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Everything About Australian Opal Gemstone

The Opal gemstone fulfills human wishes and gives its wearer what they want from their heart. It is a unique stone with a white pearly shine and a rainbow-like display of colors on its surface. It is called the ‘Queen of Gems’ and has many benefits for the wearer. It is influenced by the planet Venus or Shukra. There are three main types of opal stones - Fire Opal, Common Opal, and, Precious Opal, Australian Opal.

Some people believe that the Opal is the ‘Patron of Thieves’ and that it can make the wearer invisible. The real meaning is that the Opal stone protects the wearer from negative forces. It is a good gift for pregnant women as it helps them relax, overcome depression, avoid bad dreams, and create positive energy. It also helps the wearer connect with their spirituality and become more aware of themselves and the universe. This stone enhances the wearer’s thoughts and feelings and makes them more clear and logical. The Australian opal stone also helps the wearer deal with negativity and shows them their unwanted emotions.

Benefits of wearing Australian Opal Gemstone

Australian Opal is influenced by Venus, and Venus governs love and luxury in astrology. So, the stone brings harmony and happiness in love and helps in achieving a more enjoyable life full of beauty, art, elegance, culture, and luxury.

Australian Opal is a stone of love. It can awaken the heart chakra and inspire love when worn near the heart. The love that opal brings can have different forms. It can be gentle and unconditional, or passionate and sensual. Australian Opal can remove the obstacles of shyness and make emotions more intense. This very beautiful stone can also soothe restless feelings and bring loyalty to love, with opal wearers being urged to avoid cheating on their partners.

Australian Opal is the gemstone of Venus or Shukra in astrology. Venus represents human wishes. It has many benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It helps to heal health problems like stomach and eye
  • It boosts creativity, passion, and power. So, people who work in artistic fields like painting, dancing, theatre, music, etc. get many advantages from Australian Opal stone.
  • The valuable stone gives stability in a troubled marriage.
  • It improves the working of the kidneys.
  • It brings good luck.
  • The Australian Opal gem has the power to improve the social relations of a wearer.
  • It protects the wearer from going to risky places.
  • The stone benefits the endocrine system and keeps the hormonal balance.
  • The lovely stone removes doubt and indecisiveness while helping the wearer open up and see things differently.
  • Medically another one of its benefits is healing the spine, helping with Parkinson’s, and curing blood-related issues.

Who can wear Australian Opal Gem?

Australian Opal is the gemstone of Venus in Vedic Astrology. It is commonly the birthstone of people born in October. It has the qualities of all the gemstones in the range of colors that it shows.

The Australian Opal stone is especially good for the Taurus (Vrish) and Libra (Tula) zodiac signs. It gives beauty, confidence, good health, wealth, and love to the wearer. The planet Venus represents the wishes of human beings.

This makes Australian Opal a great stone that helps achieve happiness and harmony in relationships. The lovers of art and people who work in music, acting, painting, dance, and other fields of performing arts get many benefits from this stone. As per Vedic Astrology, the Australian Opal Stone is usually worn when Venus is in the 1, 2, 7, 9, or 10 house in someone’s birth chart.

The planet of Venus conflicts with the following celestial bodies: The Sun, The Moon, and Jupiter. This is why the Australian Opal Stone should not be worn with Ruby, Pearl, or Topaz gemstones. The Australian Opal Gem is highly recommended for people who have faced Mahadasha or Antardasha of Shukra Grah or planet Venus in their Kundali or birth chart, So they get so much benefit from the Australian Opal stone.

People who have Venus (Shukra) as their major or minor planetary period in their birth chart should wear this stone. It will help them enjoy the various benefits of the Opal stone.

The procedure of Wearing Australian Opal Stone

The Australian Opal stone can be worn as a ring or a pendant and You can mount your stone in silver, platinum, gold, white gold, or Panchdhatu.

The Weight of a Gemstone should be 10 times less than your body weight. Suppose your body weight is 70Kg so you must wear a 7-carat Australian Opal Gem, and have faith that bigger is better if your stone is bigger it works faster and more efficiently.

This Beautiful Gemstone must be worn on Friday’s early morning of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon). You must wear your Australian Opal Stone on the middle finger or ring finger of your right hand or working hand of yours.

In the procedure of wearing this stone, you must purify it or energize it. So take your stone and place it into a metal bowl and add these ingredients one by one Ganga jal, Tulsi Leaves, and Raw milk of desi cow Add some curd after adding some hone, and in the last add some ghee, process makes your stone purify and activate it.

After this process Chant the mantra ‘Om Shun Shukraye Namah’ 108 times and pray to lord Shukra when you complete the mantra 108 times pull out your Ring/ pendant and wash it with clean and normal water and wear it on your ring or middle finger of your right hand.

Price of Australian Opal Gemstone

The Australian Opal price per Ratti should be considered as the Original Australian Opal price per carat (1 ratti is equal to .91 carat). The Australian Opal price is 250 Per Carat To 25000 Per Carat. The price of Australian Gemstones depends on some factors such as:-

  • Origin:- The Australian Opal comes in many varieties but the most famous variety is the Fire Australian Opal. so if it comes from a sept from Australia it affects the price of natural Australian Opal.
  • Color:- The most expensive opal is most likely assessed by its hue. A dazzling stone of pure deep hue will always be valuable. Dark-colored opal stones, on the other hand, may only create an ordinary price even with a specific design and vibrant displays.
  • Treatment:- Oil, wax, or plastic impregnation can be used to cure opal. Opals are also colored, although they have less astrological value. Always purchase authentic gemstone certifications from Government laboratories that include the treatment of the exact gemstone in the comments area. Cheap sugar-smoke-treated and fracture-filled opals abound on the market. As a result, it is important to get gemstones at the best rates from a reputable dealer or online store.
  • Clarity:- The presence of a white or foggy backdrop frequently lowers the price of genuine opal. The price of crystal opal rises with the amount of clarity. The presence of eye-visible inclusions, pits, or imperfections in opaque stones such as white opal and dark black opal significantly affects the price.
  • Shape:- Precious opal is often cut into round, oval, or pear shapes. Because of the carat waste involved in the process, the price of opal increases for certain cuts like as marquis, heart, and rectangle.