Blue sapphire, commonly known as Neelam stone, is the ninth jewel in the Navratna collection. It is one of the most sought-after astrological diamonds on the planet. This Sapphire, which appears in a variety of blue hues, is recognized in the global gemstone market and incredibly well-liked in the astrological community due to its magnificent appearance and alluring metaphysical qualities.

The natural Neelam stone, linked to Saturn, is the most challenging and quick-moving diamond. According to legends, the September birthstone is thought to either make or break a person's life. It is well recognized for its powerfully quick impact and stunningly aesthetic dazzling blue colours.

Along with mining and place of origin, factors that affect original neelam ratan price include weight, quality, and treatments. Neelam stone price in India varies depending on the point of purchase. The price of the stone is determined by its qualities. It varies according to the colour and carat weight of the stone.

Why Neelam Sapphire is special

The Neelam Sapphire has historically been used to treat conditions involving the eyes. Depending on where it is worn, it removes speech impairments and provides immediate relief for persistent issues, including headaches, nosebleeds, and fevers.

Blue Sapphire's ability to promote mental clarity is one of its key advantages. This gemstone is said to assist the wearer in achieving the desired level of mental serenity to those who are stressed, overwhelmed, or cluttered.

The Neelam Stone is renowned for evoking and activating the essential chakras to encourage healing from the inside out. It can help the wearer's thoughts, ideas, and perceptions flow and connect them with their third eye.

The advantages of Blue Sapphire become apparent on particular days. This gemstone improves the fortune, luck, professional path, and most significantly, the work opportunities of the user. It is a stone that may clear obstacles and allow energy to move freely throughout the body and psyche.

Astrological benefits of Neelam Sapphire

One of the valuable stones connected to Saturn is the blue Sapphire (Shani). When worn with expert advice, the gemstone for September's birth month is thought to be the most powerful and can work miracles in the wearer's life. A 9 on the Mohs scale, blue Sapphire is also referred to as Neelam in Hindi. The benefits and enticing appearance of this lovely gemstone have attracted considerable attention.

The blue Sapphire is symbolic of abundance and success. Vedic astrology states that blue sapphire stones are most beneficial when they are worn raw and unheated. Financial, professional, and psychological issues might be resolved with a Neelam stone. When worn for a long time, this stone can also assist people in recovering their financial losses. It also provides protection from evil spirits and can aid in removing all negative influences.

Wearing a Neelam stone can have positive effects on a person's social, professional, and married life. There are numerous health advantages to wearing blue sapphire jewellery in addition to those related to love, money, and fame. Neelam's benefits include treating various illnesses, including bronchitis, paralysis, gout, lunacy, and rheumatism. It is also beneficial in treating issues with the bones, knees, teeth, feet, ribs, and other parts of the body.

Tips to follow while wearing blue Sapphire

Wearing the online Blue sapphire birthstone month properly is crucial to benefit to the fullest extent. Every element has an impact on the wearer, from picking the ideal stone to wearing it on a perfect day. Below are some tips for wearing the blue sapphire gemstone to obtain the enchantments of Saturn in your life.

  • Before wearing this gem, one should get high-quality, natural blue sapphire gemstones from a reputable gemstone merchant, given that the benefits you receive from a gemstone depend primarily on its quality.
  • For guidance on wearing a blue sapphire stone properly, one should speak with an astrologer after purchasing.
  • To remove the gemstone's imperfections, one must wash it in boiled milk or clean water before wearing it. A blue sapphire ring should be 4 to 5 carats in weight to be considered optimal.
  • Wearing this gemstone on a Saturday morning is ideal. The only time one should wear this gemstone is at this time.
  • The following Shani Mantra should be said or recited while five incenses are lighted and positioned around the gemstone before it is worn. ‘Om Sham Shanaish-charaayeNamah.’ When you've said the mantra 108 times, wear it as you finish.
  • After saying the Saturn Mantra, you should place the neelam stone ring on the hand's middle finger.
  • Shortly after being worn, the enigmatic blue sapphire stone begins to produce results. Saturn is a planet of vengeance, thus you should keep this gemstone under your pillow before wearing it to determine whether it is appropriate or not. He should refrain from wearing this blue gemstone if sleeping with it causes him to experience nightmares.

Where can we find authentic blue Sapphire online?

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Neelam Sapphire is only suitable for some. One must wear this gemstone with extreme caution because it is such a mysterious stone. It is only effective when worn as instructed, and if worn improperly, it may adversely affect the wearer's life. Natural neelam stone possesses exceptional supernatural abilities that manifest exceptionally quickly. You should remember that blue sapphire can negatively impact your life if it is not the right gemstone for you. To ensure that you receive the benefits Neelam stone offers, visit an astrologer before wearing it.