Pukhraj Stone, also called Yellow Sapphire or Pushparagam Ratan, is a most recognized gemstone in Vedic astrology. It is worn by people from different backgrounds and professions. It symbolizes the planet Jupiter or Lord Brhaspati or Guru, the benevolent planet that gives divine grace, good luck, and fortune. A real Pukhraj gemstone brings the blessings and guidance of Jupiter or the spiritual teacher Guru. It enhances your education, wisdom, and communication skills.

By chanting mantras and invoking Bhraspati, a genuine Pukhraj stone ensures the prosperity of your family lineage and gives you reputation, fame, and recognition. This beautiful yellow-colored gemstone looks very attractive in a gold ring and works best with yellow gold. If you wanna get maximum benefits from your gemstone so you should wear your Pukhraj Stone on your index finger on your dominant hand. You can read our previous blog to learn How to Wear a Pukhraj Gemstone correctly.

Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire stone is known as The Gemstone for Anyone or Everyone, which means it is suitable for everyone to some extent and does not harm anyone. So you can wear this gemstone without consulting an astrologer, unlike other colored gemstones. However, if you are still wondering who can wear Pukhraj gemstones, we are always ready to assist you. Apart from the natives of Jupiter, let us see the most compatible and accurate ascendants here.

Loose Yellow Sapphire Gemstone List

Benefits of Wearing Pukhraj Stone

Wearing yellow sapphire is very good for you and it gives countless benefits, such as

  • Improving focus and creativity:-The gem helps the wearer to stay on track with their goal and enhances their imagination and originality. The stone also clears the mind and helps with mental clarity

  • Having a happy marriage:-The stone is believed to bring good luck and harmony to married couples. It can also help those who are facing obstacles or delays in getting married.

  • Staying healthy:- The stone can prevent or cure various diseases, such as jaundice, liver problems, throat infection, skin issues, tumours, and more. The stone also boosts the overall health and well-being of the wearer.

  • Sleeping better:-The stone can improve the quality of sleep, breathing, and immunity. The bright yellow color of the stone also relaxes the mind and reduces stress. The stone balances the emotions and increases the energy and vitality of the wearer.

  • Attracting positive energy and spirituality:-The stone can protect the wearer from negative forces and evil intentions of others. The stone also fills the environment with positive vibes and helps the wearer to focus on their goals and happiness. Moreover, the stone can help those who are seeking spiritual growth, as Jupiter is the planet of dharma.

  • Gaining wisdom and knowledge:-The stone can sharpen the intellect and improve the understanding and reasoning of the wearer. It helps to turn ideas into actions and achieve academic and professional success. The wearer can get a raise, a promotion, or more profits in business.

The stone also gives the wearer qualities like creativity and uniqueness that lead to ultimate success, Helping students, and many more.

Which Zodiac Sign Should or Shouldn't Wear Yellow Sapphire?

Who Should Wear Pukhraj Stone

As per Vedic astrology, the person having Meen Rashi and Dhanu Rashi or Pisces and Sagittarius sun signs were the best zodiac to wear the Pukhraj Stone, and as per the western Astrology, it said it was the birthstone of the September-born person and also worn by the Sagittarius zodiac. Moreover, the zodiac sign of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Leo can also wear a Natural loose pukhraj stone.

With the auspicious power of mantras and blessings of Bhraspati, a real Pukhraj gemstone ensures the continuation of your family tree and endures you with all the good name, fame, and public acclaim. Wearing this bright yellow gemstone in a gold ring is a beautiful and beneficial choice. It matches well with yellow gold and positively affects the wearer’s health and career. This cosmic stone works wonders when worn correctly. If you wanna gain magnificent benefits from your Yellow Sapphire Gemstone you should wear the stone in your dominating hand in your Index Finger.

If you wanna fully benefit from your gemstone, not just Pukhraj Stone all the Gemstones would work best when it was worn by a suitable ascendant. Pukhraj gemstone is known as The Gemstone for Anyone or Everyone, which implies that it can help everyone in some way or another i.e., yellow sapphire is not detrimental to anyone and hence any individual can wear this beauty without any astrologist consultation, alike all other colored gemstones.

Loose Yellow Sapphire Gemstone List

How to Wear Pukhraj Stone

There are a few things that were considered and done before wearing the Pukhraj stone and here are points to be taken care of

  1. Metal
  2. To Be Worn In
  3. Day & Time
  4. Vedic Procedure For Wearing A Pukhraj Gemstone For More Benefit
  5. Purification of Pukhraj Gemstone
  6. Mantra To Activate The Power Of Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj Stone Wear in Which Metal :- With the original Pukhraj stone it's highly recommended that it always pair with the Gold, and you also go for white gold, silver, Platinum, and Brass or Pachdhatu according to your convenience but Pukhraj is highly efficient with the Gold metal.

Pukhraj to be Worn in Which Finger :- The Pukhraj is always worn on the Index finger of the working hand and always said that the Stone was in touch with the skin.

Pukhraj Wearing Day & Time :- According to the Vedic Astrology the Subh and auspicious Day of wearing the Pukhraj stone was Thursday (Guruwaar) and the period of wearing this gemstone in the early morning during Shukla Paksha, or you also wear it in the morning time between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. which is also known as waxing Moon.

Vedic Procedure For Wearing A Pukhraj For Benefit:- if you wanna a desirable benefit from this stone so it is mandatory to follow all the Vedic rules of wearing this Precious Gemstone.

Purification of Pukhraj Stone:- It is crucial to follow the Vedic purification process to remove any negative impressions that a gemstone may have accumulated as it passes through multiple hands before reaching its final destination. To purify your yellow sapphire gemstone, place the yellow sapphire ring in a metal bowl and add holy items such as Ganga Jal, raw cow milk, Honey, Tulsi Leaves (Indian Basil), and pure Ghee or Clarified Butter into the same bowl. Leave the stone in the liquid for 30 minutes before removing it and washing it thoroughly with fresh or distilled water. Dry the gemstone with a soft and clean cloth.

Mantra To Activate The Power Of Pukhraj:- The Pukhraj stone is very powerful full and when you wear it properly in the Vedic method so you can chant this mantra to activate your Yellow sapphire, the mantra was “ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः or Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah” used to chant this mantra for 108 times and at the last time when you chant this mantra you wear it in your working hand index finger.


Pukhraj Stone, also known as Yellow Sapphire or Pushparagam Ratan, is a highly recognized gemstone in Vedic astrology, which symbolizes the planet Jupiter. It is believed to bring divine grace, good luck, and fortune to its wearer. It enhances education, wisdom, and communication skills, and offers various health benefits like better sleep, immunity, and overall well-being. The stone attracts positive energy, and spirituality, and helps in gaining knowledge, creativity, and uniqueness leading to ultimate success. While the stone is suitable for everyone to some extent, those with Meen Rashi and Dhanu Rashi or Pisces and Sagittarius sun signs are best suited to wear the Pukhraj Stone. The stone is highly beneficial when worn in a gold ring on the index finger of the right hand. By chanting mantras and invoking Bhraspati, the Pukhraj stone can bring blessings, guidance, and prosperity to your family lineage.