate the gomed Gemstone stone through the puja procedure, as mentioned below, and wear it.

Note: Consult an expert astrologer before wearing Gomed.

What is the puja procedure for gomed gemstone before wearing it?

The puja procedure for wearing the gomed stone involves reciting the mantra “Om-bhram-bhrim-bhrum-sah-raahvey-namah” for 108 times. Once you have purified and cleaned the gomed stone ring/pendant as per the process mentioned above, you can activate it by reciting the mantra. When you are chanting the mantra for the one hundred and eighth time, slide the ring gently into your middle finger.

Wearing the Hessonite stone is essential for people who wish to stay protected from the ominous Rahu planet. Buy the original and natural Gomed Stone at Rashi Ratan Bhagya and enjoy the ultimate protection from evil effects of Rahu and every other negativity too.

What is The Original Price of Gomed Stone:

  • At Rashi Ratan Bhagya, the Original Gomed stone price per carat starts from ₹ 500 per carat and goes up to ₹ 40000 & above.
  • The Ceylon Gomed stones are the highest priced and one of the most demanding Hessonite.
  • The Cost of Ceylon Gomed or Ceylon Hessonite price in India varies from ₹500 to ₹ 5000 per carat & above. The Original Gomed price can vary on the intensity of color, clarity, cut, shape, and other quality factors.
  • Color: The Gomed gemstone comes in honey-brown to dark red color.
  • Clarity: The hessonite stone with less inclusion is more precious and prized than the hessonite gem with more inclusion. Simply less inclusion gomed stones are more valuable.
  • Carat Weight: Price is directly proportional to the size of the hessonite gemstone higher the carat weight higher the price.
  • Cut: Cut of gomed stone is very impactful on its price. The best cut for gomed ratan is round or cabochon cuts.
  • Origin: hessonite gemstone comes from many different origins like Sri Lanka, India, and Africa. The best gomed stone comes from Sri Lankan mines.

Interesting Facts about Gomed stone

Let us take a quick glance at the important facts about Hessonite Stone.

  1. Wear this stone to gain immense confidence and hope
  2. Use the gomed stone to find the best protection from Rahu doshas.
  3. Keep negativity away by using the Hessonite stone.
  4. The gomed stone is strongly believed to safeguard a person from the negative acts of black magic, evil spirits and other sort of negative issues.
  5. This stone is also trusted for providing help and support in many physical problems. It is recommended to people who are looking for solutions to the digestion related issues.
  6. Wear this lovely gemstone called the gomed stone if you often feel low or pessimistic. Wearing the gomed stone fills you with vivacity.
  7. Enhancing confidence, liveliness and protection from negativity as well as dullness, the gomed stone is loved and respected for lot of reasons.

Types and Origin of Hessonite Gemstone

If we talk about the origin and types of gomed gemstones, many categories are available in the international and domestic markets. Through the mining process, hessonite minerals are obtained from the earth's surface. After purification, it converts into a gemstone. In the world wide this gemstone is found in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Tanzania (East Africa), and many other countries.

  • If we talk about the best quality of hessonite gemstone, In this condition, Shri Lankan Ceylonese Hessonite (Ceylonese Gomed) is high quality gomed gemstone. Due to clarity and lustering qualities, it has become high quality.
  • In the second position, African Hessonite comes. This kind of gemstone is best for its good Clarity.
  • In India Hessonite is found in Poor quality.
  • Hessonite is a semi-precious gemstone. In the market, it comes in many varieties and weights.

Ceylon Gomed

  • Ceylonese gomed also known as siloni gomed.
  • Sri Lankan Gomed regarded as a premium quality hessonite gemstone due to its flawless and glossy appearance.
  • Sri Lankan Gomed is one of the most popular and demanded hessonite due to its honey-colored.
  • Ceylon gomedakam is highly popular in the domestic and international markets.

African Gomed

  • African Hessonite comes from the regions of Tanzania and Madagascar.
  • African Gomed is less expensive than Sri Lankan Gomed.
  • Hessonite from Africa comes in a dark color.

Indian Hessonite

  • Indian Gomed comes in black and brown color.
  • The Indian hessonite comes in different variants than any other origins of hessonite gemstones.
  • Indian hessonite gemstone is more widely and easily accessible than ceylon gomed.

Why Gomed Gemstone is so important?

As mentioned earlier, Gomed Stone is the best tool to combat the evil effects of Rahu. Hence, people who face different problems because of Rahu are advised to wear the Hessonite stone. Wearing this stone safeguards from the Rahu doshas. Also, wearing gomed stone helps a person to stay confident and undaunted.

Answers to all doubts regarding to Gomed Stone:

Que. Is hessonite a precious stone?

Ans. Yes, Hessonites are easier to find and cheaper than mandarin garnets, which are scarce and costly.

Que. What zodiac is Hessonite?

Ans. Gomed stone is good for Aquarius people according to Indian or Vedic astrology. Western astrology says Hessonite stone is good for Gemini people. Libra and Taurus people can also benefit from this strong stone.

Que. Which planet is Hessonite gemstone?

Ans. Gomed stone, or Hessonite Gemstone in English, is a famous gem in Hindu Mythology. It is one of the nine precious gemstones (Navratna). The evil planet Rahu is said to be the lord of this magical stone.

Que. What is the price of hessonite?

Ans. The price of Natural Hessonite Garnet Stone in India ranges from rupees 1200 per carat to more than rupees 20,000 per carat.

Que. Which is the best Hessonite in the world?

Ans. The best kind of Ceylonese Gomed is from Sri Lanka because it is clear and shiny. Hessonite from Africa is also clear and costs less. The worst kind is from India.