Spinel Stones

Spinel gemstones are the stones of revitalization and reenergization. The healing properties of the Spinel have a calming effect on the person and help them to relax. The red stone is associated with the root chakra, it helps the person be more stable and grounded. It soothes the mind and is so often used to de-stress. Depression and anxiety are eliminated. Your intuition powers boost. The stone’s powers will also increase your energy levels, remove toxic substances from your body, and heal you physically.

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Spinel gemstones

Spinel gemstones is a semi-precious gemstone. It comes from the magnesium-aluminum oxide family. These gemstones look like ruby stones. Spinel gemstones come in various colors like red, pink, blue, lavender/violet, dark green, brown, and black. In ancient times, this gemstone was used in jewelry and shown as a symbol of Royalty. In the categories of spinel, Samarian Spinel world's largest and most known spinal.

  • The Red Color comes in spinel due to Chromium impurities.
  • Spinel is a form of the octahedra crystals.
  • As per astrology, Virgo zodiac signs suggest wearing this gemstone.
  • It is the birthstone of august month.
  • Spinel gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury.
  • Samarian Spinel is the world's largest Spinel gemstone.

Benefits of Spinel stone

Physical Benefits of Spinel

  • Enhance Durability: Durability is a good factor to wear the gemstone. Spinel gemstone hardness is 8 on the moh scale, which means it is a good Stone to wear daily. Apart from this its have good toughness.
  • More Affordability: Spinel is an affordable gemstone compared to other gemstones like Rubies and Sapphiers. Apart from the same appearance of another gemstone, spinel is a very attractive and affordable gemstone. So we can say it is money a saver gemstone.
  • Color varieties: This gemstone comes in different varieties like red, pink, blue, lavender/violet, dark green, brown, and black gives a rich option to choose for wearer according to fashion.

Metaphysical Benefits of Spinel

  • Enhance the Energy: Red Spinel is known for the energy booster on the wearer. It is also known for the increase of the body's stamina and vitality, as well as the physical energy of the body.
  • Calm and Relax Provider: To provide peace and rest to the mind, and reduce the mental Stress of the body Blue Spinel is a good quore. It provides positive energy to the body and helps keep calm in critical situations.
  • Increase love and Passion: To increase the love and understanding between the couples blue and purple spinel is suggested gemstone. Apart from this it's good for passionate persons and helps to motivate them to achieve their target.
  • Make Creative and Inspiration: The vibrant colors of the spinel make the wearer creative and inspirational. A creative mind helps to do creative things which is become beneficial to the person.

How to wear Spinel gemstone?

Before wearing the spinel gemstone, first consult with an astrologer. Then, through the puja process, it's energized. In this process, first comes clean, and the purification process in this process needs some things like:

  • Clean and Lukworm water
  • Ganga Jal
  • Ghee (clarified butter)
  • Milk (Desi Cow Milk and should be unboiled)
  • Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil Leaves)
  • Honey

Who can wear the Spinel Gemstone?



Western Sun Sign

Virgo zodiac

Vedic Rashi

Kanya Rashi

Fortunate Ascendants

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus, Leo and Aries


On the 12 kg weight, 1 carat is required 


Red, Pink, Blue, Lavender/Violet, Dark Green, Brown, and Black




Ring Finger 

Day & Time

Sunday during the Sunrise 

Spinel GemStone Mantra

"Om Suryaya Namah"

"ॐ सूर्याय नमः"

Price of Spinel Stone

Spinel is an extremely rare gemstone, and its scarcity contributes to its high value. The price of Spinel stone in India ranges between Rs 2500 ($30 approx) per carat to Rs 25000 ($300 approx) per carat and above. The cost of the original Spinel Gemstone is depends on the quality. Origins, and 4C’s.

  • Color: Color is an important component in determining the price of Spinel stone. The deeper the hue, the greater the price of Spinel.
  • Clarity: The second C in the 4Cs requirement is Clarity. The amount of imperfections or scratches on a Spinel gemstone determines its clarity. The fewer abrasives used, the greater the clarity and the higher the price of the Spinel Stone.
  • Carat Weight: The weight of gemstones is expressed in carats. The price of a gemstone increases with its carat weight. For example, a 5-carat Spinel stone costs 30’000 INR, while a 7-carat Spinel gemstone costs 45,000 INR.
  • Cuts: The cut is the last C of the 4Cs and influences the price of a Spinel gemstone. If the stone is hard, producing cuts is difficult and costly.