From the start, our most precious jewel in humankind is our knowledge. One of our most significant knowledge is the study of stars and planets linked with our fates, i.e. Astrology.

From birth to death, every star is aligned with our fate and destiny and decides how our actions will turn into reactions. These alignments of planets can change the course of our life which is why astrologers suggest people wear gemstones for better luck and positivity.

The link of gemstones to our fate is not only based on belief but also on research and studies done by scholars. Astrologers believe that there are 9 Main gemstones that have the highest and most influential powers, one of which is the Neelam Gemstone, also known as the Blue Sapphire stone.

This Blue colored stone seen in different shades of blue over the years is known for its beautiful transparent appearance. But more than that, for its astrological significance,

Here, we have mentioned every detail about the Nilam gemstone that you need to know before buying it.

History of the Neelam

The Blue Sapphire Stone has a long history. Since the gemstones have been mined from the Earth’s core, they have been seen as luxury and royalty. The trade of these gemstones in history made them highly valuable as they were used highly to be mounted in jewelry or to buy expensive things.

The first ever Neelam gemstone ever is said to be found in India. People started to wear this stone because of its ability to bring wisdom and connect the person with the path to heaven.

In ancient Rome and Greece, people believed that the Nilam stone protects from evil. Kings and Queens used to wear this stone to gain its various benefits.

Interestingly, the Blue Sapphires used to be given as a gift as per tradition at the 45th wedding anniversaries.

Best substitute of Blue Sapphire

Origin of Nilam Stone

Blue Sapphire gemstones are found in various places all over the world, mainly in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and the USA.

The Neelam stones found in India are the ones which have the best quality and so they are sold at high prices. The Kashmir Blue Sapphires are the most expensive ones in the market right now.

Types of Blue Sapphire Stone

There are many types of Blue sapphire gemstones found over the world. They are as follows:

  • The Burma Blue - Found in Myanmar, this type of Neelam is named after its origin, i.e. the place it is most found. Known for its finest quality and darker blue color, this Neelam is highly durable and has the best clarity. Even the distribution of color and transparency makes it one of the most expensive Neelam gemstones. The price ranges between INR 5,000 to 1, 28,000.
  • The Ceylon Blue - The Ceylon Blue sapphire is one of the finest Neelam gemstones which are generally found in Sri Lanka. This Neelam has a low saturation level and uneven distribution of color. The light-masked greyness also adds to its charm. The price of the Ceylon blue sapphire is around INR 6,500 to 50,000 per carat.
  • The Kashmir Blue - The Kashmir blue sapphire are the most expensive Neelam stones in the world because of their finest quality. Having a clear color, and the best clarity with a velvet blue hue makes it the rarest Neelam gemstone. The price of the Kashmir Neelam gemstone ranges between INR 60,000 to 48,00,000.
  • The Thailand Blue - Found in Thailand, these Neelam gemstones are the most amazing ones used widely in jewelry making. The sparkling deep color of this stone makes it look beautiful. The price range of this type of Neelam starts from 1,000 INR.
  • The Australian Blue - Found primarily in the state of New South Wales, the Australian blue is known for its ink-like blue color with a greenish-blue tone and a deep blue shade. The price range of the Australian blue sapphire gemstone ranges from INR 50,000 to 2 Lakhs.

How To Check If Blue Sapphire Suits You?

Astrological Benefits of Neelam Stone

As per Vedic Astrology, the Neelam Ratna is one of the Navratnas, the nine most influential stones in the world. This stone has immense significance in astrology. Its power has the strength to vigorously protect the wearer.

Belief says that the energy of the stone will be like an aura around you that will work like a shield. Protecting you from every negative energy whether it be spiritual, physical, or emotional, the Neelam stone will consume the negativity and radiate positivity to you.

You will be saved from manipulations, mental trauma, hypnotism, evil spirits, bad omens, gaslighting, self-doubt, etc.

Many other Benefits of wearing a Neelam stone are as follows:

  • The Neelam stone will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will able to present yourself more charmingly. Taking up the charge, you will be able to lead a room and people will listen because of your calm and gentle self-expression which will be highly presentable.
  • Your communication skills and public speaking skills will be augmented, giving you the self-belief you need to speak up.
  • Increasing your willpower, the natural Neelam stone will also help you take action to step forward towards your aim.
  • Other Benefits of Nilam Stone include its effect on your mental state, emotionally. It helps you control your emotions better and provides you with a sense of calm even in difficult situations to get you through everything. With your mind being more relaxed you will be able to take better care of yourself.
  • Spiritually, Neelam Stone Benefits include opening up your mind to higher consciousness. Making your soul more aware, it will increase your intuitions and presence of mind. You will be more alert to your surroundings and to yourself.
  • Your self-awareness will enhance which will also help you on the path to God. You will be able to grow spiritually, wisdom will come to you and the connection to your higher self will lead you to connect with the spiritual world with the help of a natural Nilam stone.
  • Bringing fame and success to the wearer is also one of the Benefits of Neelam gemstones.

