Emerald (Panna)

Emerald is a valuable gemstone that belongs to corundum mineral family. It is also called hara Panna stone in Hindi. Emerald Gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury. As per astrology, Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication and emeralds bring this power of mercury to its wearer. Activating heart chakra, natural emeralds stone will also open your heart to love, forgiveness, and compassion. Emerald May birthstone is perfect for you if you want good fortune, foresight, and fame.

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Emerald (Panna)

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About Emerald Gemstone

In the category of gemstones, an Emerald is a precious gemstone. Which is known as Panna Stone in Hindi, Marakata in Sanskrit, émeraude in French, and Smaragd in German. As per astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of the Panna and it is considered Birthstone for May.

The lucidity and the luster of this gemstone are tremendously attractive. Though, the Panna gemstone is coveted for its various shades of green the most sought-after emeralds are those having the yellow-green, blue-green, or pure green color. Apart from this, it comes in Light Green, medium Green, yellowish Green, Vivid Green, Vivid Bluish Green, Bluish Green, Forest Green, Deep Green, and Dark Green. Emeralds that show amazing transparency and an even color distribution make it the best-quality gemstones. Due to its beautiful attractive color, the Panna has become a favorite gemstone choice for people to wear all the time as a piece of jewelry.

The gorgeous and sparkling emerald-green stone is revered by millions of people worldwide. However, do you know which are the most popular emeralds? Well, the best varieties of Emerald or Panna come from Zambia, Russia, Scotland, Columbia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and several more places around the world.

Emeralds show a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale and are a perfect pick for working into fine jewelry. Emerald Gemstone is a durable gemstone and you wear it daily. The hardness of emerald stone makes it scratch-resistant. Although, you should still keep the stone safe and do not expose it to high temperatures.

The emerald stone is not only loved and admired for its splendour and charisma but it is also respected for its many significant powers and properties. The Physical and metaphysical emerald gemstone properties impact the user of the stone in many ways. These properties of the emerald stone will enlighten you toward spirituality, give you mental clarity, and balance your hormones.

The emerald gemstone history also shows the importance of this gem. Ancient people had the belief that an original Panna gemstone symbolizes luxury and wealth. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt in earlier times used to wear this stone all the time and she was also a major provider of these stones.

Benefits of Panna Stone

Wearing a Panna gem will bring you the energies of the cosmos. The vibrations of the universe will connect and the stone will act as a tool to let these vibrations flow through you. The emerald stone has advantages and disadvantages, both are there. But when you wear the stone with the proper method, you will only get emerald stone benefits.

It is also believed that the Emerald stone has healing properties. Some of the most significant benefits of wearing a Panna Stone (emerald) are mentioned below:

  • Self-Confidence - Emeralds instill hope and confidence in the wearer. It enhances communication skills and speaking abilities in the wearer, adding liveliness to your personality. This will also help you achieve your goals as your self-belief will boost.
  • Relationship Benefits - One of the Emerald benefits is promoting loyalty between partners. It helps you in dealing with your relationship problems and brings warmth and affection into your life. And so one can also wear this beautiful green colored gemstone to find love in his/her life.
  • Stone of Prosperity - The emerald gemstone symbolism is prosperity and wealth. This gemstone is believed to attract abundance & luxury in its wearer’s life. Therefore, this stone is said to be helpful for people in banking, finance, or the stock market.
  • Activates Energy Center - The stone activates the heart chakra and helps you learn and understand love. Hence, it is clear that the Panna gemstone benefits include opening your heart to love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and empathy.
  • Intellect:- Emerald Gemstone is reorganized for its power to enhance memory and brain power. Panna stone also gives you wisdom and helps you in achieving more knowledge.
  • Health Benefits of the Emerald Gemstone - Emerald gemstone healing properties will keep you overall healthy. This gemstone is revered for providing help and support to people who are fighting diseases like asthma, heart disease, skin allergies, ear problems, insomnia, etc. Also, the stone assists and provides relief in labor pain for pregnant women.
  • Emotional Emerald Gems Benefits - The individual's emotional and mental well-being are equally important. As a result, the health benefits of Emerald Stone include the ability to treat psychological diseases such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Emerald stone may help you feel peaceful and relaxed in your personal and professional lives.
  • Focus - Emerald gemstone benefits also include increasing your concentration powers. It will help you center your attention on the important things.

