African Gomed Stone

African Gomed is a gemstone that brings quick success in life and unexpected luck. The African Gomed gemstone destroys unseen enemies and opens the crown chakra to connect with divine grace. It is a powerful gem of power, protection, fame, political success, and financial prosperity. African Garnet Gemstone gives beneficial results to the wearer, softens the negative effects of Rahu, and enhances the positive effects.

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African Gomed (Hessonite) Gemstone

African Gomed Gemstone also known as Hessonite Gemstone. The African Gomed Gemstone is associated with Planet Rahu. It helps its wearer to reduce the bad effects of the planet Rahu and that's also the big reason that this gemstone is also known as Rahu Gemstone.

African Gomed gemstone is named after its origin. The areas of Tanzania and Kenya in Africa had a high deposit of the gomed stone and that is why this gemstone is named as African Gomed Gemstone.

Benefits of African Gomed Gemstone

  • The homogeneous honey tint of African Gomed counteracts the harmful influences of the Vedic planet Rahu and shields the user from negative energy.
  • The wearer of an African Gomed is immune to dark magic, is constantly one step ahead of his or her opponents, and emerges triumphant in competitive situations.
  • An African Hessonite bestows to its wearer the five fruits of life: meditation (Dhyana), financial prosperity (Artha), righteous conduct (Dharma), bodily pleasures (Kama), and salvation/nirvana (Moksha).
  • It improves attention and focus and provides clear guidance to assist in accomplishing objectives. As a result, it is precious to students and researchers alike.
  • African Hessonite promotes professional development and improves one's social and financial standing.
  • Couples may wear an African Gomed stone to promote love, harmony, and tranquility in their marriages.

Price of African Gomed Stone

The quality of the stone and the status of the market are two factors that may influence the price of African Gomed stone. Original African Gomed stones are often pricey, at about 500 INR per carat on average. The price per carat of genuine African gomed ratan may range from 500 INR to 4600 INR.

  • Carat Weight: Larger, more valuable gemstones cost more. An increase in carat weight raises the price of an Original Gomed stone upwards, providing the quality remains constant. Furthermore, the cost of perfect, better gomed may rise dramatically.
  • Clarity: The cost of gomed ratan is determined by the location, number, and kind of inclusions combined. A genuine hessonite stone that is transparent and clear is worth more than others. Such a stone will always cost more per carat than a gomed stone.
  • Color: The quality and value of an original gomed stone are mostly decided by this single component, which also has a large influencing influence. Hessonite gemstones with deep brown, golden-brown, and honey tones are typically thought to be of the greatest grade and are frequently used for several purposes.
  • Cut: Gemstones are cut to improve their visual appearance. If the quality and size are the same, the cost of a faceted cut gomed is often more than that of a round or Hessonite cabochon due to the stone waste created during the treatment.

Gomed Stone Price on Basis of Origin

Sr No Hessonite Origin
1 Ceylon Gomed
2 Sri lanka Gomed

History Of African Gomed Stone

Africa is one of the continents in the world with a high reserve of precious and semi-precious gemstones and Gomed is one of them. The Gomed from Kenya and Tanzania are known as African Hessonite Gemstone or African Gomed Gemstone. The Gemologists believe that one of the highest quality gomed stones is from Africa that's why African hessonite gemstone is popular among gemstone lovers.

Facts About the African Gomed Stone

African Gomed is mined in the areas of Kenya and Tanzania which are in Africa and that’s the reason this Gomed Gemstone is known as African Hessonite Gemstone.

The Chemical Compound of the African Gomed Gemstone is named Grossular + Pronunciation and the chemical formula is Ca3Al2(SiO4)3.

The Hardness of the African Hessonite is 7.5 on the Mohs Scale which is the common hardness of the gemstones and ruby gemstones also have 7.5 hardness on the Mohs scale as the African Gomed Gemstone.

African Gomed is one of the finest gomed gemstones origins as this gemstone is associated with the shadow Planet Rahu. which is one of the most powerful planets so the African Gomed Gemstone gives you so many benefits and one of the top benefits is that it will protect you from the negative effects of Rahu grah.

African Gomed stone activates the root chakra which helps you to focus on your present, enhance the responsibility part also and so more.