Who, Why & How to wear Blue sapphire Gemstone?

Health Benefits of Neelam Gemstone

Among all the various advantages, the Healing Properties of the Neelam Stone are the most beneficial. The belief has it that the energy flow which flows through the body because the Neelam stone physically heals a person.

It cures any diseases or illnesses related to our nerves and enhances overall vitality in the wearer. It increases the eyesight of the person who wears it and gives relief from any eye infection related to the eye, ear, and mouth.

Also, if you have any problems related to your speaking and hearing, this stone will overcome them and increase all your senses.

Other health-related Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits include curing neurological disorders and healing burns & inflammations early.

Furthermore, the Neelam gemstone will also provide you relief from regular headaches and fever. Also, by removing harmful toxins from your body, the Nilam will strengthen your heart and nervous system as well as will purify your blood and internal organs.

Who Should Wear Neelam Stone?

The Neelam stone is a very high-powered gemstone that should be worn after proper consultation with your astrologer. It is essential to ensure that the stone is friendly with your horoscope and is providing benefits rather than side effects.

Generally, this gem is recommended to people who have negative effects of the astrological planet Saturn, aka Shani in their birth chart or horoscope. Because the Nilam stone is associated with Saturn, it will remove the negative effects of it and bring you positivity.

Indeed, people born under the zodiac signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius can wear the Neelam Gemstone.

Side Effects of Neelam Gemstone

Neelam Ratna is so powerful that its effects can be negative as well. If you don't wear it properly or this gemstone is not favorable according to your horoscope, then you may have to face its negative effects, such as:-

  • Your eyes can be affected, you may face losing eyesight or infections, or any problem related to the eyes.
  • An accident may happen to you in which you may get physically injured. It can be severe as well.
  • You may start having bad or strange dreams which will disturb you mentally.
  • Mental depression can also surround you.
  • If Blue Sapphire is not favorable to you, then you may also have to face financial problems.

How to Wear Nilam Stone?

You should follow the proper ritual to activate the energy of an original neelam Gemstone. You can either ask an expert to do the Vedic Pooja for you in a temple or you can do it yourself at home through the process mentioned below. Follow each step closely to make sure the Neelam is energized and you get its maximum benefits.

  • Wear the Neelam gemstone in the form of a bracelet, pendant, or ring to make sure a part of the stone is touching your skin.
  • Choose the cut, weight, and type of your Neelam stone after taking proper consultation with your astrologer or gem expert.
  • The best day to perform the ritual of wearing a Neelam stone is Saturday. This is because of the association of the Blue Sapphire with the astrological planet Saturn.
  • Get up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear freshly cleaned clothes.
  • After your daily worship, worship the gemstone and offer your prayers.
  • Dip your stone in Gangajal / Fresh and Raw Cow Milk / PanchAmrit (The Mix of 5 liquids - Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar)
  • Now rinse it with warm water and clean it with a fresh cloth.
    To offer your respect, Apply Tilak from the ring finger of your working hand as well as light incense sticks, and offer some flowers.
  • Now sit cross-legged, keep your posture straight, and hold your hands in the position of praying.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Sham Shanish-charaaye Namah”. You have to recite this mantra 108 times and while you are reciting for the last time, you have to wear the gemstone.

If you are wearing the Neelam gemstone in the form of a ring, you should wear it on your middle finger. Men are advised to wear it in their right hand, while women are allowed to wear it in either of their hands, as per their preference.

Uses of Neelam Stone

The Neelam Stone mostly is used as jewelry. Since the astrological significance of the stone demands it to be worn in such a way that one part of it touches the skin, the Neelam stone is often mounted in ornaments such as pendants, rings, and bracelets.

Other than that, you can also just keep the stone in your home as a decorative piece. You can keep it in a glass bowl and keep it in your living room.

Also, you can use the stones in the form of crystal hangings to keep in your home or office.

How to Clean Neelam Stone?

The energy of the Neelam stone consumes the negativity around you the whole time which is why you must cleanse the Neelam stone every now and then.

Even though the durability and hardness of the Nilam gemstone are high, this stone is delicate. So, you should avoid using harsh chemicals, detergents, soaps, oils, or any type of cleanser to clean your stone. You should also make sure you don't use anything which will leave scratches on your gem.

Simply use warm water and a cotton cloth to clean your gemstone. And the best thing that you can use to clean your stone is brown or black soil. A little soil will clean the stone properly without damaging the Neelam at all.

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