Who Can Wear Emerald Stone:

The emerald is considered as the birthstone of Virgo and Gemini. As emerald represents the mercury planet, wearing emerald stone is recommended to those who have the horoscopes with mercury placed in the right position. Those having correct position of this planet in their horoscopes can enjoy lot of advantages by wearing this beautiful stone called emerald. Apart from this Taurus and Capricorn Zodiac Signs Can Wear Emerald Stone?.

While you wear the stone, it is essential to know if the stone is suitable with your birth chart. Otherwise, you may have to face emerald gemstone side effects.

How To Wear Emerald Stone:

Wearing the stone with the proper procedure will activate the stone. The astrologists often advise that the Panna Gemstone should touch your skin when you wear it as this helps to avail maximum benefits. All the negative energy that might the stone contain before it gets to you will be removed and the stone will get in better connection with you.

Planet Mercury (Budha)
Western Sun Sign Virgo and Gemini Zodiac
Vedic Rashi Kanya Rashi and Mithun Rashi
Fortunate Ascendants Taurus and Capricorn
Weight Roughly 1 ratti (carat) is needed for 12-kilogram weight. For example, if a person's weight is 60kg then it requires 5 ratti (carat) of Panna stone.
Color Yellow-green, Blue-green, or Pure green color
Metal Gold, silver, or Panchdhatu
Finger Emerald should be worn in the "Little Finger" of the Right hand
Day & Time Wednesday and the ideal time to wear Emerald is between Sunrise and Sunset
Emerald Stone Mantra “Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah” or “OM BUDHAYE NAMAHA” - 108 times

How to Cleanse the Emerald Gemstone?

Before wearing the emerald, one needs to purify and activate it. For this, you have to keep the emerald studded ring/pendant in a bowl of a few ingredients (Ghee, honey, milk, holy Ganga water, and Tulsi leaves). The stone will get activated in a few minutes, so leave it for 10-15 minutes. You can then rinse it with clean Ganga water.

What is Puja Procedure for Panna Stone Before Wearing it?

The Emerald gemstone is powerful but the Vedic Pooja of the stone will activate the energies of the stone. The stone’s crystal is first mined from the Earth, then polished, treated, and cut into a stone. It is a long process and a lot of people might have touched the stone which means you have to purify the Emerald stone before wearing it. So that the stone will sync better with your energy and manifest what you desire. Now, how to energize emerald gemstone? Conducting a Vedic Pooja of the stone by chanting the emerald stone wearing mantra will activate your stone energy for you. And the significance of emerald stone is that it will invite love, good luck, and opulence into your life!

Note: Consult an expert astrologer before wearing Emerald.

What is the original price of Panna stone?

The Emerald Gemstone price per ratti should be considered as the original emerald price per carat (1 ratti is equal to .91 carat). The panna stone price varies from ₹880 to ₹ 55,000 per ratti in India. The green emerald gemstone price can range between ₹800 to ₹ 50,000 per carat & above. The panna ratna price in India is quite affordable in comparison to the Zambian emerald gemstone. Also, it is worth mentioning that the emerald gemstone cost can differ largely based on the origin and color of this stone. The Scottish & Zambian emeralds are among the most expensive ones.

