Green Aventurine (Ghatana)

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Green Aventurine Gemstone

Green Aventurine stone is suggested for the Aries, Virgo, Taurus, and Libra Zodiac signs. It is a semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the quartz family. Aventurine is called by different names like aventurine quartz Indian "jade" etc. It is associated with the planet Mercury (Budha) and the birthstone of August.

  • Natural green aventurine comes in Green Colors, apart from this it comes in Orange, Brown, yellow, blue, and Grey Colors.
  • It is used to decorate expensive jewelry, antique pieces, and Many other expensive things.
  • Apart from this in our Vedic astrology Green aventurine have many benefits.
  • In Chinese mythology, this Gemstone is connected with the goddess of Kuan-Yin. She is a protector of Women and children. She is the goddess of Mercy and compassion who solves the problem of suffering people and She hears the cries of the world.
  • Due to its inflammable property, this gemstone is a good healer and Safest stone.
  • The specific gravity of this gemstone is lies 2.64–2.69.

Benefits of green aventurine

If we talk about the Benefits of green aventurine then as per use its have many astrological and physical benefits. These are mentioned below:

Physical benefits

Due to connecting with the planet Mercury its have many astrology benefits. The wearer gets the positive energy of mercury.

  • Increase Communication Skills: In astrology, planet Mercury is known as the controller of communication and thought. In this condition, Green Aventurine helps to enhance the communication skills of the wearer and make them mentally Strong.
  • Boosts Intellect and Mental Agility: It gemstone makes the wearer self-confident, Intelligent, quick decision-maker, and reduces mental stress.
  • Financial Strongness and Abundance: This stone helps to resolve the financial problems of the wearer and make them financially strong. Apart from this, in your business journey and jobs, this gemstone becomes a lucky stone. It makes you wealthy in every niche related to finance.
  • Enhancing Spiritual Growth: Due to its association with Mercury this gemstone increases the spiritual growth of the wearer. By using meditation it provides you with inner peace and Powerful.

Who should wear green Aventurine?

A gemstone becomes beneficial for its wearer then it is worn at the suggestion of an astrologer. In astrology, gemstones are associated with a particular planet. Every planet is connected specific zodiac sign. So save from the negative effects of gemstones consult first to the expert.

Green Aventurine is suggested to the Taurus Zodiac sign people. Apart from this Aries, Virgo, and Libra Zodiac signs can wear this gemstone.

How to wear green Aventurine

Ring Finger: If someone wears green aventurine on the ring finger then it increases the relationship, makes creative of the wearer, and increases the love between new couples. Apart from this it maintains the heart chakra of the body and reduces diseases of the body.

Price of green aventurine

The green aventurine stone price per Ratti depends on a few significant factors like the origin of the green aventurine, clarity of the stone, its size, cut, and color. Currently, green aventurine stone price in India ranges between Rs 250 ($3 approx) per carat to Rs 800 ($9 approx) per carat and above.

  • Color: Color is one of the main factors in deciding the price of green aventurine stone. The darker the color, the higher the cost of green aventurine stone.
  • Clarity: The second C in the 4Cs' criteria represents Clarity. The number of inclusions or scratches on the green aventurine gemstone defines its Clarity. The fewer the abrasives, the better the Clarity, and the higher the cost of the green aventurine Stone.
  • Carat Weight: The weight of gemstones is measured in carats. The higher the carat weight, the higher the price of the Gemstone.
  • Cuts: The cut is considered the last C of the 4Cs and impacts the cost of green aventurine gemstone if the stone is hard, so making cuts is difficult and expensive.

Healing Properties of Green Aventurine

  • Chakra Activation: This gemstone controls the heart chakra (Anahata) of the body and balances the positive energy of the body.
  • Increase Creativity and Motivation: This gemstone is made creative and innovative for the wearer. Apart from this, it increases the self-confidence of the wearer to do any work.
  • Protection: This gemstone is protected from negative energy, evils, and ghosts and reduces fear of the wearer.
  • Dieases Healer: Due to its good healing properties this gemstone is used to treat deadliest diseases like eczema, rosacea, juvenile acne, and other skin problems. Its is maintains the circulation system of the body and controls blood pressure.

