Ametrine Stone

Ametrine gemstone is a dual-color gemstone, purple and yellow. It’s like a mix of two stones - amethyst and citrine - hence the name ametrine. The two colors make it a beautiful stone. It brings serenity and calmness to the person. It relieves tension and brings warmth, hope, and contentment. Balancing the properties of two stones, natural ametrines will give you emotional and mental stability, and increase your confidence. It removes toxins from your body, working as a detoxifier. Also, the stone’s energies will protect you from negative energies.

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Everything About Ametrine Gemstone

When the rich orange shade of vivid Citrine gets combined with the royal purple of impressive Amethyst, the beauty emerges in form of a lovely gemstone called Ametrine! Yes! You guessed it right! Ametrine is called so because it is an amazing blend of Amethyst plus Citrine and that’s the same reason why this gem possesses both shades of purple and orange. Ametrine is a sparkling bi-color or double shaded semi-precious gemstone. Though it comes from the most popular and abundantly found mineral family called Quartz, the interesting part is that Ametrine’s only commercial source is Anahi Mine located in Bolivia! There are few more origins too but Anahi Ametrine is the one that demands highest price as it has the best quality in comparison of other Ametrines. The lustrous bands of orange-purple give quite an appealing appearance to the stone which is also popular for its healing properties.

As per the Indian Vedic astrology, the Ametrine gemstone is the most suitable gem for the Aquarians while the western astrology recommends it for Sagittarians and Pisceans. It is strongly believed that Ametrine draws energy as well as powers from the planets Saturn and Jupiter. The benefits of these regained powers and energy can be enjoyed by the wearers of Ametrine. Anybody (other than the Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius zodiac sign) who wishes to wear this scintillating and attractive gem should first consult and discuss with an experienced astrologist. Let us now check out why this gem is considered so important and valuable.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Ametrine Gemstone?

  • Attract optimism in your life with Ametrine – Wear the gem to stay optimistic in your life. It will fill you with hope and positive thoughts so that you never feel disappointed or lost.
  • Ametrine helps increase power of concentration–This gem is a superb option for those who want to strengthen their concentration power. Hence, students can also wear it on advice of an expert.
  • Augment your creativity with this beautiful gem–Attain new heights of imagination and boost artistic skills with the help of Ametrine. It will take your creativity to the next level!
  • Enjoy deep relaxation and calmness – The gem is also known for attracting pure tranquillity and peace.
  • Strengthen your will power with Ametrine – Wear this stone and be the owner of strong will power. It will remove any negativity and will make you feel confident.
  • Helpful in reducing pain – The stone has also been found helpful in bodily pains related to muscles and arthritis as well.
  • Ward off anxiety and depression with Ametrine–As Ametrine helps relax your nerves, it also contributes in removing anxiety and depression. Moreover, it attracts positive vibes towards its wearer and thus, brings in happiness and cheerfulness.
  • Lucidity in thoughts - If your own thoughts or thinking processes are creating a complicated situation for you, its time to bring on some clarity in your thoughts. Wearing the amazing Ametrine gemstone will also help you in this direction. It will help you attain a smooth and clearer thinking process so that you would be able to analyse various situations in a better way.

Who Should Wear Ametrine Gemstone?

Those who are wish to get lot of tranquillity and peace in their lives should wear this beautiful stone. It is also a great gemstone for those who want to improve their focus. The stone also provides solid positivity and inspiration to its wearer. As mentioned earlier, the Ametrine gemstone is recommended to the Aquarians (people of Kumbha Rashi) as per the Vedic astrology. In western astrology, Ametrine is advised to be worn by people of Pisces and Sagittarius sign. Though, it is recommended that anyone who is interested in wearing Ametrine can do the same after having a deep discussion with an expert astrologist.

How to wear Ametrine gemstone

One should wear the Ametrine gemstone only on advice of experts and accomplished astrologists. It is often worn in form of a ring. The Ametrine gem that you are planning to wear must be at least one-tenth of your body weight. Shop beautiful lustrous Ametrines at Rashi Ratan Bhagya as the bright colored Ametrines are considered the best and most beneficial for wearing. Get your ring set in silver metal. Though, gold and panchdhatu can also be used only on the advice of your astrologist.

What is the puja procedure for Ametrine gemstone before wearing it?

Ensure taking a bath before beginning the puja process of Ametrine. You must also clean and cleanse your Ametrine gem before wearing it. Take a bowl having Ganga Jal, ghee and cow milk (which is not boiled. Dip your gem for few minutes into the bowl and rinse. Wipe with a soft cloth. Light up few incense-stick around. The best day for wearing Ametrine is Thursday/Saturday. It should be worn between 5-7 a.m. of Shukla Paksha hours. One should wear the Ametrine ring in the ring finger of middle finger of the working hand. Accomplish the puja process of wearing Ametrine with the help of a knowledgeable and proficient astrologist and wear the beautiful Ametrine to attract lot of optimism, inspiration and good luck in your life.

What is the Original Price of Ametrine Gemstone?

Ametrine gemstone is valued worldwide for its amazing healing properties and unique beauty. It is considered as a rare gem that is quite affordable and extremely beautiful. The price of Ametrine mainly depends upon the origin, clarity, cut, weight and color of the gem. The per carat price range of Ametrine in India is 150 INR per carat to 1000 INR per carat which comes down to almost 3 USD to 15 USD per carat. You can find significant difference in price of this gemstone in other places depending upon the supply chain and demand in the market.

It is also worthy to mention that Ametrine from Anahi is the most expensive one while the ones coming from India & Brazil are quite affordable or way better cheap in comparison of Anahi Ametrine as the Indian/Brazilian Ametrines have pale shades. Similarly, the clarity factor also plays a great role in the price. The better the transparency, the greater is the price and vice versa!

Where to Buy Ametrine Gemstone?

Rashi Ratan Bhagya (RRB) is the best place to buy Ametrine gemstone. We say so because we offer only the original and 100% natural gemstones including the Ametrine gem. The gemstones available at our store are government certified which simply means that you would get to enjoy real gemstones in most reasonable cost. Buy original Ametrine gems at Rashi Ratan Bhagya and observe how good luck starts changing your life soon! Remember, you can avail the significant benefits of any gemstone only when you get to buy the original and natural gemstones, like the ones available at RRB!

Interesting Facts about Ametrine gemstone

  • Ametrine is the wonderful blend of two stones – Citrine and Amethyst.
  • The stone is often cut into rectangular shapes to define two distinct shades of orange and purple belonging to Citrine and Amethyst respectively.
  • The only commercial source of Ametrine is Anahi mine in Bolivia.
  • The gem is considered to possess powers and energy of Saturn and Jupiter planets as per the Vedic astrology.

Why Ametrine Gemstone is So Important?

The gem is considered quite significant in astrology as it receives incredible energy from Saturn as well as Jupiter. In other words, it has the combined power and energy of two planets and thus, anyone who wears it can enjoy the same! It is also important to mention that Ametrine is also considered as the substitute gem for Pitambari Neelam or Yellow Sapphire.

Wearing Ametrine helps attain superb control upon the concentration power. Augmenting the power of focus, providing deep peace and relaxation, attracting good luck and infusing happiness are some of the top benefits of wearing Ametrine which makes this gem quite special and remarkable.