  • Color: When assessing the genuine emerald stone quality, color is by far the most important consideration. The most desirable and par-excellent emeralds have rich, deep green tones with blue or yellowish undertones as secondary colors. The green hue is uniformly dispersed throughout a high-quality genuine Panna stone, with no noticeable color zoning or spots. An emerald's value is greatly increased by Panna stones with darker green colors that are more consistent and vivid.
  • Clarity: Tiny inclusions, which are internal features generated during the natural growing process, are a common feature of most naturally occurring green Emeralds. The term Jardin refers to these features, which is taken from the French word meaning "garden." Emerald gemstones will always have inclusions; the kind, size, and position of these inclusions inside the gemstone will determine how clear the stone is. Some of the finest natural green emerald stones have outstanding transparency and few noticeable imperfections that don't detract much from the gem's overall brilliance. But Panna gemstones that have obvious inclusions are neither highly valued nor rare.
  • Cut: An emerald's cut is vital to bringing out the maximum amount of sparkle, brightness, and color expression. Although genuine emerald stones are often cut in the emerald cut, which is a rectangular or square form with stepped facets, they may also be found in various shapes, such as oval, round, or pear. To maximize its color and brightness, a well-cut emerald will have appropriate proportions, excellent symmetry, and well-defined facets.
  • Carat Weight: The weight of genuine emerald stones is also expressed in carats, the standard unit of measurement for gemstones. Although it only somewhat correlates with an emerald's quality, the carat weight does have an impact on the stone's worth. Because larger emeralds with rich hues are uncommon, their costs per carat are sometimes mind-boggling when contrasted to lesser stones. When determining the actual value of a Panna stone, it is crucial to consider other quality parameters in addition to the carat weight.
  • Origin: In addition to the 4C criteria, a green emerald gemstone's origin may have a significant impact on its value and popularity. In the past, emeralds from certain places, such as Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and Afghanistan, have been the most prized and sought after. Colombian emeralds have traditionally been regarded as among the best because of their striking deep green hue.

Note:- Colombian emerald is one of the best emerald gemstones and the price of Colombian panna stone in India ranges from ₹900 ($11 approx) per carat to ₹55,000 ($660 Approx) per carat and above.

Where to Buy Emerald Stone Online?

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Interesting Facts about Emerald Stone

Let us take a quick glance at the important facts about Emerald Stone.

  1. Emeralds were first discovered at Egypt.
  2. Original Emerald gemstone gets its green color due to the presence of chromium/vanadium.
  3. This color of the emeralds symbolize liveliness, hope and prosperity.
  4. The color and origin of the natural emerald are one of the most important factors for deciding its value & price.
  5. According to the Vedic astrology, the Emerald is the stone of Mercury planet while as per the western astrology, it is the gemstone of planet Venus.
  6. The maximum quantity of emeralds come from Columbia.
  7. Emerald is also an important stone used for gem therapy.

Why Emerald Gemstone is So Important?

Emeralds stone are extremely beautiful and rare! They get created under certain particular climatic conditions and that’s the reason why, they are extremely expensive too! It is strongly believed that wearing emeralds can help one fetch significant benefits in form of better speech ability, improved memory power, enhanced brain power and augmented imaginative skills. The stone is also found to be helpful for people who want to have good level of confidence in them. Natural Emeralds are also recommended to people who want to combat diseases like sleeplessness, asthma, epilepsy, heart diseases and skin disorders.

Types and Origin of Emerald Stone

Due to their intense green color and brilliance, emerald gemstones are one of the most valuable gemstones in domestic and foreign marketplaces. Emerald gemstones come in various hues, ranging from light green to dark green.

Their potent energies provide outstanding astrological and health benefits. Listed below, in order of origin, are some of the most well-liked varieties of emerald stones:

Listed below, in order of origin, are some of the most well-liked varieties of emerald stones:

Zambian Emerald

  • This form of Panna stones known as Zambian Panna, has remarkable purity and beauty and a deep green tint or green color with a faint blue tone.
  • The excellence and beauty of Zambian emeralds have made them more and more well-liked in both domestic and foreign markets.

Colombian Emeralds

  • Also referred to as Colombian Panna, these emeralds are the priciest globally.
  • Colombian emeralds are of exceptional grade and have a natural green tint.
  • Although all Columbian emeralds are extracted from the same location, every Colombian emerald has a distinct appearance that makes it stand out from the others.