Types of Green Aventurine

If we talk about the types of green aventurines then in the market it come in different categories which are:

  • Standard Green Aventurine: This kind of gemstone comes in medium to dark green color. On this stone, this shimmering effect comes due to mica inclusion. These stones are used in jewelry like beads, tumbled stones, cabochons, and many other things.
  • Light Green Aventurine: These kinds of green aventurine stones come in a lighter green color and are less bright compared to other varieties of these stones. These kinds of stones are used to decorate soft items.
  • Dark Green Aventurine: These stones come in a deep, rich green color and are found in Shimmering effects. Due to their brightening effects, these stones attract the focus of people. Expensive jewelry pieces and antique items are decorated with this gemstone.

Green Aventurine Origins

  • India: Globally, India is a large exporter of high-quality Green Aventurine Gemstones. Which is mining from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Due to the presence of fuchsite mica, this gemstone comes in clear sparking.
  • Brazil: The category of Brazilian green aventurine is known for its vibrant green color and transparency. These gemstones are found in different locations in Brazil. Apart from this, these stones are used in jewelry and other expansive work.
  • China: Chinese green aventurine comes in light to dark green. As a comparison to Brazilian and Indian green aventurine, these stones look different in texture and inclusion. China is both a producer and consumer of green aventurine stones in the global gemstone market.
  • Russia: Russian green aventurines come in dark green with unique mineral inclusion. These gemstones are found in the Ural Mountains and other mining areas.

Quality of Green Aventurine

If we talk about the quality of green aventurine, then it depends upon the cut, Clarity, color, weight, Size, and many other factors. We will talk in detail:

  • Color: If we talk about the color then it comes in most in light to Rich Dark green color. Natural green aventurine comes uniform green without any visible streaks or patches of other color.
  • Clarity: If we talk about clarity then we mostly prioritize transparency and inclusion of stone. Original Green Aventurines are found less visibility inclusion and transparency. Apart from this translucent clear, bright color is the good quality of Green aventurine stones.
  • Cut and Shape: Cut and Shape of stone decide the quality and price of the stone. Natural green aventurine comes in smooth and well-cut with polished surfaces. It increases the beauty and sparkle of the stone. If we talk about the shape then it comes in cabochons (smooth, rounded shape) and natural beads. Which enhances the richness or royalty of the stone.
  • Size: Size is another important term to decide the price and quality of the stone. In jewelry, we can use different sizes of the gemstones. according to size, the price comes different for a stone. If we talk about the rare and expensive category of green aventurine stone then it comes in large size with a uniform green color and without patches or streak lines.
  • Hardness: The hardness of a gemstone defines its relative strength against the other minerals and gemstones. The high strength of the stones makes them strong and high quality. It is measured by the Mohs Hardness Scale. In the Mohs Scale Material hardness is measured on a 1 to 10-digit scale. If we talk about the green Aventurine stone hardness then it measuring in 6.5 to 7.
It makes it a durable category in gemstones and is Suitable to wear in jewelry on a daily base.

Green Aventurine Jewelry

In jewelry, green aventurine increases attraction and increase richness, and royalty. As jewelry, we can wear this gemstone in different kinds. Which are:

Pendants: As a pendent, this stone is kept close to hearts. In this condition, it maintains heartbeats and makes it strong. Apart from this, It is known to control the heart chakra of the body.

Bracelet: As a bracelet, this gemstone becomes beneficial for its wearer.

If you wear this gemstone on your right hand (given hand) it will energize the body and increase the positivity, confidence, and creativity of the wearer.

If you wear this gemstone on your left hand (receptive hand), then It increases the healing power and enhances the attractive personality with a natural aura of the wearer.

Ring: As a ring, this gemstone has many benefits which are :

Little Finger (Pinky Finger): If you wear green aventurine on your little finger then it increases communication skills and social interaction and a good connection with society.

Middle Finger: If you wear this stone on your middle finger, then it promotes inner peace, and makes you a good decision-maker and good visionary person.

Earrings: When we use green aventurine as an earring then it looks attractive and shiny. As Jewelry this stone maintains the emotionally and balances the positive energy of the wearer.

Care & Cleaning Green Aventurine Stone

Care and cleaning are essential for the gemstone because, after using it many times its contact with the environment dust, and Mud. Due to this reason, its power and shining gone down. To solve this problem need to properly clean and care of this stone.

To clean this stone we can take clean and lukewarm water and soap. After cleaning this stone in water use cotton to clean the water and keep it in sunlight to energize.