The blue sapphire is one of the top four gemstones (the other three include ruby, emerald and diamond) of the jewelry world. With its rich and attractive blue color, the gemstone draws quick attention of anybody! The term sapphire has been coined from ‘sappheiros’ which is a Greek term and means the blue colour. Many of you might not be knowing the fact that this enticing gemstone is available in almost all colors (excluding the red). However, the sapphires of blue color are admired and coveted the most. According to Indian astrology, the blue sapphire or the Neelam gemstone is ruled by the Saturn (Shanni) planet. It is strongly believed that wearing the blue sapphire can change the wearer’s life immediately. The gemstone is known to have very quick effects on its wearer. This gemstone has the immense power of either bringing goodness or despair to its wearer. Thus, it is strongly advised that one should wear blue sapphire only on the recommendation of an experienced astrologist. Blue sapphires are widely used for negating the dangerous effects of Saturn and for fortifying the weak Saturn planet in one’s horoscope.

If your astrologist suggests you to wear the Blue Sapphire, you can enjoy the associated benefits of this gemstone. Let us take a quick glance at the best 10 properties of blue sapphire that you should know!

  1. Provides protection from negativity – Negativity is bad in any way! Be it our negative thoughts or the negative feelings of others towards us, the negative vibes upset us deeply and influence our everyday performance and acts. Wear the lovely blue sapphire to stay protected from all type of negative attacks. The gemstone has the great power of providing full protection to its wearer from any sort of negativity.
  2. Enhances communication skills – Your communication skills can take you to places! Blue sapphires work great for people who want to improve their communication abilities. The stone activates the throat chakra and clears away any blockages to promote better communication.
  3. Invites opulence – Wish to get wealth in your life? Wear the blue sapphire gemstone for inviting wealth in your life. If you feel that you are not financially strong and need to improve your financial status, wearing blue sapphires can help you.
  4. Strengthens the power of intuition – Improve and strengthen your sixth sense or intuition power with the help of this lovely gemstone – blue sapphire! The stone is believed to fortify the psychic abilities of its wearer.
  5. Instils lucidity in thoughts – Many of us are not able to take a quick and wise decision because of confused and unclear thoughts. The clear thoughts help take a wise decision. Those who feel that their thoughts need lucidity can use the blue sapphire. Wearing this gemstone helps gain clarity in thoughts so that that you think quickly and smoothly.
  6. Improves the concentration power – Have you been looking for a gemstone that augments your concentration power? If yes, you can consider wearing the blue sapphire after discussing with an expert astrologist. The blue sapphires have the amazing ability of improving the focus and thus, the gemstone is often used by students and people who want to excel in their careers.
  7. Removes depression – Say goodbye to your depression with the help of the lovely-looking blue sapphire gemstone. It works quickly and wards off depression and gloominess so that you feel calm and happy.
  8. Helps understand spirituality – Do you wish to explore the world of spirituality with its better understanding? If so, wearing blue sapphire will help you do so! Blue sapphires have amazing healing abilities and unique powers that help one to understand spirituality in-depth.
  9. Beats the despair of Sade Sati period – Do you fear the tough and problematic Sade Sati period? The ​7 and half years of long and terrifying Shani (Saturn) period can put you in deep despair. But wearing the blue sapphire can keep you away from unhappiness and dullness during this period too. The stone is strongly believed to enhance the energy levels of its wearer (who is in the Sade Sati period of Shani) and provide better metabolism to keep him/her happy and lively.
  10. Promotes feelings of love & commitment – Last but not the least, wearing blue sapphire or Neelam gemstones promotes feelings of love and loyalty. Use the stone to understand the power and significance of love. Stay loyal and honest by wearing the blue sapphire. Learn to love and feel love for others.

Wear the exquisite blue sapphire in form of fine jewelry and enjoy the above properties that will bring all the goodness to your life. Buy original and natural blue sapphires to avail all the benefits of the beautiful Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone!