We all hear and read about gemstones' power, value, and significance. Moreover, we rarely discuss the importance of wearing gemstones on which finger as per Vedic Astrology. As per astrology, there is a reason behind wearing a specific gemstone on a particular finger of the hand.

As per palmistry, you can’t wear any gemstone on any random finger until you concert with an expert astrologer. According to palmistry, different points on your hand represent different planets. Wearing a random gemstone on any random finger could have disastrous consequences because the gemstone may not resonate well with the corresponding planet for that finger. People who do not have access to experienced astrologers frequently find it challenging to select the appropriate finger to wear gemstones.

This blog provides complete information on Which stone to Wear in Which Finger. It will help people who want to wear gemstones but need help finding a good astrologer.

Which Fingers to Wear Gemstones?

Which Fingers to Wear Gemstones?

The planet's energy and Rashi stone radiate considerable advantages to the user. Wearing any stone should only be done after consulting an astrologer because many factors can only be evaluated by an experienced astrologer. Understanding which one to put on which finger is more crucial than selecting the ideal rashi stone. This is true because many facets of our lives are linked to distinct fingers.

Wearing the suitable stone intensifies its advantages, including better health, wealth, spiritual development, and benefits for oneself and one's career. Make sure the finger has direct contact with your luck stone. People also ask which stone should i wear so in this blog they also got a proper answer. Let's surf the blog and learn about Rashi and which stone to wear in which finger.

Wear Gemstones On The Ring Finger

Wear Gemstones On The Ring Finger

The ring finger on the left hand is directly connected to the heart, so an engagement ring is commonly worn on this finger. This finger symbolizes love, peace, and optimism. Wear rubies, Red Coral, and turquoise gemstones, as these are the sun's wonder stones.

Ruby (Manik)

The middle finger is related to the planet Mars, which denotes bravery, passion, and strength. Ruby, with its vivid red hue, is known as the gemstone of Mars. Wearing a red ruby stone on the middle finger is thought to improve one's physical strength, confidence, and leadership abilities. It is said to defend against foes and bring success in competitive endeavors. As we talk about the navratna rashi stone so for the zodiac Leo or Singh rashi ruby is rashi stone.

Red Coral (Lal Moonga)

Red coral is another gemstone that is commonly recommended for the middle finger. Like ruby, its vivid red tint connects it to Mars' energy. Wearing red coral on the middle finger protects against bad influences while increasing general energy and stamina. It is thought to improve health, courage, and the ability to conquer challenges. You can wear a rashi stone as a ring and red coral or lal monga is the best rashi stone for Aries or mesh Rashi so people under this zodiac can wear a moonga stone ring as a rashi stone.

Turquoise (Firoza)

While not directly related to the planet Mars, turquoise is seen as an auspicious gemstone for the middle finger. This blue-green gemstone is linked to the throat chakra, which regulates communication and self-expression. Wearing turquoise on the middle finger is thought to improve communication skills, resolve disagreements, and promote understanding. It is also believed to have healing powers, notably for throat, lung, and respiratory issues.

कुंभ राशि वालों को कौन सा रत्न पहनना चाहिए

Wear Gemstones On The Index Finger

Wear Gemstones On The Index Finger

The index finger, often known as the Jupiter or Guru finger, represents wisdom, spirituality, and good fortune. Wearing the proper gemstone on this finger can help you channel these positive energies and improve various elements of your life.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire is regarded as one of the most auspicious gemstones for the index finger. It is connected with Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, prosperity, and spiritual development. Wearing an original yellow sapphire on this finger brings money, success, and good fortune. It can also improve your leadership talents, decision-making skills, and confidence. Yellow sapphire is also a rashi navratna stone as this is one of the precious gemstones and a member of the navratan gemstones.

Amethyst (Katela or Jamunia)

Amethyst is a good choice for the index finger for people seeking spiritual enlightenment and inner calm. This purple gemstone is associated with Jupiter, making it ideal for this finger. The amethyst gemstone promotes relaxation, equilibrium, and mental clarity. It can help create a stronger spiritual connection and improve your intuitive talents.

Wear Gemstones On The Middle Finger

Wear Gemstones On The Middle Finger

The middle finger shows an individual's individuality. Wearing a gemstone on this finger can help you achieve balance in your life. It aids in discriminating between right and bad. Wear quartz, amethyst, and coral on this finger. If someone is experiencing Shani Mahadasha, onyx can be worn on the middle finger on a Saturday to help alleviate the effect.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Sapphire, representing knowledge, truth, and spiritual insight, is a gemstone connected with mental clarity and intuitiveness. Wearing an original blue sapphire on the middle finger is thought to improve cognitive ability, promote reasonable thinking, and foster a balanced viewpoint. It is claimed to stimulate the third eye chakra, which increases consciousness and supports spiritual growth. Blue Sapphire is one of the fastest-acting rashi stones as this is the stone of Saturn.