Brazil Emerald

  • After Zambia and Columbia, this origin Panna stone, sometimes called Brazil Panna, is renowned for producing emeralds of gem grade.
  • Brazilian mines consistently provide top-notch Brazilian Panna gemstones to customers worldwide.

Ethiopian Emerald

  • Deep green-tinted emeralds are produced in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopian Panna is perfect for jewelry because of its beautiful texture and clarity.

Indian Emerald

  • Indian Panna, which is well-known for its medium-to-dark green hue, has inherent inclusions.
  • This gemstone is very precious and used in astrology because it has natural inclusions or fissures.

Burma Emerald

  • As opposed to Burmese rubies, Burmese emeralds are less frequent and are very sometimes produced in Burma.
  • They provide green-colored emeralds that are excellent for crafting jewelry.

African Emerald

  • The emerald stone manufactured in Africa lacks a beautiful brilliance and does not have a deep green tint.
  • Compared to panna stones from other locations, African panna stone is less well-liked. They have a decent color intensity and a blue-green hue.

Russian Emeralds

  • This Emerald type has a light to medium green hue and loupe-clean clarity; it comes from the Russian areas
  • When compared to emeralds from other sources, Russian emeralds are noticeably larger.

Panjshir (Afghanistan ) Emerald

  • This is the world's most prized Emerald gemstone, also called Afghanistan Emerald.
  • Renowned for its exceptional blue-green Emerald hue and intense color saturation, Panjshir Valley is home to the highest quality Panna jewels.

Trapiche Emerald

  • The Eastern Cordillera Basin is home to the uncommon Trapiche Emerald emerald gemstone.
  • The surface of Traphiche Panna has a pattern like a six-pointed ray.
  • This ray-like appearance represents the inherent imperfections found in the gemstone.
  • Gem collectors and jewelers worldwide prize Trapiche Emerald for its distinctive look and vivid green hue.

Answers to all doubts regarding to Emerald:

Que. Why is emerald so expensive?

Ans. Emeralds are much scarcer than diamonds, more than 20 times, and that’s why they usually cost more. But most people think of diamonds first when they think of rare and expensive stones.

Que. What emerald is used for?

Ans. Emerald belongs to the beryl mineral family and is a precious stone used for jewelry. The mineral has some metals or impurities in it that give it color, and emeralds have chromium or sometimes vanadium that make them very green. Green beryl is the name for lighter green (or even yellowish) gems.

Que. Is emerald a lucky stone?

Ans. Emerald is a great stone for attracting more prosperity, romance, and fortune in your life.

Que. Where is emerald found in India?

Ans. Emerald deposit is found in the 221 km long belt stretching from Gam Gurha in the Rajsamand district to Bubani and Muhami in the Ajmer district. Rajgarh, Tikhi, and Kalaguman (Rajsamand) are some of the important places where they are found. The emeralds are not evenly distributed and their quality varies a lot.

Que. Which emerald is pure?

Ans. An emerald crystal with the right amount of chromium and vanadium and very little iron has a pure green color. Pure green emeralds have hardly any overtones that can be seen and are usually the most precious emeralds of all.

Que. Which is more expensive emerald or Ruby?

Ans. Ruby is usually more costly than most sapphires and emeralds, with the highest prices reaching $1,000,000 for one carat. Sapphires have a price range of $1,000 to $11,000 for one carat, but you can find good-quality ones for $450 - $1,200 per carat. Emeralds cost between $525 and $3905.30 per carat. However, remember that the price of a gemstone depends on several factors, such as color, size, and clarity.

Que. Are Indian emeralds real?

Ans. Most of the Indian stones that are called “emeralds”, “rubies” and “sapphires” are Sillimanite with dye. These stones have a lot of fibers and are not transparent, as you can see in the “ruby” above.

Que. Are inclusions normal in emeralds?

Ans. Inclusions are normal in the emerald stone. It was hard to find a no-inclusions emerald gemstone. Some of the inclusions are more valuable than others and also they are collectible for gemstone lovers. The esthetic inclusions emerald are rare and valuable.