Cat's Eye Stone (Lehsuniya)

Cat's Eye Stone, a type of Chrysoberyl, is known for its chatoyancy, which mimics a cat's slit-eye when viewed under light. This gemstone is connected with protection, insight, and prosperity. Wearing a Natural Cat's Eye Stone on the middle finger boosts intuition and insight, allowing the user to face obstacles with clarity and wisdom. It is also said to shield against harmful energy and encourage spiritual development. Cat’s eye or lehsuniya is one of the Navratan and it is a very auspicious Rashi Navratna stone for the zodiac Capricorn or Makar rashi.

मेष राशि वालों को कौन सा रत्न पहनना चाहिए

Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite, a kind of Garnet, is known for its rich orange-to-reddish-brown color and is related to the planet Rahu in Vedic astrology. It is thought to have great metaphysical powers, such as reducing fear, encouraging courage, and boosting energy. Wearing natural Hessonite on the middle finger is considered to help balance the energy of the root and sacral chakras, promoting stability, creativity, and emotional well-being. It is also thought to shield against negative influences and encourage spiritual development. Gomed is rashi stone for Taurus (Vrishabha), Libra (Tula), Gemini (Mithuna), and Aquarius (Kumbha)

White Sapphire (Safed Pukjhraj)

White Sapphire, a colorless form of Sapphire, is admired for its brilliance and purity, as well as its relationship with mental clarity and spiritual awakening. It is thought to boost one's intuition, improve mental clarity, and attract favorable energy into one's life. Wearing White Sapphire stone on the middle finger activates the crown chakra, allowing for spiritual awakening and alignment with one's greater purpose. It is also thought to increase inner peace, knowledge, and serenity.

Wear Gemstones On The Little Finger

Wear Gemstones On The Little Finger

There may be reasons why you read recommendations for wearing emeralds, pearls, and a cat's eye on the pinky finger, commonly known as the little finger. Here's a breakdown of each stone.

Emerald (Panna)

In Vedic astrology and palmistry, the little finger is associated with Mercury, who is also thought to rule emeralds. Wearing an original emerald gemstone on this finger (particularly on the right hand) is supposed to boost Mercury's good influences in communication, intellect, and business.

Pearl (Moti)

Pearls are occasionally associated with the little finger based on the wearer's astrological situation. If your moon is in its Mahadasha (primary phase), wearing a pearl stone on the little finger brings harmony to relationships. You can wear moti as rashi stone for ultimate benefits.

Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya)

This gemstone is less frequently associated with the pinky finger. However, in rare situations, an astrologer may recommend it for this finger, depending on planetary alignments in your chart. The central finger to wear cat eye gemstone is your right or working hand's ring finger.

Wear Gemstones On The Thumb

Wear Gemstones On The Thumb

Many people feel that no rings should be worn on their thumbs. However, this is not true; the Thumb is a finger that signifies willpower. Wear a ring on this finger to bring about transformation in your life. Rubies or garnets should be worn on the Thumb.


Garnet gemstone is an auspicious gemstone and wearing garnet as a rashi ratan on your thumb gives you so many benefits like good luck, passion, immense strength, energy, and stability. Garnet can be used as a rashi ring stone for Capricorns and Aquarius zodiac signs. The ruling planet of red Garnet is lord Rahu.

Rashi Which Stone to Wear in Which Finger

Rashi Stone Name Ruling Planet Suitable Finger
Amethyst (Jamunia) Saturn (शनि ग्रह) index finger (तर्जनी उंगली)
Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Saturn (शनि ग्रह) Middle Finger (मध्यमा उंगली)
Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya) Ketu (केतु) Middle Finger and Little Finger (मध्यमा उंगली) or (कनिष्ठा उंगली)
Emerald (Panna) Mercury (बुध ग्रह) Little Finger (कनिष्ठा उंगली)
Garnet Rahu (राहु) Thumb (अँगूठा)
Hessonite (Gomed) Rahu (राहु) Middle Finger (मध्यमा उंगली)
Pearl (Moti) Moon (चंद्र) Little Finger (कनिष्ठा उंगली)
Red Coral (Lal Moonga) Mars (मंगल ग्रह) Ring Finger (अनामिका उंगली)
Ruby (Manik) Sun (सूर्य) Ring Finger (अनामिका उंगली)
Turquoise (Firoza) Jupiter (बृहस्पति ग्रह) Ring Finger (अनामिका उंगली)
White Sapphire (Safed Pukjhraj) Venus (शुक्र ग्रह) Middle Finger (मध्यमा उंगली)
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhrja) Jupiter (बृहस्पति ग्रह) index finger (तर्जनी उंगली)


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